Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/26/03

By Naila

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Reva and Josh try to squeeze in some romantic time but Shane interrupts. Shane tells them someone broke into his locker and left something behind – a sweatshirt that reads “DIAL MOM FOR MURDER”. Reva wants to put a stop to all the craziness. Just then, someone throws in a brick, which has the message “STONING IS TOO GOOD FOR YOU”. Unfortunately, the police have no idea who it was and few leads to follow. Reva is certain that they will not find any evidence to help them catch the stalker. She is fed up of feeling helpless and does not want to wait for ‘him’ to slip-up. She is ready to “get in his face”. They call Marah, Cassie and Tony over and let them know that it is time for them to take charge, to lure the stalker out and catch ‘him’ when ‘he’ makes a move. She wants to go LIVE on television and have people call in; she’ll do as many shows as it takes in order to flush this person out. Marah, Shane, Cassie and Josh are all against the plan because Reva could be hurt. Reva is convinced that this it their only option and that it is worth the risk. She is certain that Holly is not the culprit and will not think otherwise. She knows that Holly made some mistake in the past but she was ill then; now she is all right and would never put her friends in danger. Reva will not let the stalker force them to be suspicious of every person they have ever known. Tony finally speaks up. He supports Reva and thinks the plan should be carried out sooner rather than later. They need to act on it and Tony will be by her side throughout the whole thing. Marah is 100% against it and refuses to let Reva bring any more chaos into everyone’s lives. She will not support her mother on this. Josh defends Reva’s actions and offers his support. They begin making plans for Reva’s LIVE broadcast. [I hope the remember to tell the police!]


Gus cannot gain access to the old Chicago PD files so he heads back to Springfield to question Alex again. Harley decides to stick around because she needs to “do some digging”. After he leaves, she calls Frank who is waiting for an exhumation order to come through. He and Buzz arrive and Harley fills them in on the latest happenings. Frank then receives a call from the judge – the order went through.


Edmund tells Alex that he may no longer be of service to her. He has received a call from Alonzo and expects an offer to be made. Alex wonders if Edmund will still keep their deal if he stops ‘working’ for her and Edmund assures her that he will. He proves himself to be trustworthy when he hides to bracelet from Gus, whose entrance surprises the pair. Edmund leaves and Gus demands answers. He tells Alex he’s had enough and it is time for him to know the truth and he will. Roy has come out of his coma and contacted a relative to come for him. He has also accused Alex of kidnapping him. Gus is on his way now to meet with Roy. When he ‘leaves’, Alex places a call, unaware that Gus is tapping into the call and acquiring the phone number dialled. Alex asks Roy’s doctor why she was not informed of the change in his condition and is happy to hear that Roy is still in a coma.


Gus makes plans to see Roy in Germany. Marina tells him that Harley called Buzz and he took off to meet her. Alex storms in, demanding to know what kind of game he is playing. She asks again that he trust her and stay away from it all. Gus will not do it because he needs to know who he is. Alex says she is done trying to protect everyone but, before she can say anymore, Edmund pulls her outside. There, he tells her that Alonzo has pardoned him and he can return to San Cristobel. Alex reveals that she made a few phone calls and recommended Edmund as an ambassador for San Cristobel. She is grateful to him and he is to her.

Gus asks Marina again about Harley’s call to Buzz and she reveals that Frank went too. Gus calls Harley.


Harley, Buzz and Frank all go to the cemetery where the coffin is being dug up. When they raise it, Harley wonders how a woman who was [supposedly] broke and alone, could afford such an extravagant burial; the coffin even needs a combination code to be opened! Harley receives a call from Gus but she ignores it and continues trying to get the coffin open. She will not leave without a DNA sample. When she gets another call from Gus, she takes it, while Buzz tackles the combination. He tells her he plans on going to Germany but she asks that he wait for her to come back before he goes anywhere, so they can talk. Buzz cracks the combo and they open the coffin. It’s empty!

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