Guiding Light Update Monday 3/31/03

By Naila

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Alan ‘sees’ Edmund stealing from him and goes after him with a letter opener. Alex shows up and Alan snaps back to reality. Alex apologizes to Edmund for Alan’s behavior and Edmund gets right to the point of his visit. He would like Spaulding Enterprises to make a donation to the library being constructed in Richard’s memory. Alan agrees and tells Edmund to leave. Edmund expresses his concern for Alan to Alex who tells him there is nothing to be concerned about; Alan is fine. Edmund realizes that she may have had something to do with Alan’s present state of mind. She reluctantly writes him a check for $100, 000 from Spaulding. When Edmund asks her what kind of hallucinogen she is using, she asks him what he wants. Edmund knows she is doing this because of the upcoming board meeting and warns her that if she is caught, she could go to jail. Alex is more than willing to write out a personal check to keep him quiet about whatever he thinks he knows. Alex returns to the study in time to hear Alan making plans to meet with Beth about the board meeting. He tells Alex that nothing happened with Edmund. He was in a bad mood and he just took it out on Edmund.

Later, Alan is resting when Alex, disguised as Beth, enters his bedroom. ‘Beth’ tells him she’s always wanted him, even when she was with Philip. Alan begs her not to say those words; she belongs with Philip. “Soon we will be together Alan.” ‘Beth’ takes off and Alex rushes in after Alan cried out Beth’s name. Alan asks her if she saw someone, anyone, out in the hallway. Alex says she saw no one and came in because he was yelling. Perhaps he had a bad dream. He lays down to rest again unsettled by his ‘dream’. After Alex leaves, he gets out of bed.


Eden wonders why Gus is drinking and assumes it has to do with what he found out from Lucia. He tells her that Lucia admitted to being his birth mother but Gus does not want to tell her who is biological father is. She pushes him and he relents. Eden is stunned to learn that Alan Spaulding is Gus’ father. She agrees to keep it all a secret. If he wants, she tells him, they will accept him into their family. She does not care about their money at all; she just wants him to be happy. Gus is thrilled to have his little sister back. She is ready to go to battle with him and they first person on her list is Alex. Gus tells her to leave Alex to him so Eden sets her sights on “witch # 2 – Lucia”. Later, they both come face to face with Lucia.


Josh tells Cassie that Reva is on her way to Vienna and that he has no intention of standing in her way; she’s going to do whatever she wants anyway. The talk turns to business and Josh tells her Lewis Construction wants the Fifth Street Project. Josh is understandably surprised when she tells him she has a meeting with Edmund later that week. He cannot believe that she is collaborating with Edmund on anything. Cassie tells him about Tammy’s reaction to Edmund’s news and also that this is the best way for her to keep an eye on him. She knows he is just using her to clean up his own image but she thinks it is worth it for Richard and their children. Josh advises her to watch her back.

Edmund interrupts them and Josh takes off. Edmund and Cassie discuss the guest list and donations made to date. Edmund also tells her Rolf Hurst is creating a sculpture of Richard for the entrance and he is going to pay for it himself. He has liquidated some of his assets, dipped into his retirement fund and is going to cut back on some of the finer things in life in order to afford it. Edmund shows her the architect’s renderings and Cassie loves them. He tells her the garden will be filled with Richard’s favorite flower and a quotation from Richard’s inaugural speech will be inscribed on the entrance wall. Edmund is drawn to Cassie and reaches out and touches her hair. Cassie pulls away, stunned by his action. Edmund apologizes and says he doesn’t know what happened. She just looked so sad. He gets up to leave but before walking away, stares long and hard at Cassie.


Ray arrives, expecting a housewarming party but instead, he is asked to perform an exorcism. Tony says they can party too; Danny and Michelle arrive and announce their reason for celebration – they’re getting married! Everyone [almost] offers up their congratulations then presses for details of the reunion. Michelle and Danny tell them all about the house, Michelle’s proposal… When Marah realizes that Tony knew all about Danny’s plan, she tells him [she’s not mad when she does] that he shouldn’t have kept it from her; they shouldn’t have any secrets. Remi and Tony tell them the story of the museum; it is rumored to be haunted and it is time for a spiritual cleansing. Ray refuses to cleanse the building but is willing to bless it. They all gather in a circle, hold hands and pray. Ray also says a prayer for all the people of Fifth Street and for Danny and Michelle. Afterwards, the party begins… Marina tells Ben she wants to move in with him and she’s tired of her dad treating her like some little kid. Marah learns from Ray that Tony used to be terrified of ghosts as a child. Michelle tells Marah she needs a moment alone with her sometime today. Michelle and Bill finally come face to face. Michelle tells Bill she did not know he was going to be there or that they were going to make such a public announcement. She tries to make it clear that she and he were not about her and Danny [translation: I did not use you to get back at Danny or to get over him]. They hate the awkwardness between them and hope that soon, things will be good with them. Danny comes by and Bill toasts to their reunion. Ray is happy to see that Tony is really enjoying his new life. He promises Tony that from now on, all he will get from him is his love and support… no more eagle-eye. Michelle tells Marah that she would like to ‘repay’ Danny for catching her off guard with the house. She would like to plan a surprise for him for their wedding day but needs Marah’s help. Marah agrees [I wonder if she’ll tell Tony, after all, they’re not allowed to have any secrets between them]. A beer bottle crashes against the wall. Small problem: no one threw, pushed or even touched the bottle.

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