Guiding Light Update Friday 2/28/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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At the hospital, Rick asks Olivia where the pain is. She points to her stomach . Rick tells her to stay calm, and take slow, deep breaths. Philip assures Olivia that the baby will be fine, and takes her hand. Rick orders him to leave. Philip tells Olivia he will be right outside and leaves, while Rick begins to examine Olivia.

At the television studio, Harley and Gus make sure everything is safe and secure for Reva's live show. Harley tells Gus she is sorry they had to postpone the trip to Germany, because she is sure he would much rather be gathering information on his mother. Gus says it's okay, the only thing that is important is catching Reva's stalker. Frank talks to the crew about the security measures that they will have to take for the show. He tells everyone to leave the building, and come back in to be searched one more time before the show. Frank tells everyone that the yellow passes are for the specially invited audience. Every member of the audience must show a yellow pass, as well as a picture ID, to get into the show. Frank says the audience must keep the pass with them at all times. Harley tells everyone to keep their eyes open and be suspicious of everyone. He tells them to trust no one, because the stalker could be anyone. Harley tells the crew to report any suspicious people to a cop.

At the Lewis house, Josh arrives and startles Reva who is deep in thought. Josh asks Reva if she is sure she wants to go through with this, because she still has time to call it off. Reva says that she is scared and nervous, but one way or another the stalker mess will be over. Someone watches Reva and Josh but we don't know who, because all we see are a pair of eyes. Reva tells Josh that Shayne is going directly from practice to the studio. Reva also says that Shayne found the person he and Billy had guarding him at school, and he wasn't happy about it. Josh says that Marah is with Tony at the TV studio, because he wanted to be there early to check things out. Reva says that Tony has really stepped up and helped them during this whole mess, and she feels safer knowing he is around. They step outside, but Josh forgets his security badge and goes back in the house to get it while Reva waits for him. Holly arrives, and, despite protest from the policeman guarding the house ,Reva agrees to talk to her. Holly says she heard about the live show. Reva offers her an invitation. Holly gets very defensive and asks why, so the police can watch their prime suspect? Reva tells Holly that if she is at the show the police will know she isn't the stalker. Holly gets angry and says that she won't be at the show. Holly tears up the invitation .

At the TV studio, Frank supervises, as members of the crew go through the metal detectors and get searched. Harley asks Marah how she is doing. A nervous Marah says she is fine. Tony tells Gus he is Reva's personal bodyguard during the show. He opens his jacket and shows Gus a gun, and asks Gus for permission to carry it into the studio. Gus refuses to allow a gun in the building. Tony tries again by saying that Marah is very nervous, and he promised her that he would take care of Reva. Gus again refuses, and says that if he will hand over the gun he will give him an all access pass.  Tony can then go anywhere Reva goes in the building. Tony hands Gus the gun. Harley tells Gus that Marah is really nervous. Gus says of course she is nervous and scared for her mother. He says that he would be nervous and scared, if it were his mother in this situation. Harley again apologizes if this situation is making him think of his mother. Gus puts Tony's gun down and leaves it unattended, while he and Harley go check things out one more time.

At the hospital, Rick tells Philip that Olivia and the baby will be fine. Rick asks Philip if he knew Olivia was pregnant. Philip tells Rick that Alexandra told him the news. Philip also tells Rick that the baby is Alan's. Rick says he will be getting off soon, and he could stay if Philip needs to talk. Philip tells Rick that he doesn't need to stay, he will be fine. Rick tells Philip that Olivia has been asking for him, but to wait a few minutes before he goes in. Olivia talks to her baby, and says how happy she is that the baby is okay. Olivia tells the baby that her life is a roller coaster, so it had better strap itself in for the ride. Olivia promises the baby that no matter what happens, it will always come first. Philip comes in, and asks how Olivia is feeling. Olivia says she was feeling nervous and scared, but she feels better now. Olivia says she didn't know she could get attached to a little person so quickly. Philip says babies will do that to you. Olivia tells Philip this could be his baby, but she won't be able to find out who the father is for a few months.

At the TV studio, Tony and Marah go over every inch of the studio to make sure everything is in place. Marah admits to Tony that she is worried that something will happen to her mom. Tony promises Marah he won't let anything happen to Reva. Tony tells Marah that everything will be all right. Marah says she trusts Tony, and if he says things will be okay, they will be okay. Tony and Marah hold each other and share a kiss, while the stalker watches them. Frank explains to Josh that they will have surveillance cameras on Reva at all times, as well as cameras on the audience. The cameras will be set up in the studio control room, where trained police will be watching. Harley explains that police will also be taking the calls that come in to the show. Josh goes down to see Reva and the kids. Reva makes small talk, and asks how school is going ,but Marah and Shayne remain quiet. Tony tells Reva and Josh that the studio is secure. Reva's producer comes to get her. Reva makes it clear that this show isn't about ratings, but a matter of life and death for her and her family. Reva says that they will do everything the police tell them to do, including letting the police tell them what camera shots they should take. The stage manager comes to give Reva a production schedule, and Tony goes with Reva to do a lighting check.

At the hospital, Philip tells Olivia that Alexandra said that Olivia would say anything to make him think this baby was his, including manufacturing DNA test results in order to trap him. Olivia comes clean with Philip, and tells him she considered tampering with the test results to make Philip the father of the baby ; but she couldn't do that to him. Olivia tells Philip that Alan switched her birth control pills for sugar pills. Olivia also says that she left Alan on Mystic Island without a way to get back, so she could have time to push the divorce through without interference from Alan. Philip tells Olivia that Alan isn't just going to go away. Olivia tells Philip she wants him to claim the baby as his own. Olivia also tells Philip that she had a miscarriage, and she would never be able to have children. Philip says Alan deserves what he gets after what he did to her.

At the TV studio, Cassie arrives, and says she wishes Reva didn't have to go through this mess. Cassie also feels like it's her fault that the stalker is after Reva because of what Reva did for her and Richard. Cassie and Reva say they are both looking forward to when they can have a normal sisterly relationship, without either of them being in a crisis.  Cassie says that she will be in the audience if Rev needs her, and goes to take her seat. Reva goes on stage, and thanks the crew on behalf of her and her family for all their hard work to help catch her stalker. Josh watches Reva on the cameras in the control room. Josh goes down to the stage with Marah and Shayne. Marah tells Reva she is very brave. Shayne and Josh also think Reva is brave. Marah tells Reva that no matter what happens, she will always have her family and friends. Josh, Marah and Shayne leave to give Reva her space. Marah admits to Josh that she is worried the stalker will always be one step ahead of them. Josh promises his kids he won't let them down. Holly hides in the studio.

At the hospital, Olivia says that even if Philip decides not to claim the baby, she won't let Alan be a part of her baby's life. Olivia says that she will leave town if she has to, but she won't let her baby be involved in another Spaulding war. Philip says he will help protect the baby from Alan, but he isn't sure he can claim the baby without knowing for sure he is the father. Philip offers to take Olivia home, and he leaves to see about her release papers.

At the TV studio, Billy talks to Josh, and wonders if this plan will work. Josh says that he isn't sure it will work either, but they have to do something to try and stop the stalker.  While they are talking ,Josh sees Holly. Billy leaves to take his seat. Josh asks why Holly is there, because Reva told him she tore up the invitation. Holly shows him the audience pass, says she thought about what Reva said, and decided to come to the show. Things get rather loud as Josh and Holly talk, and Ed arrives. He  takes Holly's hand, calms her down, and leads her to her seat. Blake arrives, and wonders why Holly is there. Holly says that maybe if she is there and the stalker does something, everyone will see she isn't the stalker. Blake thinks Holly sounds like she wants something ugly to happen. Josh goes up to the control room, and tells Frank to keep a surveillance camera on Holly at all times. Tony says he will keep an eye on Holly from the studio. When Reva is being lead to the stage Tony notices something that looks like a bomb, and shouts, "Hold it, don't move!"

At the Spaulding mansion, Philip arrives with Olivia ,and despite protests from Alexandra, says that Olivia will be staying at the house as his guest. Philip tells Alexandra about Olivia's scare with the baby. Alexandra offers a sarcastic congratulations to Olivia about the baby, and leaves. Olivia tells Philip that it will be such fun staying there with Alexandra. Philip says that Alexandra is just upset, because she thinks Olivia is trying to trap he and Alan. Philip says Alexandra will get over it. Olivia says that Alexandra thinks she (Olivia) eats her young. Philip tells Olivia that it doesn't matter what Alexandra thinks, Olivia will be a good mother.

Tony points at the bomb, and everyone in the studio scrambles to protect Reva . Tony shouts that he has got it and he runs out into the hall with the bomb. We see Tony go into a little room, and then we see an explosion.

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