Guiding Light Update Friday 4/11/03

By Eva

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At Eden's apartment, Bill and Eden make love. They are interrupted by Eden's beeper which she decides to ignore telling Bill that whoever it is will call back.

They start making love again.

At the Museum, Marah tells Remy about the tunnel which leads to Danny and Michelle's house. The guys say that they are hungry and look at Marina. Marina wonders why the guys are looking at her. Marah tells her that its because neither one of the guys knows how to boil water. Marina and Marah head to the kitchen, on their way there Marina hears a noise and she quickly grabs a frying pan and hides. When the intruder comes she hits him with the pan. When the intruder is knocked out the group huddles around to see who it is and Marina is surprised to learn that she knocked her father out.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Holly arrives looking for Olivia. Philip says she doesn't live there anymore but when he sees her he can give her a message for her. Holly says for Philip to tell Olivia she can't sit on the story anymore. Holly turns to leave but Philip stops herby asking what story? Holly says the Spaulding story and explains that Olivia asked her to sit on the story for a day and she got the impression the reason Olivia asked her to do that is because of Philip. Philip asks Holly when she saw Olivia. Holly says yesterday.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Alexandra that she tried to persuade Philip to come back to the family but she told to him and has the sense that now isn't the right time. Olivia advises Alexandra to wait a year or two and then maybe Philip will be ready to return to the family. Olivia says after all there isn't any rush because there isn't someone else waiting to take Philip's place. Alexandra says Philip has to take over the family and the company now. Olivia asks Alexandra why there is such a big emergency.

At the Museum, Frank comes around and Marina apologizes to her father and helps him up off the floor. Marana tells Frank she thought he was an intruder and she was trying to protect everyone. Marina nervously explains about the possible ghost in the house. Frank stops her by putting a hand on her shoulder and saying that protecting people runs in the family. Frank tells everyone that he came by to tell Marina that Harley was doing better and he thought she would be there because she spends so much time there. Frank says the door was wide open but he didn't see them. Ben says they weren't there and starts to tell Frank about the tunnel until Marina stops him by giving him a little slap on the stomach with her hand. Frank worries that the neighborhood isn't safe for the group and tells them to be careful. Marina says that Danny Cassie and Tony are renovating the neighborhood and it will be safe soon. Frank looks around the place and tells everyone they did a good job fixing it up. Frank says he thinks it would be cool to live there. Marina hears Frank's comment and takes the opportunity to ask her father if she can live at the museum.

At the Spaulding, Mansion, Holly offers Philip the opportunity to comment on the story that Alan is ill and Philip will be taking over the Company. Philip gets up to leave saying he needs to go talk to Olivia. Holly wonders why Philip has to talk to Olivia since she has nothing to do with the story. Philip says she has something to do with the story. Holly stops Philip as he is leaving and again asks him if he has a comment before she prints the story. Philip tells Holly she can print whatever she wants to print because he could care less about the story.

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Olivia that Alan isn't in any condition to run the company and she needs Philip to run the company. Olivia thinks that is a crock because Alexandra has been running the company for months and she doesn't need Philip to run it. Alexandra gets frustrated and lets it slip that she has chosen Philip to run the company. Olivia takes notice of the comment and flashes back to the conversation she had with Philip about Gus possibly being a Spaulding. Olivia abruptly gets up to leave telling Alexandra to forget it because she is in with Philip for the long haul and if he wants to leave the family she will leave with him. Olivia tells Alexandra that she and Philip are set for life and they don't need the Spaulding's. Alexandra says Oh yes you do you have no idea how much you need us.

At Eden's Apartment, Eden tells Bill that he didn't have any idea he would score with his basketball opponent. Dill says that he hopes she isn't talking about his basketball skills. Eden tells Bill she hopes he isn't thinking of turning pro. Bill says Like you are and Eden's mood changes and she tells Bill she has to leave as she starts to get out of bed. Bill realizes what he said and asks Eden if her change in mood is because of her job.

At the Museum, Frank tells Marina that the neighborhood isn't as safe as it used to be and there is no way she is moving in with her much older boyfriend who has been trying to get her in the sack since he met her. Ben tells Frank that he had no idea that Marina was thinking about moving in with him. Frank is interrupted by his beeper and has to leave but before he leaves he tells marina she is very lucky he has to leave right now. Frank tells Marina to be home by 11 O'clock Marina makes a crack about living in a prison and her father tells her she is right she should be home by 10 O'clock. After Frank leaves, everyone jokes that Marina handled that very smoothly. Marina leaves to go make the bunch of ingrates some popcorn. Remy tells everyone he thinks Frank made the right decision not letting marina move in because the museum has a long history for things that go bump in the night. Remy says that he found out that all the artifacts from the Egyptology exhibit made it to its next destination except for a little mummy that is thought to be a young king. Remy says it is believed that his spirit haunts the museum.

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Olivia that she has been doing some research of her own and she knows Olivia's money is tied up in investments right now. Olivia says that is true but its okay because Philip has money. Alexandra tells Olivia she should do some research because Philip's money is tied up in investments too. Alexandra tells Olivia that Philip may have a little money from his birth mother but not enough to support her. Alexandra says that the Spaulding's and the company put the silver spoon in Philip's mouth and they could just as easily yank it out.

At Eden's Apartment, Eden denies that her reaction has anything to do with her job. Bill tells Eden he doesn't want her job to make her feel weird when they are together. Bill says he isn't perfect and he has an ex-wife and several ex-girlfriends that could verify that for her. Eden says she doesn't need to speak to his ex-wife or his ex girlfriends. Eden explains she was just trying to leave before he left her. Bill says that he isn't going anywhere and they make love again.

At Company, Frank holds an ice pack to the back of his head he hears a noise and pulls a gun on an intruder who holds his hands up and says don't shoot.

At the Museum, Everyone hears a noise Ben says its just the wind . Everyone hears a scream.

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Olivia that Philip has no time left and if he won't run the company she will have to consider other options. Olivia asks Alexandra what other options? Alexandra asks Olivia is she is the kind of person who can walk away from all the money? Alexandra tells Olivia she doesn't need to answer the question because she can see the answer in her face then Alexandra leaves. Philip arrives a few seconds after Alexandra and asks Olivia is she is done talking to Alexandra. Olivia wonders what he is doing there. Philip says waiting in line now its my turn to talk. Philip says Holly stopped by the mansion looking for her. Holly told him to tell her she couldn't sit on the story anymore. Philip says that Holly thought Olivia asked her for the favor because of him. Philip thinks Olivia decided not to stand by his decision to leave the family. Olivia explains that she needed to find out how this would effect his future. Philip corrects her and says you mean our future. Olivia says yes our future and this baby's future. Olivia tells Philip that she needed to find out if Alexandra was pulling the strings out of fear that the company would end up in Gus's hands.

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