Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/27/03

By Eva
proofread by Norman

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At Company, Harley sits in a booth waiting for Gus. Gus arrives, sits down in the booth and demands to know why he had to postpone his trip to Germany. He also wants to know what happened in Chicago. Olivia calls the house and asks Nolan if she can talk to Mr. Spaulding. Nolan asks Olivia with which Mr. Spaulding she wishes to speak. Olivia tells him she wishes to speak to Philip. Nolan looks over at Alexandra and then he tells Olivia that Philip hasn't arrived home from New York yet. Philip enters the room and asks Nolan if the phone call is for him. Nolan looks at Alexandra, and then back at Philip. Nolan then tells Philip that it is Olivia. Philip takes the phone and he tells Alexandra to stay, because he wants to speak to her after he gets finished speaking to Olivia.

At the Police Station, Josh tells Frank about Reva's plan to smoke out her stalker, by doing a live call-in TV show. Josh also tells Frank that the stalker threw a brick through the window of their house last night. Josh asks for Frank's help, because they need the 911 emergency operators to run the phone banks for the live show. Frank thinks the plan is a long shot, at best . He also thinks it will be impossible to get the Chief to agree to tie up the 911 emergency phone system.

At the TV station Reva meets with Mr. Lowe, the temporary station manager, to try and sell him on the idea of a live show. Reva says she is angry that Mr. Lowe stabbed Holly in the back by firing her from the station. Reva also tells him she doesn't think Holly is the stalker. Mr. Lowe admits he doesn't think Holly is the stalker either, but given the situation he thought it was best Holly take a little vacation. Mr. Lowe asks Reva about the Spaulding story she was working on. Reva says she has put the story on hold in favor of something else. Reva tells Mr. Lowe that if he wants her back on the air, he will have to do things her way or no way at all. Reva shows Mr. Lowe a long list of things she will need for her live show.

At the Lewis house, Marah brings some boxes and things in from the pool house. Tony arrives, and Marah explains she is moving some of her things out to make room for his things. Tony notices Marah carrying a painting. Marah tells him not to look at the painting. Tony playfully gets it a way from her and looks at the painting. Tony tells Marah that the painting is pretty good, and he is going to hang it in the pool house to brighten up the place. Marah tells him to stop kidding around, she painted the painting when she was 12 years old. Marah tells Tony that he said the same thing about the painting that her mother used to say to her. Tony says that he and Reva just happen to agree about the painting. Marah gets an annoyed look on her face, and says that Tony and her mother seem to agree on a lot of things lately. Tony asks Marah if she is still upset that he thought Reva's plan was a good idea. Marah says yes, she is upset, because she is worried that something will go wrong. Tony tells Marah that it is a good plan, and nothing is going to go wrong. Marah tells Tony she is upset that her mother always has to ask for more trouble.  

At Company, Harley carefully and slowly searches for the right words to tell Gus about the body. Gus gets annoyed with Harley's stalling, pounds on the table and calls her Cooper. Harley explains to Gus that she exhumed the body because she knew it had to be done. She wanted to spare him the pain of doing it himself. Gus reluctantly says thank you to Harley, and asks when the DNA tests will be performed on the body. Harley tells Gus that there was no body inside the casket. Gus gets a very disappointed look on his face, and says they are back at square one. Harley tells Gus she thinks someone set them up.

At Company, Olivia speaks to Philip on the phone. She asks what him time he got home from New York. Philip says it was earlier this morning, and asks why.  Olivia asks him if has seen anyone else this morning. Philip replies no, and again asks why. Olivia says no reason, and tells Philip to meet her at Company as soon as possible; they need to talk. Philip says he can meet her in one hour.

At the Spaulding Mansion, after Philip hangs up the phone he asks Alexandra why she didn't want him to speak to Olivia. Alexandra tells Philip that Olivia is pregnant. Alexandra also tells Philip it's not his baby.

At Company, Sam arrives, and asks Olivia if the message she left on his answering machine is true - is she pregnant? Olivia says yes, it's true . Sam asks her if she is happy, and adds that Alan must be walking on cloud nine. Olivia tells her brother that Alan doesn't know about the baby. Sam figures out that Philip might be the father of the baby. She gets frustrated, and asks Olivia why it always has to be so complicated between her and men. Sam says that eventually the two possible dads will want to know who is the baby's father; because they are Spauldings they will sue her, and force her to do a DNA test on the baby. Olivia tells Sam she intends for her baby to have the best possible father, and that isn't her husband. Olivia says she will do anything she has to do, even if she has to change the DNA test results.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra tells Philip that Olivia will try to make him think he is the father of her baby, in order to trap him. Philip doesn't believe anything Alexandra tells him. Alexandra shows Philip a log book for the Spaulding jet. The log book shows that both Olivia and Alan used the plane, but only Olivia came back to Springfield. Alexandra thinks that Olivia has done something to Alan. Philip says that none of what Alexandra is saying makes any sense.

At the same time, at the police station, Frank refuses Josh's request to use the 911 phone system, because it is too expensive. At the TV station,  Mr. Lowe refuses Reva's request to do the live show also because it is too expensive. Josh offers to pay the expenses, and begs Frank to reconsider his decision. Frank tells Josh he will talk to the Chief. Reva tells Mr. Lowe that the station manager at WTPO has agreed to her terms, and is more then happy to do the live show. Reva gets up to leave but Mr. Lowe stops her, and says that he is sure they can come up with a way to get the show on the air. Reva sits back down, and we see both her and Josh on a split screen. They both say let's get to work.

At Company, Gus and Harley decide to go to Frankfurt, Germany together to see what information they can find. They are in the middle of making plans when Gus gets a call from Frank, who tells him that he and Harley are needed at the station. Gus and Harley postpone their trip and leave to meet Frank at the station. Olivia tells Sam  that Alan switched her birth control pills with sugar pills. Sam gets upset that Olivia is considering changing the DNA tests to show that Philip is the father of Alan's baby. Sam is so upset and frustrated that he storms out.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra tells Philip that he will believe anything Olivia says, because he wants to be the father of her child. Alexandra says that ever since Philip was a little boy, he has doubted his self worth except when it came to being a father. Alexandra says that Olivia knows this about him, and that is how she will win. Alexandra says that it is a shame, and walks out leaving a speechless Philip behind.

At the Lewis house, Reva talks to Josh on the phone. Josh tells her he got the go- ahead from both the Police Chief and Frank. Reva tells Josh to thank Frank and the Chief  for her. She says she will thank him personally when he gets home. Reva hangs up the phone and Marah arrives. Reva tells Marah the plan is progressing full speed ahead. Marah tells her mother that she is scared something will go wrong. Marah says Reva is always looking for trouble, and wants Reva to call off the plan. Reva refuses to do so. Marah says maybe there is another way to catch the stalker. Reva says that there may be another way and she may be making the wrong decision, but she has no other choice.  

At the hospital, Philip stops by to talk to Rick. Philip tells Rick he needs him to answer a question for him, so he can decide if he should go to the place he is going next. Rick jokes, and says that he has no money to give him today. Rick turns and sees the serious expression on Philip's face. Rick says he is sorry, and tells Philip to ask his question. Philip asks if Rick thinks he (Philip) is a needy person. Rick laughs, and says Philip has got to be kidding him, he is one of the least needy people he knows.  Rick guesses that Philip will be going to meet Olivia.

At Company, Olivia nervously waits for Philip to arrive. One of Olivia's employees from the Beacon arrives with Olivia's divorce papers, and a sonogram picture of her baby. Olivia tells the employee to wait while she signs the divorce papers, so she can give them to the lawyer. The employee sits down to wait for the divorce papers. Olivia gets a pain in her stomach and screams for someone to help her.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra gets a call from someone telling her that Reva is promoting a new show. Alexandra scrambles to turn on the television ,and tells the person to call her when they have more information. Alexandra hangs up the phone.

At the Lewis house, Reva admits to Marah that she is afraid. However, it's the kind of fear that compels her to do something and not to give in to the irrational fear that the stalker wants her to feel. Tony arrives, grabs the remote, and tells Reva the station is running a promo for the live show. Josh also arrives, and they all sit and watch the commercial. We also see Alexandra watching the commercial on her television. Then we see a hand with a black glove on it, turn up the volume to watch the promo from an undisclosed location.

At the hospital, Philip explains to Rick that he wants things in his life to be easier then they have been lately. Philip and Rick's conversation is interrupted when paramedics burst in with Olivia on a gurney. She is holding her stomach and crying "It's my baby, it's my baby!"


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