Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/19/03

By Naila

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Tony takes Marah to check out Fifth Street. Marah sees a beautiful building and falls in love with its architecture. Tony informs her that he Danny and Cassie have plans to tear the building down. Marah decides that she wants to live there. She and her roommates have to move out soon anyway and this could be the perfect place for all four of them to fix up. Tony thinks the real-estate section of the paper would be more helpful to her but Marah is convinced that this is the place for her. Tony makes it clear that Danny will not allow it because tearing down the building and constructing an apartment complex is a key part of his plans. Josh shows up and tells Tony the building is a landmark and they can only make changes to the interior. Tony makes a deal with Marah. If Josh agrees to her living there, he will work things out with Danny. Marah tells Josh her plans and he finds it all very amusing… until he realizes that she is serious. When he objects, Tony says he will look out for Marah because he will move in with her [and the three other guys]. Josh tries to see the plus side to this plan but has a hard time doing so. Marah tells him she can see anything she wants because of him; he made her feel free to believe she could do anything. And she really wants this. Josh offers his support and some of his crew to check out the place. He warns them not to make him regret his decision.


Gus wonders if it’s at all possible that he is related to a family he hates. They try to piece together their information to see if their theory makes sense. Considering the amount of money that was spent all these years to cover up his birth history and how desperate Alex is to cover it all up it is very likely that she is his mother but that makes it very unlikely that Miguel was his father. This means that someone must have paid both Roy and Lucia to lie. Gus decides to pay his mother a visit.


Philip makes it clear to Olivia that he believes in her innocence and will, no matter the cost, find out who has been setting her up. Olivia marvels at how her priorities have changed so drastically. A year ago all she wanted to be the lady of the Spaulding home and now her three biggest priorities are her freedom, her child and the love and trust of a good man. Alan interrupts and asks to speak with Olivia alone. Though Philip objects, Olivia agrees to talk. Alone, Alan wonders how he and Olivia got to this point despite the fact that they made a perfect team. He tells her he still cares about her and their life and their child. She would never ever consider trying again with him, especially since she knows he is setting her up for stalking Reva. Alan says she can drop her act because Philip isn’t listening and he knows she is guilty. Olivia tells him to watch out because sooner or later he will lose everything he values. Alan tells her that was her last chance and she will regret her choice. On his way out, Alan drops his briefcase and scatters the contents. Olivia and Philip are shocked to see Olivia’s cell phone, or a phone that looks a whole lot like hers, among Alan’s belongings. They think this is how Alan made it look like she was harassing Reva and her family. Olivia wants to take the phone to the police but Philip does not think it is enough. They need more proof. Olivia leaves and Alan returns. Philip wonders why he still gives Alan the benefit of the doubt after all the pain and suffering he has caused him. Why is it he cannot give up on him? Alan says it is because he is his father and Philip loves him. Philip asks Alan to swear that he is not behind some ploy to send Olivia to jail; Alan does. Ever since he was little, Philip always saw Alan as the bad guy. It is time for Philip to take some responsibility for Alan’s failed marriage. Philip knows they were wrong but that still does not justify his actions. Alan says none of it would have happened if Philip had respected him. He says, “Philip, we do need to talk about the baby – my baby.” Philip’s cell phone starts to ring and he steps outside to take the call. He is stunned to see “Olivia” in the caller id and realizes that Alan’s voice activated the mystery phone to call him. He is sure now that Alan set Olivia up.


Regina berates Alex for breaking her promise. Alex should have contacted her the minute she learned that both the Augustinos were dead. Alex explains that she was out of the country when Joe died and, when she returned, she could not find him because Nicholas August was no more; he was now Gus Aitoro. Alex reminds Regina how badly Alan treated her and thinks it is a blessing that Gus never knew who is father was… just look at the way he treats his other sons. Gus has become a man both she and Alex can be proud of and he is happy; that should be a comfort to Regina. She cannot just forget that she saw her boy. Alex thinks she should leave well enough alone. Before they can continue Alan enters and, clearly not recognising Regina as his former lover, he introduces himself to her. Alex distracts him by discussing his health. She does not want him going to the office and neither do his doctors; Alan couldn’t care less what his doctors think. Before leaving Alan asks Regina if they’ve met before and she tells him they did when she worked at the Country Club.

Alex hopes that Gus won’t ever know the truth but Regina is sure that he will figure it out and wonders what will happen when he finds out about Alan. Alex will make sure that Gus is taken care of and offers Regina a ride back to Chicago. She will call if there are any further developments. They hear Gus and Harley arrive and Regina hides behind the curtains. Gus bursts in and tells Alex he had finally figured everything out. He asks how she could pretend to care so much about family when she let him go through so much for thirty some odd years. Alex is flabbergasted when Gus says he knows she is his mother. He wonders if Alex was ashamed of him? If she thought he was not good enough to be a Spaulding? Gus vows that he will do everything in his power to make sure that he is never like a Spaulding. Regina is tormented when Gus discusses his difficult childhood. Alex asks Harley to make him stop but she won’t because it all fits. She knows Alex won’t admit it and asks Gus to leave. He won’t and wants to know if Alex EVER thought about her bastard son! “She’s not your mother!” Regina exclaims. Gus is shocked to see Sister Lucia there and asks her if she is a part of Alex’s plan. When she says she is a very big part, Alex tries to cut in but Gus silences her. Lucia tells him Alex is not his mother. His mother is someone who has been missing him all his life. Gus realizes that she is the one he has been looking for. Lucia is his mother.

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