Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/16/03

By Naila

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Rick examines a friend of Eden’s, Ginger, who claims to have fallen down a flight of stairs. She hadn’t intended to come to the hospital but Eden insisted. When her pal leaves to have X-rays done, Eden thanks Rick for her help. He tells her to convince Ginger to report the person who did this to make sure it does not happen again.

Eden later runs into Bill and tells him one of her girls was beat up. She feels responsible for it but does not think that gives Rick the right to go off on her the way he did. Her business is legit and she intends to find the creep who hurt her girl and let Gus deal with him. She tracks down Ginger who refuses to go to the police. She does not want her husband to know that she is working for an escort service.


Gus surprises Harley with a few reminders of home: perfume, clothes, slippers, a drawing of Zach’s hero – Gus and Harley. Gus tells her he does not feel like much of a hero, but Harley assures him that, as far as she is concerned, he saved her life. She thinks everything that happened is destiny; everything, including him discovering that he is a Spaulding. Gus says that she is his destiny. She knows it is hard but does not think that he should continue to deny it; family is forever. Gus asks Harley if Alan really is the jerk he believes him to be. Harley says there are two very different sides to Alan: “a tyrant and a pussycat, ruthless and a gentleman”, he is very capable of being very real and kind. She makes it clear that she is not thrilled about the while Spaulding thing but she will not stand in his way. They are interrupts by Frank and Detective Moses. The results are in on the bullet that hit Harley. It turns out that the bullet was fired from Harley’s gun during her struggle with Steve. Frank warns Gus that this does not mean that it is over; he will face an official inquest as he defied a direct order. Harley is by his side, ready to fight with him. Gus leaves after Moses does but Harley still wants to talk with Frank.

She wants to know why he is going after Gus so hard. He is doing what he always does, protecting her. He does not trust Gus and does not think he has ever given him any reason to. Frank does not want to send the wrong message to the others on the force and he intends to make an example out of Gus. He also tells Harley he does not think she would be in that bed had it not been for the fact that she and Gus are partners both on the job and off. [What is wrong with this guy? Harley was struggling with Steve for the gun! Didn’t he see that on his camera thing?] Frank believes that, unlike Harley, he can be objective and he will do what is best for the department. Harley gives her Chief her badge.

Later, Eden arrives looking for Gus but Harley tells her he isn’t around. Eden tells Harley that over the past few days she has seen firsthand just how much Gus loves Harley. Harley knows that he loves Eden too and tells her that he will need them both to stand by him and support him. She tells Eden about I.A.’s investigation. Eden admits that she was looking for Gus because she needs a cop.


Olivia and Philip run into each other. She tells him she does not want to fight with him and she intends to look out for their interests. Philip tells her he will do what is best for the children and for her. Olivia is surprised when Beth arrives. She tells Philip she is more than happy to testify at Alan’s competency hearing. Olivia admits that she is troubled by the two possible outcomes: either Alan is declared mentally unstable or he is tried for framing her and stalking Reva. Olivia admits that she wants it all to be over soon for the sake of the baby; the stress is getting to be too much. Ross arrives and he wants to drive over to the courthouse with Olivia to go over a few things. Beth and Philip leave together.


Josh and Reva arrive first. Reva tells him she needs to be there because she needs to find out why Alan would want to hurt her. Josh thinks it is likely that she was just a convenient target for him, a way to try and bring down Olivia and Philip; he also thinks it is likely that Alan is using “mental illness” as a cover just so he can get off without paying. Alan and Alex arrive. Alan appears stable and confident at first but suddenly acts as though he is confused about why he is there. His attorney, Randall, arrives and takes Alan aside. Reva is beginning to have her doubts about Alan’s guilt. Alex calls Lloyd to make sure that Alan was given his morning “medicine”.

As the hearing begins, Alan tells the judge that this is all about people trying to strip him of all that is his. The judge wants to hear from those closest to Alan: Alex, Olivia, Beth, Philip. They all admit that as of late, Alan has been acting particularly unstable. Alan blows up during Philip’s testimony and punches him across the face.

Gus walks in in time to hear the judge reprimand Alan. Alan, thinking the judge is Brandon, tells him he hates him for what he did to him. Alan continues to hurl accusations at Olivia, at Alex… suddenly, the room appears empty to him. Alan begins to sob, asking them why they are doing this to him. The judge announces that he can only make one decision: the humane one. He rules that Alan is not fit for trial and since there is now doubt as to whether or not he did stalk Reva, they will drop all charges. Josh thinks they are making a mistake but Reva does not think that Alan is guilty. The judge rules that Alan must be confined to a mental institution, as he is a danger to himself and to society. Alex says Alan is very claustrophobic and would not survive being locked up. Alan’s lawyer suggests that Alan be looked after at home but Josh is against it. As they all get up to voice their opinions, Alan slips out of the courtroom.


Alan wanders around, feeling lost and alone, wondering whom he can trust or love… or who will miss him.

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