Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/11/03

By Sarah

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At the pool house:

Marah wakes Tony up. He tells her he was dreaming that she came in and told him she was going to spend the day in bed with him.

At Josh & Reva’s:

A radio show is playing on the radio. It’s the Mole. Josh says that Marah switched the station on him because he hates that show. He figures out that she’s at the poolhouse with Tony and wants to go get her.

Outside Company:

Ben stops by to see Marina, and when she asks about his new job, he is VERY elusive. Then she suggests they have lunch together, but he turns her down when Eden shows up with more work. She tells him that his date from last night was VERY satisfied.

At the Beacon:

Cassie is giving Danny a hard time about being so secretive about the new project. He tells her the time is right and they talk about how Cassie needs needs a better reason to get into this project than just being the front person.

Back at Company:

Ben and Eden are talking about his date and how she was so much more “mature” than him. He said that people were staring at them. Eden tells him that she is one of the youngest clients, so if he’s having a problem with the age thing, this might not work out. Then Eden gives him his pay, and he is thrilled with it for just dinner and the opera. Eden mentions that she needs to call Ben’s date to cancel for today since she wanted to see him again. Then Ben says he’ll see her.

At the Beacon:

Danny tells her that he wants to redevelop the Fifth Street area of town so that it will be a living, working thriving part of Springfield again. They go into details about what all Danny has in mind. Cassie asks if he realizes how much this would cost, and Danny tells her that’s were she comes in because they’ll need government funding. Cassie finally agrees to be a partner.

At Josh & Reva’s:

Reva stops Josh from going to the pool house since more than likely he’d walk in on Tony & Marah. Josh says he can’t even sleep at night. Reva thinks that it’s more than Marah & Tony making him not sleep. She thinks it’s Olivia. Josh says that there seems to be a pattern with his ex’s wanting to hurt his family. Then Reva says that he is probably having a hard time trusting people, and that could be why he is trying to control the situation with Marah & Tony. Reva tells Josh that if he trusted Tony enough to be her bodyguard, then surely they can trust him with Marah.

At the Pool house:

Marah tells Tony that the dream sounds nice but it can’t happen in her parent’s pool house. She tells him that Danny is coming over to see him and she has class, so they have to get moving. She tells him that she’s thinking of having a showcase at the charity event at the country club to showcase her designs. Marah leaves. Outside, her cell phone rings, and it’s someone asking her to meet them at the Beacon. Then she’s in the living room at the main house listening to the Mole radio show. It gets into the stalker situation. Josh comes in and shuts off the radio. Marah gets pissed and leaves threatening to move into the Carriage house with Tony. Josh leaves, and Reva turns the show back on to listen.

At Company:

Buzz answers the phone and it’s Frank. He tells him he hasn’t heard from Harley and that upsets Buzz. Marina and Shayne are listening to the Mole on headphones when Ben comes in. Marina suggests they go have some fun since she’s almost off work, but Ben tells her that something has come up.

At the pool house:

Danny comes to see Tony They talk about how it’d be great not to have their name associated with their pasts. . He tells him about the big rehab project for Fifth Street. Tony LOVES the idea. Tony can’t wait to tell Ray about it. Josh knocks on the door. He asks if they are busy, and Tony tells him they were actually on their way to a meeitng and suggests they get together later.

At the Beacon:

Eden starts to ask Cassie if she has seen Marah since they were supposed to meet, but Marah walks up behind her and interupts. Eden tells her that she’s threw chasing Tony and she’d like to start over. Marah is VERY suspiceous of her.

Outside Company:

Reva suggests a story to Holly. It’s Holly’s story about being wrongfully accused. Reva tells her it has all the elements of a great story except for a happy ending. Holly tells her she’s not good at happy endings and tries to walk off. Reva tries a different angle on her. They finally make up and go into Company to talk about the ratings for the show.


Marina tells Ben she just doesn’t get this new job of his. He tells her he’ll explain as soon as things slow down a little bit. Marina tells him he’d better make it up to her. Ben leaves. Shayne comes over and tells her she missed the end of the show. Marina is down, and tells Shayne she’s had enough fun for today. Shayne tells her that’s impossible, and they should do something since they are both off of school.

At the Beacon:

Marah tells Eden they’ll just see how this whole not being enemies things goes. Marah drops her notebook (with her sketches in it) when she tries to answer her phone. Eden sees the sketches and tells her they are good. Eden tells her that she needs stationery and business cards designed for her business if she’s interested. Marah wants to know what her business is, and she tells her an escort service. Marah suggests that she is a Madam, but Eden tells her that it is strictly ligit. She has bodyguards to follow the dates and everything.

Outside the Beacon:

Tony and Danny show up to celebrate with Cassie. She suggests if they are going to party, they should invite Marah. Tony starts to call her, but Cassie tells him that she’s inside. Tony is puzzled about why she is there.

Ramona (Ben’s date) shows up to see him. Ben apologizes for being late. She tells him she had a wonderful time last night. He asks her if she wants to go inside, but she says she’d rather go to the country club.


Shayne suggests they go to the country club since his family has a membership. They could play raquetball, swim, have lunch, whatever. They decide to go.

Holly and Reva are talking about the ratings when Buzz comes over with coffee. They notice he’s sad, and ask what’s up. He said he was supposed to hear from Harley, but he hasn’t. He’s hoping she’s on her plane on her way home. Reva tells him that it’s a long flight from Germany, so he shouldn’t worry. Buzz said he never said anything about Germany. It seems Reva is having more “second sight” episodes.

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