Guiding Light Update Monday 4/7/03

By Naila

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Alex tells Olivia she’ll make sure Alan gets treatment and that Olivia gets her freedom. Olivia wonders if Alan is using the illness to get out of paying for setting her up. Alex tries to convince her that Alan really is ill. Olivia finally agrees to convince Philip to return to the family in exchange for Alex getting the charges against her dropped. Alex leaves a reporter calls looking for a quote regarding the story they’re doing on Alan’s mental state. Olivia refuses to comment. Later she tracks Holly down and first, apologizing for being so involved in her own business that she didn’t stand by Holly when she was in the hot seat. Holly tells her that she doesn’t believe that Olivia is the stalker either. Olivia asks Holly to bag the story on Alan but Holly agrees to sit on it for twenty-four hours only.


Harley’s family and friends rally around her as she is taken off to surgery. Cassie and Michelle try to get Frank to take a break. He desperately wants to do something… anything to help Harley. Michelle leaves to find out if there is anything that he can do. Blake rushes in is relieved when Cassie tells her Harley made it to surgery. Cassie tells her they need to be prepared though because Harley already flat lined once. As Blake and Harley comfort each other, Frank, Buzz and Gus look on. Buss can’t take it any more and he rushes out, nearly knocking Philip over at the door. Cassie and Blake fill Philip in. Blake tells Philip that Ross has Zach and Jude and they are both unaware if everything that has happened. Cassie offers to make phone calls for Frank. He says it’s always been him and Harley. Cassie assures him that there are people around who love them both a lot. Cassie tells him Buzz is there but, when she looks around for him, he is not there. Frank expected that he would take off and leave them. Cassie says maybe he just needed some fresh air. Philip tells Blake he has an errand to run and wants her to call him if there is any news. Michelle tries to reach Danny but his cell phone is off. She leaves him a message telling him to meet her at Company as soon as he can. Michelle tells Frank he can donate blood. It won’t be used for Harley’s operation, but the donation is always appreciated. Michelle asks Cassie if she knows where Danny is. Cassie does not but promises Michelle that she will call her if anything happens with Harley.

Gus goes into the treatment room where they worked on Harley. He picks up her clothes, holds them close and drops to the ground. Gus asks his father to talk to the man in charge and tell them that it’s not Harley’s time. He begs him to do this.


Danny surveys what is left of Fifth Street and runs into with Buzz. Buzz makes semi-snide comments regarding the Santos’ hand in the destruction of Fifth Street. Danny promises Buzz that he wants to make the neighborhood livable again. Buzz suggests that Danny is in it for the profit. Danny knows what most people think of him but he intends to make things right. Buzz shakes his hand and tells Danny to follow through on his promise. Danny leaves and Philip, who came after Buzz, reveals himself. He asks Buzz if he intends to take off now that things have gotten rough. Buzz says he “needed to run”… run to the place where he left them [Frank and Harley]. He tries so hard to imagine what Harley was like as a child. He thinks she was probably as full of energy then as she is today. He is in awe of her thirst for life. Her presence is always felt. But it isn’t now… Harley isn’t moving now. Philip tells Buzz about a day, when Lizzie was in the hospital, where he left the hospital and did not think he would be able to return. He did though, because he loves Lizzie so much. Buzz thinks Philip is a great father; in spite of everything else, Philip has always been a good father. Philip says that, despite the fact that he started late, Buzz is a good father too. “In the end, the reformed are the strongest believers of us all.” Philip leaves and heads back to the hospital.


Cassie takes a break and comes by to check on the children. She runs into Edmund who wants to discuss plans for the library. Cassie tells him she has no time to listen to him go on about how much Richard meant to him. Edmund asks Cassie for a chance, a chance to be her friend. Cassie asks him why he cares what she thinks and he says it is because she matters; she and the children are all he has left of Richard. Cassie tells him she can’t be his family or his friend. She wishes him the best if he is trying to change himself but she cannot be anything to him… not after everything they have been through. Edmund finds out about Harley when Cassie tells him she needs to go back to the hospital.


Danny meets Michelle and she tells him she has been trying to reach him for hours. She tells him about Harley and how much she is thinking about Zach and Jude. Danny realizes that this has stirred feelings in Michelle regarding Maureen’s death. He apologizes and tells her he did not realize that his phone was off. Michelle asks him why he checks out like that. It’s a bit of a habit, sort of the way his family worked. She needs him to break that habit and Danny promises to try his best to be open about everything. He tells her he was on Fifth Street doing business.


Buzz returns and Frank tells him Harley is stable. Frank is distant but Buzz tells his son that he is there for him. Alex arrives and Buzz updates her. Alex asks Buzz if he wants her to leave. They discuss Alex’s secret [re: Gus’ paternity] and Buzz asks her if the lying is done. She will always protect her family, just as he would. Alex tells him to call her if there is any news. Gus comes out and Alex offers her sympathies but he turns away from her and approaches Buzz.

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