Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Naila

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Back Home:

Gus is trying to convince himself that Roy is a liar, but Harley convinces him to go out and find out the truth. She tells him she’ll be fine without him for a while. He again tells her that there’s no way that Miguel Santos is his father, but Harley tells him he should prepare for that just in case it’s the truth.

At the Country Club:

Ramona and Ben are making small talk when Ben mentions Mr. Hendon, but Ramona tells him that they don’t do much of anything together and they both like it that way. Across the room, Shayne and Marina arrive. Marina is very surprised they let them in dressed like they are.

At the Beacon:

Cassie tells Danny & Tony that Marah is inside so Tony won’t need to call her to join them. Inside, Marah and Eden are finalizing their business deal when Tony walks in and tries to stop them. Marah tells him she’s just designing stationary and business cards for her, but Tony is still suspicious since most legit businesses hire agencies for this type of thing. Eden tells Marah to give her a call when she has everything ready and then leaves. Tony tries to convince Marah that Eden is working something here, but Marah tells him that it’s good for her to get some experience outside the classroom. Marah tells them she has lunch plans with her dad and then leaves. Danny asks Tony how things are with him and Josh. Tony tells him things are fine. Danny says that’s good because their success will depend largely on that.

At the CC:

After spotting Marina, Ben tells Ramona that the menu is a little more than he bargained for, and asked if they can go somewhere else, but Ramona says she’s picking up the check. Ben tells her he meant the foods all seem a little rich, and he’d like something lighter. Ramona tells him they’ll have the chef make him whatever he wants. Marina and Shayne are talking baseball, and Shayne is impressed with all that she knows about it.

At Harley’s:

There’s more talk about how Harley doesn’t care who Gus really is because she loves him for him, not for who his parents are. (Haven’t we heard that enough already??) The doorbell rings and it’s Eden. Harley invites her in, but Eden thinks it’s a trap. Harley tells her they have been investigating the case, but Eden tells her she doesn’t care about boring cop work. Harley tells her that they found out that Gus really isn’t her brother.

At the CC:

Shayne is trying to convince Marina that she’d help him out if she would come to his games. Ramona and Ben are talking about the opera. Ben tells her he saw it a few years back in London. Ramona says he’s a man after her own heart and excuses herself to the ladies room. Marina spots him, and calls his cell phone. He tells Ramona it’s a business call and excuses himself so he can talk to her. He tries to convince her that it’s business, and she shouldn’t come over to say hi. Then he asks her what she’s doing there with Shayne. She tells him they came to play racquetball since someone else was too busy for her. Ben apologizes to Ramona and asks where they were. She says they were waiting for lunch, but she can’t wait for dessert.

At the Beacon:

Tony tells Marah and Josh he has some news. Josh asks if they need to be left alone, and Tony tells him the news if for him. Cassie tells Danny that she could’ve talked to Josh, but Danny says that he wanted to let Tony do it. Cassie leaves to pick up some info on gov’t grants.

Gus comes to talk to Danny, and suggests a toast. Danny asks what they are toasting, and Gus tells him brotherhood.

Edmund arrives to talk to Cassie, but she tells him to leave a message at the desk because she’s in a hurry. Edmund tells her that he’s the new ambassador to San Cristobal. Cassie tells him that he’s not fit to pick up Richard’s dirty socks, let alone fill his shoes. Edmund tells her that he is there on business, and his first duty as ambassador involves her and Richard.

Marah is very excited about the new project, but Josh is hesitant. He thinks there’s a lot of risk and a whole lot of money involved.

Danny asks Gus what kind of brotherhood are they toasting to, and Gus tells them theirs. Danny thinks he’s joking, but Gus explains everything. Gus tells him that every lead has come back to the same thing—that he’s Miguel’s kid. Then Gus asks Danny if he can tell him it’s not true. Danny says he can’t.

At Harley’s:

Eden doesn’t believe what Harley has told her. Harley tells her that Gus can tell her the whole story, but the bottom line is that Gus was adopted and Roy Baker confirmed it. Then Eden questions whether she’s adopted, but Harley tells her she is Joe & Angela’s child. Eden tells Harley that she has won, but Harley tells her that Gus needs Eden right now. He just found out his whole life is a lie, and he needs something from the past that is the same, and that is Eden.

At the CC:

Shayne leaves to go check on their racquetball court. Then she calls Ben again. She tells him that he deserves better than this, and that his "boss” is looking at him like a piece of meat. He tells her that he deserves a fat paycheck, and she’s going to ruin it for him if she keeps butting in. Then he tells her that he’ll finish up and then spend the rest of the day with her. He tells Ramona that his aunt is really sick and he has to go help her. Then he tells her not to worry about the check or anything. She says that life happens and not to worry about it, but she would like a ride back to the Beacon.

At the Beacon:

Edmund tells Cassie that he wants to have a living memorial to Richard on San Cristobal. Cassie is appalled. Edmund asks her to come to Washington with him to the event. She tells him that it would just be to make him legit, but he tells her it would be to honor Richard. Cassie tells him that he isn’t fooling her and she’s not going to help him scam people into giving him money. Edmund tells her she’s wrong, and he’ll prove it.

Josh tells Tony to send him everything he has on the project, and he’ll look over it to see if they are interested. Then Josh heads back to the office. Marah tells Tony that this thing is awesome.

Danny tells Gus that he has no idea who Miguel fooled around with, so he can’t prove him wrong. He asks Gus if there’s anything that says it’s not true. Gus tells him mainly his gut. Then Gus says that they could do a blood test, and that could prove that they aren’t brothers. Danny laughs at the thought of Gus wanting his blood, and Gus jokingly says, “What’s new?” Danny agrees, and Gus says he’ll set everything up at the hospital.

At the CC:

The waiter asks Marina if she wants anything else, and Marina asks for an iced tea with lemon, and Ben’s head on a platter.

Ben drops Ramona off, and apologizes again for his “sick aunt”. She tells him that’s ok, and then gives him his tip. Ben tells her no, but then takes it anyway. Then she tells him to come on in.

At the Beacon:

Danny tells Cassie that things went well with Josh. She asks him what’s wrong since he looks like he just saw a ghost. He tells her that Gus was there. Then he asks her why she’s back so fast, and she tells him she ran into the new US Ambassador of San Cristobal, Edmund. Then Danny tells her that Gus my have found a brother.

At Harley’s:

Gus tells Harley that Danny agreed to do a DNA test to rule out that they are brothers. Then Harley tells him that Eden is back. She tells him that she didn’t kick her out of the house because the stuff with Phillip and Zach is over. Then she says that she’s still not her favorite person, but she is his sister. Gus says she was his sister. Then Harley tells him that nothing has changed. Then Eden tells him that if he wants her to go, she will. Gus tells her no. She tells him she’ll always be his little sister, and she offers to help find his birth parents. Gus tells her that he appreciates that, but there’s no way that she could know who they are. She tells him that she thinks she might know who has the answer.

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