Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/13/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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At Harley and Gus's Apartment, Gus paces the floor and wonders what is taking Eden so long to come back with the information she promised him. Harley thinks Eden may be lying about having the information, because Eden is afraid of losing Gus as a brother. Harley warns Gus that Eden may have an agenda. Gus says he will keep Harley's advice in mind, as he continues to pace the floor. Harley worries that Gus may be letting Eden come between them, because Eden has only been back a few days, and they are already arguing with each other. Harley points out that they haven't had an argument since Eden left town.

At the Country Club, Shayne tells Marina that they can't play racquet ball because all the courts are booked. Shayne calls the waiter over, and the waiter brings an assortment of delicious desserts. Marina is puzzled, and Shayne explains that since they can't play racquetball today, he has decided they should have an old fashioned pig-out. Marina interrupts, and says that all this is very sweet but she can't join him. Shayne tells Marina she looks great, and one pig-out is not going to hurt her. Marina explains that Ben is just finishing up a business lunch and told her to wait there for him, so they could spend the rest of the day together.

At the hotel room, Ramona Hendon kisses Ben twice. Ben breaks the kiss, and says that, according to the rules of the escort service, escorts aren't allowed to have sex with clients. Ramona explains that the rules are just in place so that Eden can cover herself. Ramona tells Ben that what they do as two consenting adults is up to them, and if she chooses to give him a tip, that is her choice. Ramona gives Ben some $5 bills, and goes into the bathroom to slip into something more comfortable.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan calls and leaves a message for India to call him back to reschedule their meeting. Alexandra arrives, and Alan tells her he was talking to his accountant. Alan wonders why Alexandra is always checking on him. He tells Alexandra that he won't take any of the sedatives that she keeps wanting him to take. He needs to keep his edge, so that he can take back control of Spaulding from her at the next board meeting. Alan admits to Alexandra that he wasn't speaking to his accountant, but to someone who will help him win back control of Spaulding. Alexandra tells Alan he isn't trying to keep his edge for the boardroom, but the bedroom. She says he is still competing for his young wife against a much younger man, who can better meet Olivia's needs.

Olivia is feeling fat, and tells Philip she looks like a beached whale. Philip tells her that she looks beautiful, and she still has a great body. Olivia says that she knows her body better than he does; as she says this, both she and Philip fantasize about kissing each other. Philip asks what is on her mind, and Olivia says she'll show him what is on her mind. She grabs Philip and kisses him. Philip breaks away from the kiss after a couple of minutes, and tells Olivia they shouldn't do this because things are way too complicated right now. Olivia is upset, as she thinks that Philip turned her down because he thinks she is the stalker. She dares him to search her purse for more evidence. 

Alexandra tells Alan that Olivia was never right for him, because she is too young. She says that he only wanted to marry Olivia because he wanted to control her. Alan asks Alexandra why she invited Olivia to stay in the house, if she feels this way about her. Alexandra says she did it because Olivia is pregnant with a Spaulding child.

At Harley and Gus's apartment, Gus tells Harley to back off of Eden because he doesn't want to play referee between the two of them. Gus wonders if Harley wants him to have any family at all. Harley is deeply hurt that Gus would think such a thing. He points out that she is the one that encouraged him to search for his family, and has been helping him all this time. Harley thinks Eden is up to her old tricks, and warns Gus to be careful. Gus thinks Harley wants him to get rid of, and push away, the only person he considers family. Eden arrives with the family album, and shows Gus a blurry picture of Lucia Rinaldi. Gus explains that he and Eden thought of Lucia as an unofficial aunt, although she wasn't related to them. Gus says his mother met Lucia at church, and they became good friends. He says Lucia moved away shortly after his mother died, and they lost touch. Eden gives Gus a Christmas card Lucia sent to her a couple of years ago, which has a return address.

At the hotel room, Ben puts a match up to the hotel sprinklers, hoping the match will activate the system. Ramona catches him, and tells Ben that if he is trying to start a fire in here, she can think of a better way to do it.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip tells Olivia that he still thinks someone set her up. Olivia apologizes to Philip and blames it on her pregnancy, and feeling fat and unattractive. She says that when Philip turned her down, she just believed that Philip thought she wasn't an attractive woman anymore. She looks at Philip, expecting him to say that she is attractive. Philip laughs, and says he doesn't know how to answer that question and still keep her happy. He says he has been married before, and he knows all about pregnancy hormones. Philip thinks Alan is setting Olivia up to get his revenge, because Olivia left him on Mystic Island with no way to get home. Alan listens to their conversation from the hallway, opens a bottle of tranquillizers, and takes a pill. Alexandra watches him from her hiding-spot at the end of the hallway.

At the hotel room, Ben tries to smooth things over with Ramona, but she knows he is trying hard not to have sex with her. He tells her that he lied about having a sick aunt, and also tells her that he feels badly about having sex for money. Ben also tells Ramona that he feels uncomfortable about helping her cheat on her husband. Ramona explains that her husband knows all about her other men. She says that she loves her husband very much, but he is 25 years older then her. He works a lot, and is sometimes too tired to satisfy her needs. Ramona says that she and her husband came up with this arrangement years ago, and ever since then they have both been much happier. Ramona tells Ben that when she makes love with her husband it's about love and commitment, but when she has sex with other men it's just to satisfy her physical needs. She says that the reason she pays to sleep with men is so they won't confuse things and think it is a deeper commitment. Ben asks Ramona why she chose him, and she replies that he is a great companion; he is smart, charming and sexy. She tells him to think about it, and let her know. She also says that she wants to make this a weekly arrangement. She tells Ben that Wednesday afternoons work best for her, and then she leaves.

At the Country Club, Shayne says he doesn't want to be a third wheel, and will leave. Before he goes, he gives a waiter his full name and tells him to put Marina's lunch on the Lewis family tab. Shayne repeats his name so that the waiter won't forget, and leaves. However, the waiter is told by another waiter to take over a table for him, and forgets to do what Shayne asked him to do.

At Harley and Gus's apartment, the phone rings and Harley answers it upstairs. Gus tells Eden she will always be his sister, for better or worse, and they hug. Eden heads for the door as Harley comes downstairs. Eden says good-bye to Harley, and asks Gus to tell Lucia she said hello. Eden then leaves. Gus apologizes to Harley for being testy with her earlier. Harley tells Gus she should apologize to him.

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip pours himself a drink.  Alan walks in, and tells Philip to help himself to anything that is his - just like he helped himself to his wife. Philip tells Alan that Olivia isn't his wife anymore. Philip accuses Alan of setting Olivia up to be Reva's stalker as a form of revenge. Alan is angry Philip could think such a thing about him, while never doubting Olivia for a second. Philip tells Alan that as soon as Olivia's court ordered stay is finished, he will get Olivia out of the house. Alan says that won't happen if Olivia's child is his. Philip says to just watch him, and walks out. Alan shouts that he still has rights, and he opens the bottle of pills again.

At the Country Club, Marina gets tired of waiting for Ben and gets up to leave. The waiter comes over, and says she can't leave without paying her check. Marina explains that Shayne Lewis called a waiter over and told him to put it on his family's tab. The waiter asks which one Shayne spoke to but Marina doesn't see the him anywhere. The waiter threatens to call the police, and they get into a very loud and long argument.

At Harley and Gus's apartment, Harley admits to Gus she is jealous of Eden, who may be able to give him the missing piece to his family puzzle, despite only being back in town a short time. Harley tells Gus that she wanted to be the one to find the missing answer for him. Gus tells Harley she is his answer every single day. They kiss, and head out the door to Chicago to find Lucia.

At the Country Club, Ben arrives, and hears the loud argument between Marina and the waiter. Ben calms Marina down, and she explains to him what happened. Ben tells the waiter to put Marina's lunch on his account. The waiter says he can't do that, because Ben's account is in arrears (which means he can't use the account anymore as he owes a lot of money.) Ben pulls the waiter aside, and to get his account out of arrears hands him the $5 bills that Ramona gave him earlier. He then tells the waiter to charge Marina's lunch to his account. Ben goes over to Marina, and says he paid the bill. Ben says he will get the money from Shayne later. Marina wonders how Ben paid the bill, if he doesn't have any money. Ben says he got paid today, and tells Marina she asks too many questions. They kiss, and Ben tells Marina he wants to spend the rest of his pay check on her. She asks if he can afford it. Ben again tells her she asks too many questions.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia wants to order dinner for both her and Philip, so they can watch a video in her room. Philip decides they should go out to dinner. Alexandra finds an unconscious Alan in a chair in the study, and an almost-empty bottle of pills on the floor.

In Chicago, Gus knocks on the door of the school where Lucia used to teach. A woman answers, and Gus explains that he is looking for a woman who used to work there. He says that she may know something about his family. The woman asks Gus for the name of the lady he is looking for. When Gus says Lucia Rinaldi, the woman gets a serious look on her face. She apologizes, and says she can't help him. She then shuts the door on Gus and Harley.

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