Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/17/03

By Eva

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At the Beacon, Cassie tells Edmund that she has a donation check from Danny for Richard's memorial. Edmund says Danny is just keeping Cassie on a string even though he is back together with Michelle. Cassie gets angry and says Danny isn't keeping her on a string that he donated that check to honor Richard. Cassie says she can't believe she was ready to apologize to him for treating him so badly. Edmund says in the middle of this tirade did I hear you say apologize?

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny tells Michelle he is going on a business trip. Michelle tells Danny she wants to go with him. Danny tells Michelle she would just be bored. Danny jokes and says that Michelle is just scared to be alone because Robbie is at his grandpa's house and her little man isn't there to protect her. Then Danny suggests that if she is really scared to be alone she can invite Marah over for a girls night. Michelle says that sounds like a good idea.

At the hospital, Eden asks for Harley's help to protect one of her girls named Ginger who was beat up by a man. Harley says one of your call girls you mean. Harley informs Eden she knows about her little "business" but Gus doesn't know anything about it so Eden shouldn't bother him with this problem. Harley blasts Eden for her job and letting these girls get beat up because she is the one sending them out on these dates. Eden gives Harley the standard line about her business being legitimate and it being against the rules to sleep with clients. Harley tells Eden not to give her that garbage because she lets the clients pay the girls off the books so she doesn't get in trouble.

At the Court house, Everyone searches for Alan. Josh vents his anger on Philip and tells him that Reva can't feel safe as long as Alan is on the streets. Philip says Alan is sick and they are doing everything they can to find him.

At the docks, Alan vows not to go back there because he isn't crazy. Gus finds Alan and says How are you doing big Al? Alan is confused and says Do you know me? Gus says of Course everyone in town knows you your Alan Spaulding the mac daddy. Alan screams I won't go back there I won't. Gus walks slowly towards Alan but Alan tells him not to come any closer. Alan thinks Gus is with "them" the people that want to put him in the hospital.. Gus says that he isn't with "them" he was just out for a walk. Alan says then what are you a cop? Gus says he used to be a cop but he got suspended today. Gus says he is running away from some creeps who are after him. Gus tells Alan not to go swimming because the water is very cold and not good to swim in today. Alan tells Gus he thinks someone in the house is making him think he's crazy. Gus asks Alan why someone would do that to him and jokes that maybe one of the servants is mad at him. Alan says maybe it is one of the servants trying to make him crazy. Alan has one of his spells again and thinks his father Brandon has put him on trial. Gus asks Alan who Brandon is but Alan is lost in his thoughts and says that it wasn't Brandon who put him on trial it was another man. Alan doesn't remember the name of the other man.

At the Court house, Reva tells Josh that she has a feeling Alan is a sick man. Reva also feels Alan is sad and has a dark cloud hanging over him. Alexandra tells Frank and everyone that she will do anything to make sure she can take care of Alan at home. Alexandra tells Frank she will hire 24 hour security and Alan can even wear an electronic ankle bracelet. Frank tells Alexandra he can't put an ankle Bracelet on Alan if he can't find him. Reva wonders why Alexandra is so eager to take care of Alan at home instead of putting him in a hospital. Alexandra tells Reva that she needs her brother with her. Reva says Alexandra never needed anyone.

In another part of the court house, Philip makes a list of all the places Alan might go and tries to think of any friends he might ask for help. Philip Tells Olivia that Alan doesn't have any friends just business associates. Olivia says that he is making the list because he loves his father. Philip says he is just doing what needs to be done that doesn't mean he is going to get sucked back in to his family. Olivia takes the opportunity to mention that if Philip stepped in and took over the Company he could make the rules and set the boundaries for Alan and Alexandra so he could live his life.

At the hospital, Eden tells Harley that she (Harley) doesn't care about women who have been victimized. Harley says she took a bullet protecting a woman. Eden apologizes for her remark. Harley tells Eden she should take Ginger to the police. Eden says she begged ginger to go to the police but Ginger is scared because she is married and her husband doesn't know about her job. Harley agrees to help Eden unofficially put a scare into the guy. Eden thanks Harley. Harley says she isn't doing it for Eden she is doing it for Gus and Ginger.

At the Beacon. Cassie apologizes to Edmund for treating him so badly and admits that his instincts were right about reading a quote from Richard's speech. Cassie says she believes Edmund is doing his best to honor Richard with the memorial but she can't be friends with him because every time she sees him its like reliving Richard's death all over again. Edmund says every time he looks at Cassie and her children he sees the best part of Richard. Edmund starts to leave but Cassie stops him and again apologizes to him. Cassie says she shouldn't give him grief for trying to honor Richard. Edmund offers to pack his things and take the memorial to Washington if that will make her feel better but the pain she's feeling will still be there. Cassie tells Edmund she wants to have the memorial at the Beacon. Cassie cries and says she has ached for Richard for so long she doesn't know what normal is anymore. Edmund says that normal is living with the ache but she should face her feelings. Edmund says that every time Cassie looks at him she thinks God should have taken him not Richard.

At the Cout house, Frank puts out an APB on Alan. Beth tells Philip Lizzie just called from school and said that reporters have called her. Beth also says reports are outside and she doesn't think they are leaving until they get a statement. Philip gets up and buttons his suit and says okay let's handle this then he steps out into the courthouse hallway to face the reporters. Philip tells the reporters that he will be stepping in as CEO because his father will be taking extended medical leave due to exhaustion. Olivia looks on with a proud smile on her face.

At the docks, Gus calms Alan down then Alan starts crying saying everyone in his family is gone and he has no reason to live anymore. Alan starts to jump be Gus quickly gets behind Alan and grabs him before he can fall. Gus keeps a tight grip on Alan while Alan struggles to get free so he can jump. Alan screams at Gus to let him go because he promised he wasn't going to make him go back there. A tearful Alan pleads for Gus to help him. Gus holds his father and tells him he understands now. Gus tells Alan he knows of a safe place he can go.

At the hospital, Rick tells Harley that she can go home today. Harley says she will be on sick leave for a while and she has some things to do. Rick tells her to take care of herself because if she busts her stitches she can find someone else to sew her up. Rick asks what Eden was doing there. Harley says that Eden was looking for Gus. Rick tells Harley he treated Ginger and she was in pretty bad shape. Harley says that if she wasn't on sick leave she would want a piece of the guy herself. Rick says she is going to be busy enough trying to take care of two toddlers. Rick leaves to get Harley's release papers ready.

At the Beacon, Cassie admits to Edmund she wishes he had died instead of Richard. Cassie says the fact the he is alive and Richard is dead is a sick cosmic joke. Edmund says he feels the same way. Edmund says that Cassie should also admit that she should have been in the car with Richard and she feels guilty that she is Alive and Richard is dead. Cassie says that Richard would want her to live for her family and her Children. Edmund doesn't by that and keeps telling her to tell the truth. Cassie finally gets mad and screams that in spite of her family and her children she still sometimes wishes she was dead.

At Michelle's house, Michelle watches as Bill picks up Eden for their date. Michelle admits to Marah she is worried about Bill dating a woman who runs an escort service. Marah says Eden is a smart Gil and she wouldn't get involved

with pimps or gangsters.

In New York. Danny meets with mob boss Sariano and tells him he can take the gambling drugs and prostitution business from the Santos family and run them anyway he wishes as long as he takes them out of Springfield and gives him his cut of the profits. Danny says his other two partners ( Tony and Cassie) can't be touched. Danny says he will keep the construction and sanitation businesses and run them legitimately. Danny says that if he need s to talk to Mr. Sarino he will contact him.

At the Court house, Philip calls Nolan and tells him to search Alan's room for any clues as to where Alan may have gone. Beth goes with Frank to look for Alan. Philip tells Olivia to go home and rest. Alexandra thanks Philip for his help with the reporters. Philip tells Alexandra that he handled some business so everyone could be free to look for Alan but that doesn't mean he's getting sucked back into the family.

At the hospital, A happy Harley tells Gus she is getting out of the hospital today. Harley notices he doesn't sound too happy. Gus says he is happy things have just been Crazy for him today and he will explain everything to her when she gets home. As Gus is talking we see Gus in the background . Gus asks Harley if she needs him to pick her up. Harley says Rick will drive her home.

In New York, Mr. Sariano's right hand guy questions if Danny can be trusted. Danny says he turned everybody in even his mother but kept his mouth shut about Mr. Sariano because he knew he could work with him. Danny says he isn't so sure he can trust Mr.Sariano either but they know each other in line or they will both destroy each other. Danny and Mr. Danny and Mr. Sarino toast to their new deal. At the same time Michelle and Marah toast to happily ever after. Then we see Danny get up from the table with a determined look on his face.

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