Guiding Light Update Friday 3/28/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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At the Museum, Marah gets rid of Bill, so she and Tony can spend some time alone. Marah and Tony kiss. Bill watches them through the window, as he puts on his jacket to leave. he takes Eden's card from his pocket, and gives it a long look.

At Company , Eden talks to Harley, trying to find out if Gus ever talked to Lucia and if anything new is going on in Gus's search for his parents. Harley refuses to tell Eden anything, saying that it isn't her place to tell Eden - Gus has to handle the situation himself. Harley tells Eden that if Gus wants to tell her what is going on, he will give her a call.

At the Beacon, Alan walks into the bar looking for Philip. Alan is followed closely by Olivia . Alan tells Olivia and Philip about his hallucination, which he is convinced really happened. Philip and Olivia try to persuade Alan that what he is saying never happened. However, Alan insists that Philip and Olivia slept together in the mansion ,and when he caught them they laughed at him. Gus sees Alan is getting angry, and steps in to grab him by the arms. Alan turns around, and tells Gus to take his hands off of him - this doesn't concern him, he is trying to talk to his son. Gus tells Alan he can't let him get away with saying something like that.

At Company, Eden leaves a message for Gus, saying that she wants to know what happened with Lucia. When Eden hangs up her cell phone it rings again. It's Bill. Eden jokes, and asks him if he is wearing his tool belt. Bill tells Eden if she gives him a minute he can throw it on for her, because he will do anything to make her happy. He tells Eden he wants to see her . Eden asks if its business or personal. After a few minutes, Bill says personal. Eden sees Bill standing outside of Company so she walks outside as they are still talking, and taps Bill on the shoulder. When Bill turns around he smiles, and they go inside together.

Philip tells Gus to let Alan go, because he can handle things. Gus lets Alan go, but still stands behind him in case things get out of hand. Philip tells Alan that he is leaving the family for good this time, and he will legally change his name as soon as possible. Alan says that Philip just can't leave the family like that. Philip says to just watch him, and leaves with Olivia. Alan gets dizzy and almost falls. Gus catches him, and helps him into a chair. Alan says his son is gone. Gus tells Alan that's nothing, to a man like him sons are a dime a dozen.

At the Museum, Marah and Tony begin to make love on the couch.  Marah makes Tony go turn the alarm off, because the blinking red light is distracting her. The alarm accidentally goes off ,and because Marah has forgotten the code, Tony has to unplug it to make the noise stop.  They start to kiss again, but the police bust in with guns drawn and tell Tony and Marah to freeze.

At the Beacon, Olivia worries that there is something off about Alan. Philip tells her that Alan is just being Alan, and he is just upset because he and Olivia left the Mansion. Philip changes the subject, and tells Olivia they have to find another place to live soon; he just got the idea about the perfect place for them. Olivia wonders how Philip can just walk away from Alan when he is acting so strangely. Philip says he hasn't walked away from Alan enough in his life, and maybe it's time he started. Philip takes Olivia by the hand, and says he is taking her to their new home. Alan tells Gus he can't understand how he can be helping Harley raise his grandson with that kind of attitude. Gus asks Alan if he is drunk. Alan says no, of course not . He tells Gus that the only thing that matters is family. They are the only thing that gives you pleasure. Alan worries how Philip will make it without the Spaulding name. Gus is touched by how much Alan is worried about Philip. Alan says that no matter how often Phillip cuts him out of his life, Philip will always be a part of him. Alexandra arrives, and is surprised to see Alan and Gus together.

At the Museum, Marah explains to the police that the property is now residential and that she and Tony live there. Tony shows the police the zoning papers. The police don't believe them, because they know that Tony is a Santos. They imply the papers are fake. Marah gets upset, and loudly tells the policeman that Tony and Danny are trying to rebuild the neighborhood and make it nice to live in again. The policeman looks at the papers again and leaves, telling Tony he will be watching him. Marah is so angry she can't see straight, but Tony calms her down. He says it's just because of the Santos reputation, and he will have to work hard to change that reputation. He gets Marah back in the mood, and they make love.

At Company, Bill and Eden talk. Eden tells Bill she would have given 3 to 1 odds he wouldn't call her. Bill asks her if she is ashamed of her job. Eden says that she thought the good people of Springfield would have turned down their noses at her, but they haven't yet. She says she is good at her job, and she isn't ashamed of it. Bill gets a business call from his dad, and has to leave. A waitress comes to Eden's table, and tells her she has a message for Harley from her boyfriend. She says she has to leave in 10 minutes, and can't find Harley. Eden says she will give Harley the message. Eden reads the message, which says Harley should call Gus, who is at the Beacon hotel martini bar. Eden leaves.

At the Beacon, Gus tells Alexandra he and Alan were bonding. Alan tells Alexandra he feels strange, and doesn't know what is wrong with him. Alexandra helps Alan out of his chair, and tells him the driver is outside ready to take him home. After Alan leaves the bar, Gus stops his "Auntie dearest" so they can have a chat. Alexandra says Gus doesn't want to claim his heritage and dares him to tell her she is wrong. Gus tells Alexandra he knows she has a huge stake in seeing that he keeps quiet. He asks her how long she has known about him. Alexandra tells Gus she has known about him since he was conceived. She offers him money to keep quiet. Gus says its typical that she would think every problem can be solved with money. He says he would love to tell Alan, just to see the look on her face. Alexandra tells Gus he has always known where he fits in, and he should look at this lie as a necessary fiction. Gus tells Alexandra he hates lies. Alexandra says if he tells the truth, he will hurt himself and Harley most of all. Gus says Harley doesn't care what his last name is. Alexandra says that Harley has been very hurt by the Spaulding's in the past.

At Company, Frank says he is the new Chief of Police in Springfield. He wonders if he made the right decision taking the job. Buzz congratulates his son, and tells him he would buy a ticket to see Harley take orders from him. Frank says he hasn't told Harley yet. Buzz gets Frank to agree to let him call the family so they can celebrate. Harley arrives.

Philip takes Olivia to his former writing studio by the lake. Olivia fakes being impressed, but she isn't thrilled about Philip's choice of home. Philip says they should move in right away.

Alan arrives home, and tells his driver( who is in on Alexandra's scheme) that he needs to speak to Nolan. Alan tells Nolan that he needs some tea, because it's the only thing that makes him feel better. Nolan goes to get the tea, and the driver follows him.

At the Museum, Marah wants to know about the history of their new home. Remi arrives, and tells Marah and Tony that his father told him  the museum was going to pot. After an Egyptology exhibition, a curator mysteriously disappeared. He was found several weeks later in Hawaii, talking crazily and surrounded by artifacts from the exhibition. He had been sleeping in a closed sarcophagus.  The next curator was found inside the museum after having had an accident that left him in traction for life. Remi says that the people in the neighborhood still hear strange noises at night. Tony offers to invite Ray over to get rid of the ghosts.

At Company, Harley tells Bill that Eden is Gus's sister, and that he is a good guy who should use his head when it comes to her. Bill tells Harley about Eden's escort service. Bill tries to persuade Harley that Eden's escort service could be legitimate. Harley says she hopes she isn't the one that has to arrest Eden someday.

At the Beacon, Gus tells Alexandra that he will be the one to decide when and if he tells Alan, because she isn't in control anymore. Gus goes to sit at the bar and orders a double martini. Eden arrives, and tells Gus that if this is a party he isn't drinking that, and takes the drink away from him.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Edmund arrives to see Edmund or Alexandra and despite Nolan's protests goes in to see Alan. Alan has a hallucination, and thinks Edmund is stealing from him. Alan pulls a gun on Edmund saying "You won't get away with a thing."

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