Guiding Light Update Monday 3/24/03

By Naila

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Michelle receives another very sweet, romantic present from Danny – two golden lovebirds. She loves it but wonders why *he* isn’t showing up. He doesn’t even call to see if she got the gifts nor does he return her phone calls. Cassie tells her that Danny has been very busy with their new project – restoring Fifth Street. Michelle is blown away by his plans. Cassie tells her Danny loves her a lot but Michelle wonders if he is playing some kind of game with her. She asks Cassie if Danny has said anything about her and Cassie tells her he talks about crazy he is about her. Michelle is still conflicted and Cassie says it looks like she doesn’t know if she wants Danny back or not. Danny comes in, sees the pair and quickly leaves. He calls Cassie’s cell and asks her to meet him outside. Cassie tells Michelle there is a problem outside that she needs to attend to. She leaves to meet Danny, who asks her if she thinks Michelle is ready to trust him yet. Cassie says no, because Michelle is still too worried about getting hurt. Danny thanks her for her help and asks her for one more favour.

Cassie returns to Michelle and tries to make plans for the following day.


Gus has a hard time understanding what Lucia tells him. She confesses that though she did love him, she had to disappear from his life. Harley takes Alex aside so Gus and Lucia can talk and demands that Alex give her some answers… now! Alex tells her that she and Lucia were friends and everything was done to protect both mother and child. Lucia begs Gus not to be angry with her. He agrees not to judge her but he does want answers. They leave so they can speak alone.

Philip realizes that Alan’s voice activated ‘Olivia’s’ phone and he confronts Alan, accusing him of setting Olivia up. Alan denies it all and does not even understand what Philip is talking about. Philip does not care; he is through with Alan Spaulding. Alan blames Olivia for Philip’s suspicions. Philip knows that his desire to please Alan has always led to Alan taking advantage of him. Alan tells him not to turn his back on his family but Philip is ready to leave his past behind. Alex interrupts them and is hurt to hear that Philip is leaving the house, the business and, worst of all, the family. She begs him to think about the children but he thinks it’ll be good for them to finally have a father who is finally happy. Alan does not think Philip will be able to go but, when Philip turns to leave, he asks him not to go, not to let things end this way. “It’s already over.” Philip leaves.

Alan blames Alex for the troubles he has had since she returned to town; he won’t forgive her. Alex tells him it is time her took responsibility for his own actions. Alan vows to get her out of the house and the business. He is looking forward to the day when both she and Philip come crawling back to him because they have nothing. Alex promises herself that that will never happen. She calls Lloyd and asks him to bring her the drug she ordered but hoped she would never have to use.


Lucia tells Gus she would have come back had she know his parents had died. Gus wants to know who his father is. Lucia tells him it was Miguel but that he did not know Regina was even pregnant. She was afraid he would take the baby. She says Joe offered to help her in any way he could. When she learned that he and Angela were desperately trying to have a child of their own, she decided they would be the perfect parents for him. She did not tell Joe any of this until after Nicholas was born; he was just a few minutes old when Joe took him for Regina. Joe and Roy made sure that everyone knew Regina was dead. Joe and Angela begged her to remain a part of Nicholas’ life so she did, as Aunt Lucia. But after a few years, the pain of watching Angela raise him was too much for her to bear. After seeing him in the park one day with Joe, Angela and Eden, she knew she had to leave. Gus understands that there was no way for her to know about his rough childhood. She tells him she is tired and had to leave. But she will see him again… soon.


A frustrated Harley looks to Buzz for answers about Alex. She tells him Gus found his mother and she is not so dead after all. Buzz tells her Alex has not told him any of her secrets but he is certain that her love for her family is always her motivation. Harley is frustrated by what people [supposedly] do for love. She gets a call regarding some test results for Gus and takes off.

Buzz offers a distraught Lucia an ear [he does not who she is]. She asks him of he knows of any cheap hotels in town and he offers her a room at the boarding house. She accepts.


Gus meets Harley and tells her Lucia said that Miguel is his father. He cannot believe it! He was so sure the Spauldings' were more involved. Harley tells him it is a lie. She has the results of his and Danny’s DNA test. They are definitely not brothers. Lucia is still lying; Miguel is not his father.

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