Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/3/03

By Eva
Proofread by Norman

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Alan thought he heard Olivia, but Lloyd tells him that “Master Phillip and Miss Olivia” moved out yesterday. Alan asks him where they are, because he has some legal documents that he needs to send to Olivia. Lloyd tells him that he’ll take them over.

Olivia gets a phone call from Phillip. She tells him to hurry home after he’s done having lunch with Zach, because she has a surprise for him.

Ben tries to comfort Marina, but he keeps thinking that he should take off to his “job.” Shayne tells Ben that he’ll watch out for Marina and keep her company while she’s waiting to hear about Harley. Marina tells him to go to work, but to think of her while he’s there.

Steve tells Harley that this is the last lie she’ll ever tell. Then there’s glass breaking and screaming. Gus tells the back up that there’s an officer down.

Alex tells Alan that he should be in bed resting. He tells her that he thinks that they (Alex & Phillip) are trying to destroy him. Alex tells him that Phillip will come around. Alan tells her that when she came back to town his life started unraveling. Then Alan asks for some more tea. Alex says she’ll make it just the way he likes it.

Olivia is trying to make a little paradise at their house. She’s watching a do-it-yourself TV show with “Peggy”—it all seems just a little silly to me. Peggy starts on the creations, and Olivia quickly falls behind.

Gus, Frank, & Rick get Harley onto a gurney as the paramedics arrive. She’s stable, but they have to get to the hospital fast. Gus and Frank bicker about Gus not listening to Frank’s orders to stay away. Gus says he’s going to the hospital with them. Frank tries to stop him. Gus tells Harley that she was hit, but Rick is going to fix her up like new. Then he tells her she was very brave, and that she saved a woman and a child.

Olivia calls a service to come and cook, clean, iron, and all the other stuff that she can’t do. They tell her they’ll be right over. There’s a knock at the door. When she opens it, Alan is there. She asks him what he wants. He tells her she forgot her jewelry, and that a beautiful woman should never be without her jewelry. She thanks him.

Marah tells Eden that they will call as soon as they know something. Eden tells Marah that she hopes he doesn’t get hurt for Harley, and that no one is worth losing her brother for. Marah tells her that she doesn’t know what she’d do without Shayne. Eden and Marah talk about how different each of them is to what the other one expected. Then her phone rings. It’s Gus. He tells her that Harley has been shot. Eden passes the news to everyone else. Marina tells her that she’s going with her to the hospital. Marah tells Marina and Shayne to stay there and hold down the fort, and that she’ll call when they know something. Marina says she wishes she hadn’t told Ben to go to work. Shayne tells her that he’d have gone no matter what Marina said. Marina says that she hopes it was worth it to him.

Ben shows up at Ramona’s room. She asks him to pour some wine. He tells her that he had never seen himself as a paid companion, because he has goals and ambitions. She said she wouldn’t be interested if he weren’t loaded with potential. She tells him he looks nervous. He says he is, and they are going to be late for their lunch reservations. She tells him she ordered in, and they can eat afterwards. Then she tells him to show her just how ambitious he really is.

Rick arrives at the hospital with Harley. He tells Gus to get out of the way. Buzz asks if she’s going to be ok. Rick tells them that she needs surgery, and that they all need to stay out of the way. Gus, Buzz, & Frank are telling Harley that they will be right outside, when her blood pressure drops and things start moving fast.

Alex brings Alan’s tea to his room, but he’s not there. She tells Lloyd to check the grounds, because her brother should not be wandering around alone. If anything happened to him, she’d never forgive herself.

Alan asks Olivia if he can come in for a few minutes. She tells him just for a minute. He tells her that he remembers how much she loved the jewelry when he bought it for her. Then he puts it on her. She tells him she really doesn’t feel right about keeping it. He tells her that it was meant for her, just like he was. He tells her that they will always love each other, until death do them part. She tells him that it wasn’t death, it was a divorce. He laughs at that. Then he thinks she’s just playing, just to find out how big a settlement she could get. She tells him that she’s had a rough day, and this isn’t going to work. She tells him that she lives there now with his son. Alan tells her that he doesn’t have a son yet. She tells him he does have a son, and that he’s the father of her baby. Alan asks if she’s pregnant. She says no. He says that’s good, because he wants to travel before they start their family. He says they can start it after they get back from San Cristobal. Olivia realizes that he’s not faking this, and suggests they go for a drive. Alan thinks it’s a good idea.

Marah & Eden arrive at Cedar’s. Eden tells Nicky that they should go to the cafeteria and get something to eat. He tells to her to go on, but he’s staying right there. Marah asks Buzz if she can get him anything. Then Marah gets a phone call from Reva (with a bad connection). Reva tells Marah that she’s not a witch and she’s not crazy, but she wants Marah to find Harley because she can’t seem to get her out of her mind. She thinks something has happened to her, or is about to happen to her. Marah tells her there was a hostage situation, and that Harley was shot. Frank comes back in and asks Buzz how Harley is. Buzz says she’s hanging on. Frank tells Gus that it’s no thanks to him. Gus tells him he was just trying to get her out of there. Frank tells him he was trying to be a hero. Gus tells him he doesn’t care what he thinks, because all he cares about is Harley. If she doesn’t make it, Frank can take his gun and shoot him right in the head.

Marina asks Shayne if anyone called. He tells her no, and asks her for help with his pitching. Marina asks him if he wants her to play catch, and he says yes, unless she’d rather play with her dolls. They are flirting heavy with each other.

Ramona and Ben are getting dressed. She asks him if it was that bad, but he tells her she was amazing. She tells him she’s going to have to double up on her Pilates to keep up with him. She asks him if the same time next week will be fine. He agrees to meet her again. She tells him to think of this as a beginning.

Alex orders for every inch of Spaulding to be searched, but then Olivia and Alan walk in. Alex asks where she found him, and Olivia says that he found her. Alex tells Alan to go make sure his room is ok, and he asks Olivia if she’ll come up. She tells him to give her a minute. Olivia tells Alex that if she doesn’t call a doctor, then she will. Alex gets on the phone with Mel, but Mel is in the middle of the emergency, so she’s short with Alex. She tells her to discontinue all meds and bring him in for blood work. That makes Alex nervous, and she suggests that they already have enough blood work on him. Mel tells him they have to do it to figure out what’s wrong with him. Alex then says that Alan can’t leave the house. Mel says they’ll send a nurse then, but not now.

The nurse is taking “Alan’s” blood, and she says that she’s taking them straight to the lab, and then to Mel. After the nurse leaves, Alex thanks Lloyd for cooperating like this.

Marina tells Shayne that she played ball when she was younger, and that the coach told her to go back to cookies - or something like that. She says she was the best player, but she was just born in the wrong body. Shayne tells her there’s nothing “wrong” with her body at all. He tells her that she could teach him a thing or two, and then Ben shows up. Marina tells him that Harley was shot, and Ben says he knew he should’ve stayed here with her. Marina tells him that it was fine, because Shayne was with her. Ben thanks him for that. She asks Ben how it went with Mrs. Hendon, and wants to know if she gave him anything challenging to do. Ben tells her it was something like that. Marina asks him where her handkerchief is, but Ben left it at the hotel. He almost slips and says he left it at the office.

Gus is getting impatient. Mel comes out and says they are almost ready to move her to the OR to remove the bullet. Rick tells them there’s possible liver involvement, but the bleeding is under control for now. He tells them they are worried about infection. Frank and Buzz get into it about how this is all Gus’s fault.

Marah is on the phone with Reva, and tells her that Rick just came out with the good news that Harley’s stable. Reva tells her there’s something terribly wrong, and that Harley can’t breath and everything is getting dark. Just then Rick comes out, and Mel says she’s arresting. They get the crash cart and start working on her, but nothing is working.

Nadine sees Harley and can’t believe it’s her. Harley asks who’s talking to her……is it Mommy?

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