Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/15/03

By Eve

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At the Museum, Marina tells herself she just needs to figure out what the guy who threatened her at knife point could want that is in the museum. Marina searches everywhere. Reva, Shayne, and Josh arrive with some things for Marah who isn't home yet. Reva senses that Marina is in trouble and asks her if she is in some kind of trouble. Marina nervously says no everything is fine. Shayne and Josh arrive back from the kitchen just as Reva is telling Marina that if she were in trouble she could tell them. Marina again tells Reva she is fine and says she is always the one who causes trouble and she gets Shayne to agree with her. Josh also thinks that Marina is fine and takes Reva aside and asks her what is going on. Reva tells Josh she just had a strange feeling about Marina. Reva tells Josh that it is probably the jet lag making her loopy.

Outside the Museum, Ben gets a call from Ramona who asks him if he is ready to make their arrangement a permanent one. Ben hears her but is so distracted that Ramona wonders if she woke him up. After another long pause Ben tells Ramona that he was just going to call her to suggest they meet at the Beacon today. Ramona is thrilled and says she will meet him there.

At the hospital, Cassie and Blake arrive to see Harley dressed in scrubs and surgical masks and pretend to be doctors to cheer Harley up. After a few minutes they reveal themselves to Harley who says she Knew it was them the whole time. They bring Harley food and a hairbrush along with makeup to welcome Harley back to her life.

Outside at the At the hospital basketball court, Alan sees Gus holding a basketball and says Brandon never taught him how to play basketball because Brandon never wanted him to learn to be a team player. Alan says Philip was a good basketball player when he was younger. Alan says basketball must be something fathers and sons have in Common. Alan asks Gus about his father then he sees the confused look on Gus's face, he repeats the question. Did your father ever teach you how to play basketball? Gus says his dad was more of a baseball man although they did used to watch the Chicago Bulls play from time to time. Gus tells Alan his dad did teach him the jump shot. Alan asks Gus if he can see the jump shot that his father taught him. Gus turns and shoots a jump shot and makes the basket. Alan smiles and says your father must have been proud of you.

At the Museum, Marina asks Shayne why his Mom was acting so strange earlier. Shayne says that she just got back from Austria because she thinks she can read minds. Marina thinks that is spooky. Marah arrives and gives her mom and Dad a hug. Marina says she needs to look for Ben. Marah says she just saw him and he was on his way to the Beacon. marina says she will go look for him there. Before leaving Marina asks if she or anyone who came to clean the house ( the day everyone moved in) found anything. Reva says no just a lot of dirt and junk. Reva wants to know why she is asking. Marina says for no reason and leaves . Shayne calls after her that he will call her later as the door closes. Shayne says like you would even care. Shayne asks his Mom what did the doctors say.

At the hospital, Blake shows Harley pictures of Zach and Jude. Harley smiles as she looks at the pictures and says she can't wait to get home. Blake says both boys miss her but Zach is very sensitive to her not being home. Blake says Zach won't let her help him tie his shoes or read him a story because he says Mommy does that for me. Harley talks to her friends about the doubts she has been having about remaining on the Police force. Blake points out that Harley loves being a cop. Harley says yes but wonders if it is worth risking leaving her family again.

Also at the hospital, Alexandra and Nolan search for Alan. Rick arrives and says that they were ready to start Alan's MRI. Rick offers to help search for Alan. Mr. Archer from the County clerk's office arrives to talk to Rick. Rick stays behind while Alexandra and Nolan search for Alan.

At the hospital Basketball court, Gus asks big Al if he is okay.

Alan says he would be fine if he could only give "them" the slip.

Alan tells Gus he hears voices sometimes that tell him what to do. Gus gets a look of concern on his face and says your scaring me big Al. Gus asks Alan if he is proud of his sons. Alan gets a far away look and says he is proud of both Philip and Alan- Michael but they are both gone now. Alan says people keep telling him he did something terrible to Philip to make him leave but he can't remember what he did wrong. Alan tells Gus I am Philip's father don't you think I deserve a second chance. Gus listens and watches Alan intently as he is speaking. Alan thinks Gus is a doctor who works at the hospital. Gus says No I am a cop don't you remember? The look of concern comes on Gus's face again. Gus again tells Alan that he is scaring him. Alan tells Gus if you are a cop that means you help people, Could you help me get my son back. Gus says maybe I can.

At the Beacon, Marina arrives and spots Ben and tells him that she has to tell him something very important. Marina starts to hurriedly tell him her news but Ben cuts her off saying that she has to leave because his boss will be coming soon. While he is saying this he is staring at the door. Marina says she will hurry but she has to tell him something. Marina starts her story again but Ben cuts her off saying he really doesn't have time for this and they will talk later. Mrs. Hendon arrives, Ben tries to hurry her upstairs for their "meeting" but Mrs. Hendon insists on being introduced to Marina. Ben makes introductions. Marina tells Ramona it is nice to finally meet her. Ramona says the same to Marina adding that Marina is everything Ben says she was. Ben again tells Ramona that they can't be late for their "meeting" Ramona says it won't matter if they are a little late. Ramona asks Ben to get her a drink while she and marina sit down and talk. Ben asks Marina if she wants anything to drink? Marina says no. Ramona says that they won't talk badly about him while he is gone.

At the Museum, Reva tells Josh, Shayne and Marah that the doctors can't quite figure out why she has these abilities. Reva says the doctor said she is able to read science energy because she is more emotional then most people. Reva says the doctors think she is more in tune with this energy now because she has had a very emotional year. Reva tells her family not to worry because her doctor said this ability could be permanent or it could go away just as easily as it came. Reva says her doctor will be coming to Springfield soon to perform a study. Reva says that her doctor invited her to be part of the study but she turned down his invitation. Josh thinks that is good because now they can get on with their lives. Shayne asks Reva if she knows what he is thinking. Reva says right now he is thinking about a snack. Reva leaves to visit Harley.

At the hospital basketball court, Gus tells Alan he can't help him with the problems between he and Philip because that is between Alan and Philip. Gus asks Alan if he remembers a woman named Regina. Gus says she was Philip's nanny. Alan gets a far away look and says Bella Gina and says he has to go upstairs and check on Philip. Gus tells Alan that Philip is a grown man now and there is something he (Gus) has been wanting to tell him for a long time. Alexandra arrives and interrupts their talk.

Alexandra tells Nolan to stay with Mr. Spaulding. Gus tells Nolan he will stay with Mr. Spaulding. Alexandra pulls Gus aside to talk. Gus asks if Alan is okay. Alexandra says that in his current condition no good can come from Gus telling Alan the truth. Alexandra and Nolan take Alan back inside.

Inside the hospital, Mr. Archer asks Rick to become the County Medical examiner due to the mysterious and sudden disappearance of the former medical examiner. Rick accepts the job.

At the Beacon, Ramona asks Marina how she liked the bracelet Ben gave her. Marinas surprised that Ramona knew about Ben's gift. Ben arrives with Ramona's drink. Ramona tells Marina to make sure Ben keeps treating her like a princess. Ramona heads upstairs to the "conference" room. A guilt ridden Ben tells Marina that he feels that he took this job for both of them and he is making some good contacts. Marina tells him not to worry and to go knock them dead Ben goes upstairs after telling Marina that she is the best. Ben tells Ramona that he doesn't think her little game was cute. Ramona tells Ben to lighten up everything is fine. From the bottom of the stairs Marina notices Ramona wearing the handkerchief she gave Ben so he could think of her while he was working. Marina says that is my handkerchief.

At the Museum, Shayne and josh have a long discussion about Shayne and his dream of playing baseball. Josh says that he doesn't want Shayne to later regret giving up his dream. Josh says he regrets giving up his dream of baseball because he didn't want to risk being compared to Billy the football star. Shayne tells Josh he loves baseball but he also wants to have a life.

At the hospital, Reva makes small talk with Cassie and Blake before she goes to see Harley. Reva tells Harley that she saw Harley with Nadine and she knows what she experienced. Harley says that she believes Nadine was with her and its nice to share the experience with someone. Reva cries and Harley wants to know why she is crying. Reva says its because she is happy that Harley got to be with Nadine. Reva leaves when Gus arrives so the two of them can be alone. Reva explains to Cassie about the vision she had when Harley almost died. Reva says the shooting is only the beginning of many things that will happen to Harley. Reva says it troubles her to know about these thing before Harley knows about them. Gus gets Harley up out of bed and says he wants to take her for a walk and tell her about the strangest conversation he has ever had.

Also at the hospital, Rick tells Alexandra that the MRI can detect if Alan has been taking medicine or is under the influence of a mood altering drug. Cassie thinks Reva should make her new abilities a part of her show. Reva tells Cassie Josh is nervous about her new gift and thinks that it will just lead to another Reva Crisis. The kids are fine with it because she has downplayed everything not even telling her family the test results the doctor gave her. Reva admits to Cassie that the doctor told her she had one of the highest sensory results he has seen. Reva admits to Cassie that these feelings scare her to death.

Also at the hospital, Alan starts to panic when Alexandra tells him that for the test she will need to be in a long tube and lie still for a while. Alexandra says its been a long time since Brandon locked him in a closet and its time he get over his claustrophobia. Alan gets angry and says he won't let them put him in that tube because if they put him in that tube he won't be able to breathe. Alan screams at Alexandra they are not going to me in that tube do you hear me?

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