Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/8/03

By Sarah

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Olivia and Ross are talking about Alex wanting to send Alan to prison. They are trying to figure out what game Alex is playing.

Alex asks Lloyd to keep an eye on Alan, and if he starts fussing, give him something to calm him down. Lloyd asks if she means more tea. She asks when the last time Alan had any, and Lloyd tells her it was last night before bed. Alex tells him to try to get another cup down him. Alan comes in, and he tells Alex about his nightmares. Then he flips out and thinks Alex is trying to get him. She tries to calm him down, and then tells him that the worst is almost over.

Phillip is on the phone with Blake checking on the boys. Rick comes in and tells everyone that Harley made it through a very long and difficult surgery, but her liver is damaged severely, and the next 24 hours are critical.

Nadine is talking to Harley. She tells her that she was really brave. Harley tells her she’s tired and her chest hurts and it’s hard to breath. Nadine tells her she can stop if she wants, and that there’s no shame in it. Harley tells her that she can’t give up now and that it’s too soon and she’s not ready. Nadine tells her that she wasn’t ready either, but it was her time. Nadine tells her that she’ll help her cross over. Harley asks if it hurts, and Nadine says just the thought of dying hurts, not the actual process. Nadine tells her that she’ll go to a place where there’s no pain, and that gets Harley. She tells Nadine that she has to say goodbye first. Nadine tells her she’ll go with her.

Ross tells Olivia that trusting Alex is risky since she could conveniently forget the so-called evidence that she supposedly has when they get into the meeting with the DA. Olivia tells him that they still have the phone from Alan’s briefcase. Ross says that unless they have proof that the phone is for sure Alan’s, they don’t have a leg to stand on. He tells her that they should agree to the meeting with Alex and the DA as long as they can see the evidence that Alex has before the meeting.

Ray comes to check on Lucia. He tells her the sisters at the convent are worried about her. She tells him that she hasn’t called because she doesn’t really know what she’d say. He asks if she wants to talk about it. She starts by telling him that the story starts with a little boy named Nicholas, but Ray may know him as Gus Aitoro.

Rick tells Gus that they are doing everything they can for Harley. Gus tells him that he knows that and that Rick loves her almost as much as he does.

Nadine tells Harley that Rick looks exhausted. Harley says he’s been up all night trying to keep her alive. She says that Rick knows what she’s going through because he came close too. Nadine says he never gave up. Harley tells her that it’s because he had people around him who loved him. Harley tells Nadine that she loves every single one of those people. Nadine tells her that she’s had a rough life and that she should rest. Harley tells her she’s not ready to give up yet, and that she has to stay for her boys. Gus is talking to Phillip, and Harley thinks that he’s going to tell him they are brothers. She thinks it’s a bad time.

Ross calls Alex and tells her they aren’t accepting her offer because they want to know what the evidence is before the meeting. Alex tells Olivia that she’ll regret not taking the deal.

Gus tells Phillip that he disobeyed a direct order from Frank to not go in without back up, and that he’s not sure what would’ve happened if he had waited. Phillip asks him if things would’ve been worse had he not gone in, and Gus tells him that he doesn’t know. Phillip tells him not to spend time worrying about what might have been, and just focus all his energy on helping Harley get better.

Harley tells Nadine that she’s never seen them so real together, and Nadine tells her that things have a way of working out even without her. Then something starts happening to Harley, and she tells Nadine that she’s not ready and she needs more time. Rick tells her to keep fighting. Harley tells her that she wants to live, but the pull is so strong.

Marina comes back with the pics that Gus asked her to get.

Gus takes the pictures into Harley’s room and shows them to her and tells her not to leave her babies. Harley says she doesn’t want to leave them.

Ross, Olivia and Alex are in a meeting with the DA. They show her the phone, and she tells them that someone could’ve taped Alan’s voice and set it up that way. Alex tells the DA that she thinks it could be true because of the pressure Alan’s been under lately. Then Mr. Whiting comes in and says that Mr. Spaulding (Alan) came in one day and asked them to make an exact duplicate of Olivia’s phone. He said that Alan also asked for a voice-distorting device and he has a tape of Alan testing it out. On the tape, Alan says, “I’m watching you Reva.”

Gus is still trying to convince Harley to fight. Harley tells Nadine that she doesn’t want to go. Nadine tells her that she came so support her no matter what she decided, and that she could go back. Gus tells Harley that he loves her, and Harley actually tells him that she loves him too. Gus is excited that she said something to him. He tells her that he’ll take her to Paris, and that he’ll sell his car that she hates so much, and that he’ll give up football on Sundays. Then he begs her to say something else to him. She says, “Liar”

Doris, Alex, Ross, & Olivia go to the mansion. Alan comes in. Doris asks him if he’s feeling ok since she heard that he was under the weather. Alan tells her he’s fit as a fiddle. Doris tells them Olivia is off the hook, but Alan needs a lawyer.

Rick says that Harley’s heartbeat is strong, but she’s not out of the woods yet. Harley tries to talk, but Gus tells her to rest. She tells him that she could feel him pulling her back, and he saved her life. Nadine tells Harley she loves her and that she’s always with her.

Alan is confused and doesn’t know why he needs a lawyer. Doris thinks that Alex is making up the mental illness. Alex asks him if he remembers telling her about the nightmares he had last night. He says yes, but he doesn’t have time to talk about it since he’s preparing for a very important board meeting. Doris thinks that he’s perfectly rational. Then Alan starts talking funny, and pulls out some playing cards. Then he starts listing who everyone is—Alex is the queen of hearts, Olivia is the joker, etc. Then he says that when things go wrong all he has to do is shuffle. Lloyd comes and takes him back to his room. Doris tells them Olivia is officially off the hook, and that Alan needs a complete work up to prove he’s really psycho.

Buzz tells Harley that she scared him. She tells him she scared herself, and that she saw Nadine.

Gus sees Phillip talking with Lucia, and joins them. He tells Phillip that Harley wants to see him. After Phillip leaves, Gus asks Lucia if she told Philip. She says no, but she’s glad to see that he has grown up into a nice young man.

When Phillip comes in, Buzz tells Harley that he’ll go get Frank. Harley asks Phillip about the boys, and he tells her they are fine and are at Blake’s.

Frank tells Gus that he filed a breach of conduct against Gus, and Gus tells him to do what he has to because he doesn’t care about his career right now. Frank tells him he better start caring because the ballistic report shows that the bullet came from a standard issue gun just like Gus’.

Phillip tells Harley to get some rest. She asks him where Jude is, and Phillip tells her he’s with his brother. Harley asks Phillip to promise her that he’ll take care of him. Phillip tells her not to worry about Zach because he’ll take care of him. Harley tells him, “No. Your brother, Gus. He needs you.”

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