Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/25/03

By Sarah

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Marah takes Reva to Fifth Street to show her the new house. Reva tells her that she doesn’t want her living there, and that she’ll get her someplace nice until after the renovation happens. Marah tells her that it’s not her decision, and that Josh was ok with it. Reva asks her if Tony will be living there, and Marah says yes.

Danny thanks Tony for helping him out. Tony asks if he’s sure that “it” is going to work out since Danny has a lot riding on it, but Danny tells him that there are no guarantees in life.

Michelle and Cassie are having a play date for the kids. Cassie tells Michelle that this is great for Will because he doesn’t get many play dates growing up in a hotel. They talk about houses, and Cassie tells her she’s looking for one, so that her kids will have a normal life. Cassie gets a call about a house, and she tells the agent that she’s busy, so she’ll just have to see the next one. Michelle tells her that she shouldn’t pass up on seeing a house because it might be “the one.” Cassie agrees to go see it, but only if Michelle goes with her.

Olivia is going through possible names for the baby when Phillip comes in. Phillip tells her it’s nice to see her happy. Phillip tells her that he wants to get out of the mansion, but Olivia tells him that she can’t until she clears her name. Phillip tells her that Alan may have taken care of that for her. He explains that a phone identical to hers (which the police have) responded to Alan’s voice, and that he thinks that Alan was trying to win her back by setting her up so that he could save her. Phillip tells her that Alan doesn’t know that he found the phone, and he’s not going to let him know in advance since he has a way of slipping out of “any noose.” Phillip tells her that they have to give all of the evidence to Ross so that he can decide what to do with it—even the lipstick. Olivia doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but then agrees to trust Phillip. Alan and Alex come in. Alan asks Phillip why he isn’t packed and out of the mansion. Phillip tells him that he’s not leaving without Olivia. Alan says that Alex has to go with them because of the court order. Phillip tells him that supervision doesn’t mean she has to live with them. Olivia says that she’s not spending another night under the same roof as the man….Alan interrupts with “who loves you.” Phillip tells Olivia that they are going to see Ross. Alan tells them they can run, but they can’t hide. Alex tells him to stop yelling. Alan wants to know why she let them leave.

Marah tells Reva that Josh was really OK with her living there with Tony. Reva tells her that Josh is pretty old-fashioned, but when it comes to love, he believes that love is the most important thing no matter what is attached. Reva says she believes that too. Marah asks if that’s her way of saying yes, and Reva says that it wouldn’t make a difference if she said no. Marah tells her it’s nicer this way. Marah asks her for the couch in the den. Reva tells her she’ll buy her a new couch, but Marah says she really likes that one because it reminds her of home.

Marah shows her some sketches of how things will be in the new house, and Reva tells her that she’s impressed with how far she’s come. Marah tells her that she got paid for designing business cards, and Reva wants one to put up on the fridge. Marah tells her that next time something more substantial comes up, she’ll put it up there herself. Reva suggests that Marah call Mindy, but Marah says she can’t because she’s too “big-time.” Reva tells her she’s family, and that Marah should have the opinion of a professional. Marah tells her she’s not ready for that. Reva tells her that the fashion show is the perfect opportunity for her to show her stuff. Marah wants to know how Reva knew about the fashion show (geez—more mind reading!).

Olivia tells Ross that Alan framed her. Ross tells them to show him the proof. Phillip shows him the phone and the lipstick.

Alex tells Alan to stop planning for a child that he doesn’t even know is his. He tells her that Alan II sounds like a great name. Alex tells him that there are enough Alan’s with Alan Michael and Alan Zachary. Alan tells her it’s a great name, and he doesn’t mind sharing. Alex asks if he’s going to name it Olivia if it’s a girl, and then she suggests using her name. Alan tells her he wants something sweeter, like Regina. Alex is surprised that he used that name. Alan asks her why she’s getting so worked up about names, but she tells him she’s just worked up period. She tells him that he’s trading his son for a baby that he doesn’t even know if it’s his, and Alan tells her that Phillip gave up on him when he took his wife and chose her over him.

Alexandra calls Lloyd and asks about the “medication.” Lloyd tells her it works wonders on psychotics, but it will cause hallucinations/delusions in healthy people. Alex tells him she understands the risks.

Michelle and Cassie are at the Cavendish estate, and Cassie tells her she doesn’t know if she wants to live in an estate. Michelle tells her how she would go out of her way to walk by there after school because it was nice. She tells Cassie how she was always interested in that place because they had great parties and always lots of fun, and it was her kind of fairy tale. Michelle tells her she’s going to love living there. Cassie tells her to go in while she parks the car, and tell the realtor that she’ll be right in. Michelle goes in the house to find Danny there. Cassie drives off in the car. Danny asks Michelle what she thinks, and Michelle says that she doesn’t understand why Cassie left her there. Danny tells her it must not have been to her liking, and then he asks Michelle what she thinks of the house. She tells him that he knows that it is her favorite house in Springfield, but that doesn’t give Cassie an excuse to dump her there. Danny tells her that she wasn’t’ dumped, she’s there with him. He tells her he should take the for sale sign down. Michelle asks him if it’s not on the market after all and whose it is. He tells her it’s hers.

Tony looks at Marah’s sketches, and tells her they are wonderful. She tells him that Reva said the same thing. She tells him that Reva was ok with them moving in the house, and that her issues were more with her growing up—not just growing up with him. He tells her that she’s not going to get anywhere with her work if she’s just designing for Eden. She tells him that Reva mentioned the fashion show idea, and Marah wants to know what Tony thinks of it. He tells her it’s the worst idea he’s ever heard.

Felecia and Reva are talking about the kids moving into the house on Fifth Street, and Reva tells her she had another episode. She tells her it was like it was with Olivia, but this time it wasn’t a big emotional moment, it was just her talking to Marah, and bam, it happened. Reva tells her it’s scaring her to death.

Ross tells Olivia and Phillip that the lipstick could’ve easily been traced back to her since it was custom-made for her, but the phone cloning could clear her. She’s thrilled that Alan will finally get what’s coming to him, but Ross tells her he’s defending her, not prosecuting Alan. Then he tells her that this could be the reasonable doubt that they need. He thanks them for giving him the evidence before it’s too late. He tells them he’s going to the DA, and that this isn’t necessarily a sure thing, since they still have to explain the lipstick.

Phillip and Olivia run into Reva and Felecia. Olivia tells Reva that she never expects to hear an apology, but she wants to see the look on Reva’s face when she hears that she’s innocent. She wants to know what Reva will say then. Reva tells her that she’s going to say she knew it because she read her mind. Then Reva tells Felecia that she has to get this under control before it controls her, and that she’ll go whereever the specialists are.

Tony tells Marah that he’s really proud of her and the fashion show is going to be a great success, but he’s not ready to share her yet. She tells him that she’s not going to forget him when she’s a big success. He tells her that she has dreams, and his dream is just being with her. They decide that everything is going to be fine. She tells him the more she talks about it with people, the more she thinks it could happen. Tony thought she only talked to him and her mother. Marah tells him she talked to Eden too. He’s not thrilled with the idea, but Marah tells him that a phone call to Eden’s friend in the design business isn’t going to hurt anything. Tony tells her that Eden is bad news.

Cassie gets back to the Beacon to find Billy waiting for her. She apologizes for being late. He tells her it’s ok, but then asks where she’s been.

Danny tells Michelle that he bought the house for her. It’s hers or theirs if she’ll have him. Michelle asks him if it’s supposed to be a game. Danny tells her it’s just another gift. She tells him it’s a very big one. He tells her she can decorate it any way she wants, and there’s a pool and a green house and a swing in an old tree out back. Then he asks her to say something. She tells him this is the worst thing he’s ever done to her.

Cassie apologizes again for forgetting about Bill. He tells her again that it’s ok, but he wants to know what has her so rattled. She tells him she was with Michelle, and that she helped Danny surprise her. He tells her that he wished things would’ve worked out, but he doesn’t have any regrets. Cassie tells him that he’s going to find out about it sooner or later, and that Danny is giving Michelle her dream house right now. Bill asks her if it’s the Cavendish place. He tells her Michelle has always loved that place, and she’s going to love Danny forever, and good for them for finding the happy ending.

Michelle tells Danny that he’s trying to make her fall in love with him again, and that he’s manipulating her feelings with presents. He tells her that he just trying to be romantic and surprising her since he never got a chance to do that before. She tells him that the reason she fell in love with the house wasn’t the perfect swing or the perfect windows, it was because of what went on inside. It was filled with love, and the family that lived there knew how to love and it could be seen from a million miles away. They did things together and were there for each other. Danny asks her if she thinks they can’t do that, and he tells her he did this because he thought she’d love it. She tells him that this isn’t how she wanted it.

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