Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/27/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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At the museum, Marah, Bill, Ben, Remi and Tony move into their new home. Marah asks Bill for his help, because she doesn't want to convert a room in the house into a gym. Marah also tells the guys she doesn't want a football table in the house. Bill votes with the guys. Marina tells Marah that she should move in the house with her, or she won't stand a chance against the guys. Marah begs the guys to just let her have the living room to decorate. Tony tells Marah she can do anything she wants in their bedroom. After some kidding around about Tony's remark, the guys give in and let Marah have the living room to decorate. Reva arrives, and tells everyone to freeze and to stop what they are doing.

At the Beacon, Philip arrives with some things for his new room. Philip tells Olivia he left the mansion in such a hurry, that he had to pick up a few things. He asks Olivia what she has been doing while he was gone. Olivia says she had a doctor's appointment. Phillip is bothered that Olivia didn't tell him about the appointment. He asks how the baby is doing. Olivia says that she didn't tell him about the appointment, because she wasn't sure how involved he wanted to be with the baby. Philip says he wants to know all about the baby. Olivia tells him the doctor said both she and the baby are doing fine. She asks Philip if the baby is the only reason he is staying at the Beacon with her. Philip moves closer, kisses her, and says that isn't the only reason he is there with her. Olivia says they should celebrate his new life, and they kiss again.

At the Park, Gus reads information about Alan. Harley arrives, and asks Gus why he left so early that morning. Gus says that he had things to do, and he couldn't sleep anyway. He tells Harley the long list of things that Alan has done. They both agree that just because Alan is his father, it doesn't make Gus a Spaulding. Gus puts the stack of papers he has been reading down in frustration, and says who am I kidding.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra asks the butler if Alan drank his tea. The butler says that Alan drank most of it, but he didn't finish it because he fell asleep. Alexandra arrives in the study, and finds Lucia with Alan. Alan tells Alexandra that they have a visitor, and Lucia says its very important that they speak.

At the museum, Reva, Cassie, Holly and Felicia all arrive with cleaning supplies, to help clean the house. Ben makes a joke to Holly that he hasn't seen her clean anything before. Holly tells Ben he won't ever see her clean anything again! Josh also arrives, to install the alarm system. Tony tells Josh that he won't need to put an alarm system in, because he (Tony) will be living there. Josh says they will need the alarm system, because soon Tony will lose his mob reputation when he and Danny go legitimate. When the neighborhood is renovated and nice they will need the alarm system. Josh wins the light hearted discussion, and installs the alarm system.

At the Park, Harley assures Gus that nothing in his life has to change with this new information. He says he is still the son of Joe and Angela August. Gus tells Harley that it is good that they decided to keep things secret, because he is sure the Spaulding's won't want to know about him.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan tells Lucia that if she wants a contribution she won't get one from Alexandra. Alan makes a one-thousand dollar contribution to  Lucia before he leaves the room. She tells Alexandra that the lies have to stop.

At the museum, we see everyone cleaning the house in fast motion.

At the Beacon, Philip and Olivia talk after making love. Philip tells Olivia that he feels free and clear of everything (meaning the Spaulding's). He tells Olivia to have hope that she may not have to go to jail. He also says he is going to burn all his suits and buy a truck. Philip says that he wants to find a place that is more suitable for them to live. Olivia gets a business call, and has to leave. Olivia and Philip agree to meet at the martini bar in one hour.

At the Park, Gus gets a call from his snitch on the Miller case, and has to leave. Gus tells Harley all of this will have to wait, because he has to go to work. Harley tells Gus that all this Spaulding stuff can wait, and not to be in a rush to tell the Spaulding about himself; he doesn't owe them anything. Gus gives Harley a kiss, and as he leaves, she shouts to him to be careful.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lucia tells Alexandra that she wants to tell Alan the truth. Alexandra worries, and tells Lucia that once she tells Alan about Gus, she (Lucia) will not be able to protect Gus from what the Spaulding's can do to their family. Lucia says after all the years she wasn't there to protect Gus, she will do anything to protect him now. Lucia tells Alexandra she will give Alan fair warning that he won't hurt Gus, because she won't allow him to. In his room, Alan is dizzy and groggy and heads for the door, calling for Nolan. When he opens the door he has a short hallucination that there are bars on it.  He closes and opens the door again, and sees that everything is normal. When Alan steps out into the hall, he goes into Olivia's room and hallucinates that Philip and Olivia are in bed making love. When he comes in, they laugh at him and Philip thanks him for giving Olivia to him. When they won't stop laughing, Alan shouts stop.

Alexandra tells Lucia that she thinks Gus will eventually tell Alan the truth, but that is Gus's decision to make. Lucia agrees to let Gus handle things with Alan. She starts to leave, but before going she warns Alexandra that if her agenda hurts Nicky, Alexandra will have to go through her first.

At the Beacon, Gus talks on his cell phone to his informant, who is having doubts about meeting him. When Gus hangs up, Philip offers to buy him a drink because he is celebrating. Gus accepts the drink, and wonders why Philip is in such a good mood.

Gus tells Philip he has something to tell him.

At the museum, Reva tells Josh about her strange physic episodes, and about the doctors in Europe. Josh agrees she should go see the doctors. He tells Reva that he and the kids will miss her, but she needs to go. Reva asks Josh to come with her, but he says he has too much work to do. Tony thinks Marah is ticked off that her mother and the cavalry showed up to help clean the house.

At Company, Harley talks to Frank and Buzz, and admits she is worried that Gus will get sucked into the Spaulding vortex. Frank and Buzz both tell Harley they don't think Gus will change at all.

At the Beacon, Gus tells Philip that he just found out he is adopted. Philip tells Gus that he trashed the country club when he found out he was adopted. He asks Gus if the people that raised him were good parents. Gus says they were the best. Philip tells Gus to concentrate on the parents that raised him, and not to dwell on his biological parents. Philip tells Gus that the Spaulding's are rotten to the core, and he is finished with them. He says that as hard as Alan tried to mold him into a Spaulding, he never really was one. Philip goes on to say that he can't believe he could forget something he knew in his bones when he was ten years old. He can't understand why someone would want to be a part of the Spaulding family when they don't have to be.

At the museum, Marah finally admits to Tony that she is ticked off at her mother for coming and taking over. Tony says that he understands her point, but she should be grateful that she has parents that can help her. He gives her a quick kiss. Reva tells Marah that she and the others will leave, so they can get settled in their new place. Marah thanks everyone for their help, and says no one is leaving until they party.

At the Spaulding Mansion, the butler gives Alexandra another cup of tea for Alan. Alexandra says this time she will sit with Alan until he drinks every last drop. Alexandra goes into Alan's room, but it is empty.

At the Beacon, Gus is surprised to hear Philip's remarks about the Spaulding's. Philip tells Gus he tried to leave the family once, to be a writer, but they pulled him back in. Alan arrives, and Alexandra comes up behind him, asking what he is doing there. Alan shouts "I'm looking for my son". Alexandra looks over at Gus and Philip sitting at the bar together.

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