Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/9/03

By Naila

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Marah sees that Bill is bothered by something and offers him an ear. Bill says he has a lot on his plate what with the move and having to look out for her in this neighborhood (when Tony’s not around of course). Marah agrees to back off. Shayne tells Marina, who is doing all of Ben’s unpacking, that he will fill in for Ben because he’s working. Ben shows up and tells Shayne he can ‘take care of his girl’. Ben apologizes to Marina for spending so much time “working” and thanks her for being so supportive of him. He gives her a beautiful necklace and Marina shows lots of appreciation, much to Shane's displeasure. Bill, who’s been busy removing some old boards, discovers an underground tunnel. Everyone wonders where it leads. Marina, curious cat, encourages them all to see where the tunnel will take them. With Marah’s help, they convince Bill, Ben and Shayne to join them. They walk miles, hoping to find the end of the tunnel but reach a dead-end.


Danny and Michelle take their first trip over the threshold as they make plans to spend their first night in the new house. Michelle wants to call Robbie but Danny assures her that he is fine with Ed. They settle down and prepare for dinner. Danny tries his hand at “roughin’ it”, which Michelle encourages wholeheartedly. Before they can get to eat dinner, the lovebirds get distracted. The make love. Later, Danny is asleep when Michelle hears a noise and wakes him up and they both try to figure out who or what is trying to break in. They are shocked when Marina, Shayne, Bill, Marah and Ben all fall through one of their walls!


[OHR] A union representative comes by to help Gus prepare for questioning by the Internal Affairs Department (IAD). Gus says all that matters to him is Harley and not any of the other stuff. Frank points out that if is wasn’t for Gus, Harley wouldn’t be in the hospital [that’s right, Frank. She could be dead!].

Gus coaches with Mark, his union rep, who tells him to answer all questions honestly and not to give them any attitude. When the IA arrives, their officer tells Gus that his and Harley’s “inappropriate relationship” caused him to “break every rule of protocol” and his “impulsive actions” landed her in a hospital bed. Gus turns in his badge and his gun.

[HR] Philip thinks Harley is woozy and that she is thinking of Alan-Michael because Gus is not his brother. Before she can say more, Harley drifts off. Then Rick comes in and tells Philip to let Harley get her rest. He can find out what she was going to say later. Rick leaves and Philip is about to follow when Harley comes to and says groggily that Philip needs to be good to his brother Gus; he is Alan’s son.

[OS] Philip goes out and meets Rick. Rick admits that Harley’s surgery was his first since he came back to work and he was very, very nervous. Philip asks Rick if Harley is pretty lucid and Rick says that he believes that she is. Philip shares Harley’s revelation that Gus is his brother. Rick wonders if maybe she is hallucinating. Philip is glad that Rick finds it all just as ridiculous as he did. He tells Rick that things have been more odd than usual lately. Alan seems as though he is out of his mind, and Alex is pushing him back to Spaulding as though something big is about to happen and he needs to be in place when it does. Rick says that perhaps it is the surprise appearance of another Spaulding kid and Philip’s thinks this idea is quite plausible. Rick says it shouldn’t matter but Philip does not even care about the Spaulding “crown”. Philip says it matters; even if he never returns to the family, it will still matter.

[OHR] Philip finds Gus and asks him if he is going around telling people that he thinks they are brothers. Gus says Harley has been through a lot and she is not thinking clearly. Besides, this is about him and his family and not about Philip.

[OS] Philip returns to Rick and says he got no answers from Gus but he has a feeling he will get some answers if he looks a little closer to home. He heads off to find Alexandra.

[HR] Later, Harley wakes up to find Frank at her bedside. She apologizes for messing up and he tells her she is not the one who messed up. Harley cannot wait to get out of the hospital and spend time with all her children. She tells Frank she saw Nadine and she looked beautiful, as always. She helped Harley and made her feel safe, just like Harley always wanted when she was a little girl. Nadine misses them but she sees them all the time and she is very proud. Harley tells Frank she was tired and in pain and part of her wanted to let go and leave all the fight behind. But Nadine wouldn’t let her; she brought Harley back to her boys and she does not intend to let her down. Frank believes that Nadine was there and that she ‘reached out and touched him’.

Gus comes in and Frank excuses himself. Harley asks Gus if he saw Philip. She thinks she may have said something to him. Gus says Philip did not mention anything. Harley notices that Gus’ gun is missing and realizes that IA must have taken it along with his badge. She cannot believe that they would do that after he shot the guy who almost killed her. Gus confesses that it is because of him that she almost died. He shot her.

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