Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/10/03

By Eva

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At Michelle and Danny's house. Michelle and Danny are surprised to see Marina, Ben, Bill, Marah and Shayne come busting through their wall. Marah explains about the tunnel which connects the Museum to their house. Everyone apologizes to Danny and Michelle for interrupting their romantic evening. Michelle and Danny invite everyone to stay and roast marshmallows with them. Michelle also offers to give everyone a tour of their new home. Everyone is excited and goes to get marshmallows. Bill turns to leave and Michelle catches him and asks him to stay. Bill says he can't stay when Michelle asks him why not Bill tells her she knows why not. Michelle watches Bill leave with a worried look on her face.

At the Hospital, Gus tells Harley he was the one who shot her. Harley shakes her and softly says no. Gus again says he shot her but Harley insists he saved her life. Harley tries to remember what happened but tells Gus things are still fuzzy.

Harley wants Gus not jump to conclusions until the tests on the bullet come back. Gus says the bullet came from his gun. Harley reminds him that they both use the same type of gun.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Alexandra that Harley will be okay. Alexandra says that is great news. Alexandra sees the confused expression on Philip's face and asks him if there is anything on his mind. Philip hesitates a few minutes and starts to say something but then Olivia arrives. Olivia says that Ross just called her and all the charges against her have been dropped . Olivia tells Philip that she has Alexandra to thank for it. Olivia explains about the Spaulding employee that came forward and gave a statement saying Alan paid him to make a duplicate of Olivia's cell phone complete with all the numbers in her phone book programmed into it. Olivia also says that Alexandra found a voice distorter which Alan used to call Reva. Philip asks if Alan is in jail. Alexandra tells him that Alan is in no condition for jail. Alexandra says she will make sure Alan gets the treatment he needs. Alexandra wonders what Philip wanted to tell her before Olivia interrupted them. Philip tells her it was nothing he just wanted to tell her Harley was doing better. Olivia says that is god news. Alexandra tells Philip and Olivia she will have to find the right time to tell Alan he has been accused of stalking Reva. Philip says Alan should face the consequences of what he has done. Alexandra leaves Philip and Olivia alone to talk. Philip thinks Alexandra is the one behind the Police dropping the charges against her. Philip thinks Alexandra manufactured this surprise witness.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Danny comes up to Michelle and asks if she is okay with the fact that Bill left. Michelle says everything is fine and goes to join her guests. Everyone wonders why there is a tunnel connecting the house and the museum. Marah points out that she saw a picture of the curator of the museum and it looks like the carving that is in the museum and on Danny and Michelle's wall.

At the hospital, Harley tells Gus that he could be wrong about the bullet coming from his gun. Even if it did it doesn't matter because she is alive to hug her boys, plan Marina's graduation party and wake up next to him every morning. Harley says whatever happens they will handle it together. Harley tells Gus to stop beating himself up because he isn't the bad guy the bad guy is dead. Harley tells Gus not to question his instincts as a cop because he is the best partner she ever had. Alexandra arrives tells Harley that when she heard Harley had been shot she just had to come by and see her. Harley tells Alexandra "Alexandra when I get through with you you'll wish you hadn't come by."

At Michelle and Danny's house, Michelle is nervous that she has the face of the former museum curator carved on her wall. Danny invites everyone to explore the house while he and Michelle stay downstairs.

At the basketball court outside the hospital, Bill tries to forget about his problems by playing basketball. Eden arrives. Bill asks her what she is doing there but answers his own question when he remembers Harley was shot. Bill asks Eden how Harley is doing. Eden says Harley is better and Gus is with her now. Eden says she doesn't feel like talking so she and Bill play basketball in silence.

Inside the hospital, Gus tells Alexandra its not a good time to talk and asks her to leave. Harley tells Gus she wants to hear what Alexandra has to say. Harley blasts Alexandra for keeping the truth from Gus all this time. Harley says she can't believe that she was the one who introduced them to each other and Alexandra knew all along who Gus was and that he was a Spaulding. Alexandra tells Harley and Gus that she never meant to hurt them she was trying to do what she thought was best for everyone. Alexandra tells Harley and Gus that her offer to give them money to leave town still stands.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip tells Olivia he thinks Alexandra is playing Olivia and using her situation to get Philip back in the company because Alexandra needs him right now. Philip says he knows what Alexandra wants but doesn't know what trick she has up her sleeve. Olivia tells him Alexandra came to her to ask if she could persuade him to come back to the company and the family. Philip tells Olivia that he hopes she told Alexandra where she could go. Olivia says she agreed to try and persuade him to come back to the company. Philip is stunned. Olivia says she wants him to be head of the company and show his family how to run the company the right way. Philip tells Olivia Alexandra may have dug up another Spaulding.

At the hospital, Alexandra tells Gus that she wants this mess to go away just as much as he does. Alexandra tells Gus that he was acting just like a Spaulding when he told her he would decide when and if to tell Alan the truth. Alexandra thinks that Gus enjoyed the power trip. Alexandra again tells Gus she knows he doesn't want to be a Spaulding. Alexandra offers to give Gus a blank check and a private plane to take he and Harley anywhere they want to go.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Danny wonders if Michelle is feeling pressured into things. Michelle says no and reminds Danny that she asked him to get married. Michelle also tells Danny that things were over with Bill when she and Danny got back together. Michelle says that she just wants she and Bill to be friends again. Danny admits that he would feel uncomfortable having Bill hanging around the house because Bill is still in love with her. Bill advises Michelle to give Bill some time. Michelle asks Danny if he means give Bill time to get over her or give Bill time to find somebody else.

At the basketball court, Bill advises Eden to go talk to Gus if she has something on her mind. Eden tells Bill Gus isn't her brother. Bill thinks Eden is saying that because she and Gus had a fight. Eden tells Bill family is an accident of birth. Eden also says that just because people are blood related that doesn't mean you have to love them or want to be part of their family. Eden says that just because someone isn't your family that doesn't mean people should just stop loving that person just because someone tells you to do so. Bill tells Eden that sounds pretty jaded. Eden tells bill she is lonely and she is tired of being lonely. Eden gets close to Bill and asks him how long they have known each other. Bill says a little more then an hour. Eden says perfect because there is less of a chance of either of us getting hurt. Eden and Bill share a long kiss.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Marah and the group come in and tell Danny and Michelle that Sammy and the mole are saying something Danny and Michelle should listen to. Danny turns on the radio. The D.J.'s talk about the fifth street renovation project and tell their listeners to call in and rename the street. The mole suggests several names connected with Danny's mob past. Danny finally turns off the radio when the mole makes a joke about a horse's head in a bed. Danny tells everyone he isn't bothered by the jokes because no publicity is bad publicity. The group again apologizes for interrupting them and leaves. Michelle says she has to find some way to get rid of that carving on the wall.. Danny can't believe she believes any of that haunted house stuff. Danny and Michelle make love again.

At the hospital, Gus escorts Alexandra out of Harley's room. Alexandra says that she knows he doesn't know what to do. Alexandra says he should calm down and talk things through with Harley. Alexandra tells Gus to stop looking inside himself for answers he doesn't have and to stop thinking of her as the enemy. Gus goes to the basketball court to play and think. After kissing some more Bill and Eden leave and go to her place.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip says he wishes Gus was a Spaulding because he would pay to see Alan and Alexandra jump through hoops for Gus. Olivia tries to persuade Philip not to leave the family. Philip says this isn't want he wants he wants distance from the Spaulding's. Olivia leaves to meet someone at the Beacon. Philip sticks around waiting for Alan to wake up so he can try to figure out if Alexandra's witness is real.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle has a scary nightmare that she is in the tunnel and someone is after her. When she wakes up startled Danny tries to get her to talk about the nightmare but Michelle says it was just a dream. Danny holds her and calms her down.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip tells himself just to walk away.

At the Beacon, Olivia meets with Alexandra, Alexandra tells Olivia she hopes that she managed to persuade Philip to stay in the family. Olivia tells Alexandra she didn't say much but Philip had allot to say.

At the hospital, Frank brings Zach to see Harley. Zach tells his mommy he missed her allot. Harley tells Zach this will be the last time he and Jude will have to wonder where she is. Outside Gus plays a hard game of basketball as he thinks about what to do. Gus stops to rest and looks inside the window at Harley then he turns around and rests with his back against the hospital door.

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