Guiding Light Update Monday 3/10/03

By Naila

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Ben meets Marina and tells her he has a new job and that he is on his way to making all his money back. She tries to convince him that the money is not what matters to her. He tells her that it is not just about the money; he needs to be respected and he is not getting that at Spaulding. He does not have a lot of details about his new job though. Buzz has some concerns about this new job. When Ben leaves, Buzz tries to cheer Marina up by taking her out to a movie. Before they can leave, Shayne arrives but Marina tells him they’re closed. Buzz tells her they can’t turn him away because they didn’t put the sign up. Marina is amused that Shayne thinks he’s something special in baseball but Buzz sets her straight. Shayne is really good and could go pro before he’s even legal; scouts have already started checking him out. When Marina tries to talk baseball with Shayne, he makes fun of her and her interest in Ben. He quizzes her and is surprised by the extent of her knowledge. Marina wants Shayne to prove what he’s got. They make a bet. If Marina wins (Shayne’s not good) then he has to buy her Cubs’ tickets. When she does, he says he’s still a winner because he gets to go to the game with her. Marina says she’s taking Ben, not him. Shayne can’t believe he pitched so badly and wages another bet; if Marina wins again he’ll buy all the popcorn, hotdogs and etc’s that she and Ben want. Shayne striker her out!


Eden makes arrangements for Ben’s first night on the job. He arrives, ready for a night out and asks Eden exactly what he needs to do. His date for the evening, a married woman, is looking for a good time… but no sex is involved. Ben is apprehensive but when she flashes the cash, he agrees and introduces himself to Mrs. Hendon.


Philip seeks advice from Rick regarding Olivia’s situation. Rick tells him that, despite his feelings for her, he cannot protect Olivia if she is guilty.


While Alex makes arrangements for her, Olivia searches for a lipstick. Her search is interrupted by Alex, who has made sure that Olivia will be as far away from Alan as possible while she is in the house. Alan comes in, demanding to know why she is in his house. Alex tries to keep him clam and explains that she posted bail for the pregnant Olivia. When Alan throws yet another insult her way, Olivia tells him about her night with Philip (which occurred after he “play Russian roulette” with her birth-control pills). Alan thinks she’s lying to him again and when Alex says the thought must have crossed his mind, he tells her that even though they both wanted to punish him, neither would cross that line. It wasn’t about him! Philip admitted that he loved her and she loves him and THAT is why they made love. Her mistake was marrying him when she knew she had feelings for Philip. She married him because of the heart attacks and then he went and tried to get her pregnant. Alan says everything he did led to her having a baby she wants so everything he did was right! [I cannot even think of a word to use to describe this poor excuse for a man!] Philip rushes in and Olivia tells him that Alan knows everything. Alex demands that they stop because Alan should not be agitated; Philip says that Olivia shouldn’t be either. He tells Alan that he will do everything he can to protect Olivia and the baby against Alan. Alan tells Philip that he is a pathetic excuse for a son and his need for revenge has cost them all dearly. Now it’s Philip’s turn to make it clear that what they did was about them, not him! Mr. Centre-of-the-universe-Alan “knows” that it was. Alex gets Alan out of the room and makes sure that he takes some medication to help him calm down.

Philip makes sure that Olivia is all right and promises to take care of everything because they are in this together. He understand that the past few months have been difficult for her and knows what it is like to lose yourself in all that anger. She tells him she is done with Alan and is not looking for revenge or anything else from him. He admits he is talking about Reva. He shows her the lipstick he found. He knows she lied to him because she was afraid but she does not need to be cause he will help her. Olivia tells him to go to hell. She admits that she lied on an impulse because she felt cornered but that she is not the stalker. She apologizes for lying and says it’s been proven in the past that people don’t believe her even when she is telling the truth; but maybe she was right to trust her instincts because Philip seems ready to lock her up. Philip wants her here and the baby is only one reason why he wants that. She tells him she has no reason to want revenge on Reva now. She hoped that the one thing she would never lose was the belief that Philip knew her. When he told her how he felt about her, it was a perfect moment for her. He said that he could see her and, as much as it scares her, she knows it’s true. He has to know that she wouldn’t do it. She can handle being up against the rest of the world but she cannot handle fighting with him. Philip backs off and she vows to prove her innocence by finding the person who’s framing her. And she believes that it is Alan.


Harley and Gus track Roy down. Before they enter his room, Harley does her best to try and calm Gus down. Gus is looking forward to finding the answers to all his questions. They go into his room but, before they can ask any questions, an orderly enters. Harley tries to tell him she is Roy’s niece but the orderly does not understand her. She spots a crossword puzzle in Roy’s chair and tells Gus, who tells her he’ll ask the orderly to give her a tour. What he really tells the orderly is that his “easy friend would like to show him a good time”. Harley is escorted out of the room, leaving Gus to try and pull some answers out of good ol’ uncle Roy. Gus tells him to stop playing games and give him some answers about his parents. Roy does not drop the act so Gus forces him to… by dangling him over the balcony! Roy promises to tell Gus everything. When Gus lets him up, Roy tells him that what he almost did just now – like a criminal who would do anything he had to get what he wanted – reminded Roy of Gus’ real father. Roy is surprised that Gus figured so much out by himself – Gina was his mother; Joe and Angela could not have babies of their own so Joe decided to take Gus home. From the day Gus was born, Joe spent every moment trying to protect him. Protect him from his real father – Miguel Santos.

Harley tries to get Gus to talk about what he’s feeling but he doesn’t know what to say. She tells him that he can talk to Danny about this; they’ve both come a long way with each other. Gus won’t tell Danny anything because Roy was lying to him and he will prove it!

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