Guiding Light Update Monday 3/17/03

By Naila

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Blake is not supportive of Reva and Holly doing another live show despite the fact that they are doing it to shed light on Holly’s situation and what many other people go through. There are hundreds of people out there who are wrongfully accused and this show could help them as well. Blake is only interested in protecting her mother, which Holly appreciates. Blake agrees to step back and the cameras roll. People call in to share their stories and Blake wonders if she should call to share Holly’s story. Holly tells her to keep the phone lines clear as the real stalker may call again. Blake reminds her that there has no been any calls or messages since Olivia’s arrest so perhaps Reva’s sixth sense is wrong. Reva’s who ends without any calls from the stalker. Blake then receives a phone call from Alan ‘requesting’ that she come by immediately.


Alex thanks Edmund for his help with Alan. Edmund once again questions her, asking if she orchestrated his showdown with Olivia but Alex denies it. She is simply doing what is best for Alan. Edmund tells her that he often did things that were best for Richard, but he regrets them all. Alex thinks her actions are necessary for all involved as Spaulding Enterprises was doing terribly until she came along. Edmund advises her to rethink her plan then leaves.

Blake runs into Alex instead of Alan and Alex wonders if she is meeting with Alan to discuss the upcoming board meeting. Alex tells her of Alan’s health issues and of her plans to delay the vote until he is well again. Blake thinks she should avoid blackmail this time and let the board decide.


Cassie is ecstatic that she just booked out the whole hotel for a party. Danny comes by to show her some drawings for the Fifth Street Project. She notices that he is distracted and questions him. Danny fills her in about his entire conversation with Gus. He went today to give a blood sample but he does not know the results yet; he does not know if he and Danny are half-brothers. Cassie tells him about the fund-raiser in Washington and that she refuses to go. She asks Danny for his advice and when he tells her she should go, she tells him he’s wrong! She cannot believe that he would say that she should support Edmund. He tells her he thinks she should go because this is in Richard’s memory; it is not about Edmund and she needs to acknowledge that. He also tells her that it would be fun for her to see some of her and Richard’s friends. It is time for her to move on and take a personal step for herself.

Danny leaves and Edmund shows up. He tells Cassie that the party has been moved to Springfield and, more specifically, to the Beacon. Cassie refuses but Edmund points out how good it would be for her, the children and the people of San Cristobel. Cassie thinks he is using her to validate his position but he denies this. He tells her regrets his past actions and apologizes. Cassie knows he is the same creep he always was and that will never change. Edmund tells Cassie to make a choice: refuse to come to Washington and have Tammy be angry with her or host the party at the Beacon and earn the money as well as Tammy’s endless love and respect. She tells him she will do it but not for him but for the people of San Cristobel and of Springfield. They actually share a moment when Edmund admits that he misses Richard terribly but it passes quickly.


Ed comes across the locket Danny gave to Michelle and she fills him in. He is angry to hear that Michelle may be rethinking her situation with Danny. He reminds Michelle that she almost lost her life because of Danny. When the flash bomb went off at WSPR, the first person that came to her mind was Danny… that has to mean something. Ed thinks it is just an old habit but Michelle refuses to deny her feelings anymore. Ed thinks Michelle needs to walk away despite her feelings. She points out that two of her and Danny’s biggest obstacles – Carmen and the family business – are no longer an issue. Ed reminds her that Danny kept her in the dark about his plan and made her suffer terribly. Michelle now believes that Danny’s only intent was to protect her. Bill may have been the safe choice for her but he was not the right choice [well said!]. Ed realizes he cannot change her mind and gives up trying.

Later that day Michelle tries to get in touch with Danny but gets his voice mail. At the same time, he is trying to call her but he gets a busy signal. Michelle leaves a message thanking him for the pizza and asking him to call her.


Lucia tells Gus she lied because she is not allowed to have visitors and thought it would keep him from returning. Together they talk about the last time they saw each other. Gus tells her that his father and both his mothers are dead and asks her to help him fill in the blanks. Lucia refuses and rushes off but Gus stops her. Lucia says she’d rather talk about Gus and he tells her all about his life. She tells him she knew Regina when she was pregnant with him and she moved heaven and earth to find a safe home for him to grow up in. She had powerful connections but they did not help her to hang on to her little boy. Gus wonders if she died because of him but Lucia tells him that she was diagnosed with an illness and only had twelve to eighteen months left to live. When Gus asks why Miguel, his father, did not take him when she died, Lucia gets very nervous. Gus tells her she does not need to worry about Carmen Santos, as she is no longer anyone’s problem. He also tells her how difficult it is for him to talk about a mother he never knew and apologizes for upsetting her. He knows she had to have been close to his mother otherwise she would not have kept on coming by to check up on him. She says they were very close but does not want to disrespect her memory by saying anymore. She tells him to take comfort in who he is and stop focusing on who his birth parents were because that will make no difference to him. He tells her he won’t stop and would like her to help him; he has no choice. She tells him to walk away. This mystery is better left unsolved. Gus tells her that he has no intention of stopping his search. He needs answers.

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