Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/1/03

By Sarah

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Harley is dropping Zach off at Phillip’s new place. He passed his check up with flying colors. She tells him that his new place wasn’t what she had imagined when he said he moved out of the mansion. He asks her if she’s going to be ok with the situation. Harley doesn’t know what she’s talking about until Olivia comes in with something for Zach’s room.

Lucia says she’d recognize Eden’s beautiful face anywhere. Eden isn’t happy to see her. Gus tells Lucia that Eden knows that she is his mother and that Alan is his father. Then he suggests they talk to Alan.

“Beth” is coming onto Alan, and tells him that she’s always loved him, but Phillip wouldn’t let her tell him. The real Alex comes in and asks what’s wrong since Alan was screaming. He tells her that Beth has gone crazy.

Harley comes out of Zach’s room and tells Phillip that he’s out. Phillip is glad that he’s feeling at home there. Harley tells Phillip that she thinks it’s interesting that just a few months ago he was throwing a fit about Zach living with someone with a juvenile record, and now he is living with someone on trial for stalking. Phillip tells her that Olivia is innocent and she’s great with Zach, Lizzie, and James, and that she’s going to be a great mother. Harley is shocked to hear that Olivia is pregnant. There’s a noise from Zach’s room. Olivia tells Harley and Phillip to finish their conversation while she checks on Zach. Harley asks if it’s Phillip’s baby, but then says she shouldn’t have asked. Phillip tells her Olivia is pregnant and living there with him, and that’s all anyone needs to know. Harley tells him that she never thought of Olivia as someone that wanted kids. Phillip tells her that the motherly instincts are kicking in because she’s very excited about this baby. Phillip tells her that he dropped out of the Spaulding family and the business, and that he’s done with it all, especially Alan. Harley calls him “the golden boy” since he’s the family heir, and Phillip tells her that Alan is going to have to find another heir.

Gus tells Lucia that he has to at least tell Alan that he is his son. She tries to convince him not to, but he tells her that he’s just not someone that can drop things—he has to see it through to the end.

Alex tries to calm Alan down, and she tells him that Beth isn’t there. He tells her that she was there just like the other day. She tells him to rest and leaves the room. Beth (the real one) meets her in the hall and tells her that she’s looking for Alan since he left a message on her machine about wanting to see her. Alex tells her he’s feeling under the weather, but if she wants, she can go in and see her. She goes on in and tells Alan that she got his message. Alan yells at her to stay away from him. Beth is shocked. Alan tells her he’s sorry, but he can’t sleep with her.

Cassie is about to start her yoga, and Edmund is there fencing. He keeps trying to make small talk, and she keeps shutting him out. He asks if they can be civil since they will be working together on Richard’s library project. She tells him that he will be working on it and she will be working on it, but they will not be working on it together.

Harley is still shocked that Phillip is walking away from the Spaulding company and family. He tells her that he thought she’d be happier about this since she was always pushing him to do it when they were married. She asks him who’s taking his place. He says that Alan Michael is happy in France, so he’ll probably not come back. And that leaves Alan with no one, and Phillip could care less. He asks her why she’s so worried about Spaulding Enterprises all of a sudden. She tells him that when someone she loves has a stake in it, it becomes her business.

Lucia tries to convince Gus to ask her about his past if he wants to know. She really doesn’t want him to go to Alan. He tells her that things change and that she hasn’t seen or talked to him in 30 years, so he’s going to go to him.

Alan is still trying to convince Beth that he can’t sleep with her, and Beth is just as puzzled as ever. She tells him she’s sorry she upset him, so she’ll leave. She asks Alex what’s wrong with him, and Alex says she has no idea, but he’s been this way for days. Beth asks if he’s seen as doctor and what Phillip is saying about this. Alex tells her that he left the mansion, the family, and the company. Beth asks where he is, and Alex tells her that he and Olivia moved somewhere locally. Alex tells her that she thought he would’ve called to make arrangements for the kids. Alan calls for Beth, and she asks Alex if she should go back in there. Alex tells her to just go, but don’t tell anyone about this because it could jeopardize his corporate reputation.

Harley tells Phillip that she’s interested in Spaulding because of Zach. Phillip gets a call from Beth. She tells him about Alan. He tries to stop her, but she tells him that she’s never seen him like this and that he’s delusional. He tells her he’ll think about coming over. Olivia comes back and asks what’s wrong. She suggests to him that he should go if something is really wrong. He goes.

Alex tries to calm Alan down. He asks her what in the world is going on with him. She tells him that he needs to relax, and that she’s going to make him a nice cup of tea.

Harley tells Olivia that she doesn’t want another war over her child, so they should just get along. Olivia thinks it’s a good plan. They start playing together with Zach. Harley gets a call about a suspect she’s been after for weeks. Olivia tells her that she’ll keep Zach. Harley leaving doesn’t go over too well with him.

Harley calls Gus to tell him about going after the suspect. He tells her that he’s on his way, and that she can’t go in alone. Harley gets to the location, and it’s across the street from the museum that Marah and the gang are moving into. She hears a woman calling for help, so she calls for back and says she’s going in.

Alex is surprised to see Phillip at the mansion. He asks her if this is just another stunt of his, and she tells him that he’s been out of his mind since Phillip and Olivia left. Phillip tells her not to pin this on them. Alex says that he’s totally obsessed with the business too, and that the upcoming board meeting just might send him over the edge. Phillip tells her again that he’s not interested in the meeting. Alan comes in, and thinks he’s hallucinating Phillip being there. Alan tells Phillip to stay back and not hurt him.

Lucia tells Eden that her mother would be proud of her. Eden asks if she’d be proud to know that she was raised on the streets. Then she tells Lucia that she could’ve checked up on them. Eden tells her that she doesn’t care what she says now, but that she should get lost. Lucia tells her that she hasn’t changed much—that she’s still a scared little girl.

Harley knocks on a door. A little boy opens the door, and Harley tells him that she’s a police officer and that everything is going to be ok. Then Steve (the guy she’s been after) puts a gun to Harley’s head and tells her to drop her gun or else.

Beth runs into Edmund at the gym. They ask each other what the other one is doing there. She says she’s had a rough day and that she needed to clear her head. Edmund asks about the kids and her mom. Beth asks him if he’s ok, and he tells her he doesn’t know and leaves.

Lucia suggests to Eden that they come to a truce and both try to support Gus instead of competing for his attention. Eden thinks he won’t even want Lucia’s support, but Lucia tells her that he’ll need it if he plans on telling Alan the truth.

Alan tells them he’s not foolish and he’s not crazy. He tells her Phillip is gone and everyone is gone. Lloyd comes and takes Alan back to his room. Phillip asks Alex why she didn’t call him. She tells him she didn’t think he wanted to know. He asks what the doctors have said, and she tells him that they are running tests. She tells him that the minute he left Alan called for a copy of Brandon’s (Phillip’s grandfather) will. She tells him they have to talk soon and that it’s about his future. He doesn’t’ get it, but Alex won’t say anything else.

Harley figures out that Steve is mad because the girl friend kept it from him that he had a son. Harley convinces him to let the boy go. He does, and then tells them that he’s calling the shots from now on. The boy runs out to the street and finds Gus. He tells him that there’s a guy with a gun, and his mom, and a lady cop. Harley’s phone rings, and Steve tells her to give it to him.

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