Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/18/03

By Sarah

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Tony is posing for Marah to do some sketches for the logo design for Eden’s business. He tells her he’s not comfortable with her getting involved with the escort service. She reminds him that she’s just designing a logo, and that it’s her first chance to go pro with her art. Then Tony tells her that this is not about her art, it’s about him.

Ben tells Eden that she lied to him about the no sex thing. Eden uses the old “you two are adults and can do whatever you want” line, and then tells him that if he’s not happy, he never has to work for her again. Then she gets a phone call.

Gus is talking with Lucia about his mother. She asks about her. Gus tells her she’s dead and so is his father. Alexandra comes in. Gus tells her that Roy told him that Miguel was his father. Alexandra tells him that Gina was his mother, and that they were really good friends. When she got pg, they had to let her go, so that it wouldn’t look bad on the family. Then Regina made Alex promise to never let Gus know who his father was to protect him from that kind of life.

Frank tells Harley that Eden has been calling like crazy trying to get a hold of Gus. Harley tells him she’s back in town. Then she asks him if anything would change between them if they found out that they really weren’t siblings.

Marina is listening to the Mole radio show. Sandy is talking about finding “Garden of Eden” in the phonebook and thinking it was a florist. Then she suggest the Mole use it for dates. After the show goes to commercial, Shayne asks Marina for water. She tells him that she’s mad for him leaving her high and dry at the country club with all those desserts. She tells him that Ben showed up and saved the day.

Eden tells Ben that Ramona called again and had nothing but good things to say about him. Ben tells her that she mentioned their meeting becoming weekly and that she’d tip extra. Eden tells him that she understands that her business isn’t for everyone, so he can go flip burgers for minimum wage. Ben tells her to tell Ramona that his schedule is flexible.

Marah has the radio show on. Tony says that even the idiots on there now that Eden’s business is shady. Then he again mentions that she still thinks that Eden hired her for her talent. She gets miffed and asks him if it’s really that hard to believe that she’s talented. He tells her she is talented, but all that Eden cares about is that she is his girlfriend and that she’s just hiring her to get closer to him. Then she tells him that even if that’s why she hired her it doesn’t matter. She still gets to work, and they are still together. Marah goes upstairs to get ready to go to lunch. When she leaves Tony calls the escort service and disguises his voice. He tells her that he needs a blonde with class that knows how to handle herself in front of important people since he’ll be taking her with him on a trip to Vegas. Eden tells “Mr. Sofa” that she has the perfect person in mind, and you can tell that she’s thinking of Marah. Then he asks if she will satisfy his needs, and Eden tells him that there will be separate rooms, and that her escorts are only obligated to provide good company. Marah comes back down as Tony is hanging up. She asks who he was talking to, and he tells her himself. Then they leave to eat lunch.

Shayne apologizes to Marina and tells her that he’s going to make it up to her. She tells him that he’s not going to have time because he needs to work on his pitching arm. She looked up his stats from summer season, and they need work. Then Jamie (from the school newspaper) come up and tells them that the buzz around the locker room is that Shayne is the man of the season. Shayne says he guesses that he is.

Frank tells Harley they are too much alike not to be related, and then asks what this is about. Harley tells him that Gus and Eden just found out that they have different parents. He asks how Gus is taking it. She tells him that Eden is the one that is a mess. Frank tells her not to feel sorry for her after all she’s done. Harley says she can sympathize because she knows how she’d feel if she found out that Frank wasn’t really her brother. Then Frank asks about Gus’s real parents.

Alexandra asks Gus what he’s going to do now that he’s a Santos. Gus tells her that it shouldn’t matter to him since she was just trying to protect his mother. He tells her he had great parents to raise him, and he could’ve had it a lot worse.

Lucia comes to see Alexandra. Alex is shocked to see her. She tells her that war is on, the security level has been raised, and she’ll tell her what that means for the borders and airports.

Jamie starts interviewing Shayne. Shayne starts rattling about other players and the coach without really meaning to. When Marina sees that his words are going to be twisted, she tells Jamie that the interview is over. Then she asks Jamie if she’s going to give Shayne her number so they can go out or what. Jamie tells her that she’s there on assignment. Marina tells her that if she doesn’t stop throwing herself at Shayne, then she’s going to the paper adviser with the scoop on her interview tactics. Jamie leaves. Shayne sarcastically thanks Marina because he thinks he had a chance with Jamie. Marina tells him she saved him from looking like a fool. Then Shayne thinks that she’s jealous.

Harley tells Frank they she thinks it’d be better if they hadn’t found out who Gus’ real parents were. He tells her good luck, and she says they’ll need it.

Gus is leaving Alexandra’s place. After he leaves, Lucia asks Alex if that was Nicky. Alex tells her not to think about it. Lucia tells Alex that she lied to her.

Eden asks Tony and Marah if they want to join her. Tony turns her down while Marah accepts. Tony goes to get some drinks. Eden asks Marah if Tony hates her. Marah tells her that everyone deserves a second chance. Eden tells her that it’s the nicest thing anyone has said to her since she got back. Eden asks her if she has the sketches for the logo. Marah shows them to her and she loves her. Eden gives Marah a card to her friend with a design company, but Marah says she doesn’t think she’s ready for that, and she leaves to go to the restroom. Eden tells Tony again that her business is legit, and that she just wants to be friends. She also apologizes for the bad stuff that she did before. He tells her that he knows this is all about him and that Marah will catch on. Eden tells him to let go of the past.

Marina tells Shayne she’s not jealous, but since he’s going to be getting some real press attention soon, he’s going to need her since she was born to be a star and handling the media comes natural to her. She tells him she’s in love with Ben and that their relationship is strictly business. Shayne asks her what she gets out of it then. She tells him that’s for her to know and him to find out.

Harley asks Gus if he got any info in Chicago. He tells her he got nothing. She has made a collage of all the clues to try to help them come up with something new, but he tells her the case is closed since Alex came clean with him. They both don’t believe that he’s a Santos, so they go over all the clues. Finally they get to the bracelet with the S on it, and come up with “S for Spaulding”.

Marina is coaching Shayne on how to handle the press with hypothetical situations. Ben arrives. Marina asks him if he got the job that he was interviewing for with the “touchy, feely” lady. He tells her he got it. She’s excited for him and wants to know all about it, but he just tells her it’s corporate boring stuff. Marina concludes that his job is to keep clients happy. Marina apologizes to him for acting like a jealous girlfriend the other day, and then she tells him she’s ‘super’ proud of him. Then he tells her that he cares for her very much, and that this new job is going to take up a lot of his time. He wants her to know that while he’s ‘working’ he’s only going to be thinking of only her. (Like that’s going to make up for what he’s doing????)

Eden tells Tony that he’s not the first to suspect that her business isn’t on the up and up. She tells them that there are weirdos out there. Then she tells him that she had someone call earlier that wanted to take an escort to Vegas, and he wasn’t happy about the separate room policy. Then she calls him Mr. Sofa. He tells her that if she ever hurts Marah or even looks at her wrong, she’s going to be sorry.

Harley tells Gus that she should’ve known that S meant Spaulding. Gus says it should’ve made sense because all the roads led back to Alex. Then Harley tells him that she meant that she only falls for Spauldings—after all she’s been married to two of them. Gus tells her 3rd time’s a charm. Then he says he thinks he may be a Spaulding.

Here’s the script from the last scene since I can’t sum it up better than this:

Lucia: I don't care what you say, Alex, I waited long enough. I have to make-up for what I let happen to Nicky.

Alexandra: But this is not the way. The secret will come out, but I have to make certain that I can protect Gus before it does. It is not time yet.

Lucia: Then when?

Alexandra: As soon as I have things in place. Gina... Gina, your son is going to be fine. No, no, trust me. Trust me. He's far better off not knowing all these years that Alan is his father.

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