Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/26/03

By Naila

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Ben and Marina check out his new place. Marina wishes she could live there with him too. Ben does not think it would be a good idea to alienate her family after working so hard to win them over. Ben senses that Marina is jealous that Marah gets to spend more time with him because of their living arrangement. He thinks it’s cute. When Marah and Shayne arrive, Marian shows him just how cute it really is. Later, they turn on Sandy and the Mole, who are discussing Springfield’s Garden of Eden. Ben tries to get them to turn it off but they don’t. Eden drops in and Ben is worried that Marina will find out about his evening job. Eden says she stopped by to see if Marah contacted her designer friend. Marah is curious about Eden’s interest. Eden knows Tony is the real reason Marah has not made the call yet. She tells Marah some men have a very hard time accepting women who are more successful that they are. Also, perhaps Tony simply does not understand that side of Marah. Marah denies this. She says his apprehension stems from the fact that she – Eden – is involved. Tony stops by and Eden leaves. She calls her friend and asks him to take the time to meet with Marah, when she calls. Meanwhile, Tony is less than thrilled to hear that Marah is still considering Eden’s offer.


Eden and Bill meet and strike up a conversation. She introduces herself and gives him her card. She tells him about her business and he thinks she is a call girl. Eden denies this but Bill does not buy it. She wonders why he’s so interested in what she does; maybe he is lonely. Bill tells her he doesn’t pay for companionship and she wonders what happened that led him to drown his sorrows in the middle of the day. She offers an ear but he passes. She tells him to hold on to her card; he may decide to use it after all.


After speaking with Gus, Harley takes Gus over to see Lucia and get some answers. Regina tells Gus she can’t walk away from him now that he finally knows who she really is and he tells her he did not want her to leave. She is happy to hear that and tells him she will be staying at the boarding house. He still needs some questions answered and Regina is more than willing to answer them. He wants to know who his birthfather really is. He and Danny did a DNA test, which proved that they are not brothers. Regina admits that Miguel was not his father. He was the lesser of two evils though. She is stunned when Gus reveals that he was the man who killed Joe. She tells him his biological father is still alive and could hurt much more than he already has. His real father is Alan Spaulding. This news rocks Harley. She leaves the two of them alone and goes inside to Buzz but she tells him she does not want to discuss the problem.

Regina tells Gus her story. She got a job at the Spaulding’s’ shortly after she arrived from Italy. Brandon Spaulding treated her terribly but Alan was very sweet and kind to her. One thing led to another and the next thing she knew, she was pregnant. Alan, who didn’t know she was pregnant, treated her worse than Brandon had, after he had gotten what he wanted from her. She went to Alex and told her she’d do anything to make sure Alan never saw her baby. Alex helped her to get out of town. Gus asks her how she could do it. How could she be such a big part of his life and love him so much and then abandon him. What kind of person would do that? He goes in to Harley and Buzz comes out to find Regina in tears. She tells him she tried to change history but she failed.

Gus acts as though all is well but Harley doubts that. He tells her to forget about the Spaulding’s. He will never tell them. He knows they would not want anything to do with him and that is fine because he wants nothing to do with them. His past is his past. He wants to focus on his present and his future. And that all lies with Harley.


Danny tells Michelle he wants them to do something they’ve never done before. He wants them to stop trying to fit into each other’s worlds but instead try to make their own place… together. He admits that he made himself practically invisible over the past few weeks because he was afraid that she would turn him away; he could not live with himself if she said no one more time. He sees that she is uncertain and tells her he will not stop her if she wants to leave. In fact, he tells her, she should leave before she sees what else he had done. Michelle asks him to show her but he does not want to freak her out. She presses and finally he does – a single orchid, a roaring fire, a beautifully set table, a rather large bed. Michelle admits that she loves it; she loves it all. The house is hers, if she wants it. He is hers, if she wants him. But if she doesn’t, she can leave and never look back. Michelle does not want to leave. She wants him to kiss her. Again. Again. Again. Later, they make love. She thanks him for loving her even when she pushed him so very far away. Danny promises her that he will not try to control things. He will wait until she is ready. Michelle tells him that she is ready. “Danny Santos, will you marry me?” He accepts!

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