Guiding Light Update Tuesday 2/25/03

By Sarah

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Some of this could be a little off since I'm writing it from the transcript instead of the tape of the show.

At the Mansion:

Olivia is looking for her divorce papers when Alexandra comes in. Alexandra asks Olivia if she's looking for a souvenir of her time with the Spaulding's, but Olivia informs her that she is just after her divorce papers. Alexandra is surprised that she is going ahead with the divorce since the last time she saw her she was headed to meet Alan to reconcile.

On an island:

Alan wakes up from his drug-induced sleep to find himself alone with no way to get home. Then Alan hears Olivia talking (possibly could be reading a letter from her). She says that their love is gone and so is their child and their future children. He took all of that away when he switched the birth control pills. Then she tells him he can just sit and think about what he's done.

At Company:

Lizzie waits as Beth comes in from parking the car. They talk about Lizzie dying her hair, and how Phillip didn't come back with them (he stayed in NY). Lizzie is very distracted, but blames it on adjusting to the new school. Buzz says it's nice to see her back and goes to make her a "Lizzie Meal"--whatever that is. Rick talks to Beth and insinuates that something is starting back up with Phillip. Beth tells him that she thinks he's a total jerk.

At the gravesite:

Gus tells Harley they've hit a dead end, but that's not going to stop him. His mind is going a million miles a minute with all the things that could be the next step, but Harley tells him to slow down and have some time with his mom. Gus "talks" to his mom and tells her about his life and about Harley.

Back at Company:

Rick is still teasing Beth about getting back with Phillip. Then she asks him if he has talked to Phillip lately and if he knows what's been bugging him. They both assume that it's Olivia that has been on his mind, but they don't know for sure. Beth couldn't ask on the trip because Lizzie was around .

At the Mansion:

Olivia asks Alex to help her find her divorce papers. Alex asks if she's leaving the Spaulding's or just Alan. Olivia tells her that it's none of her business, but Alex says that they are stuck with her since she is carrying a Spaulding baby. Then the paternity question comes up again.

On the island:

More of the letter or whatever it was from Olivia--It says that her and Phillip are probably having brunch in bed right about now, and that they'll need to eat to get their strength back up so they can jump back into bed. No protection is needed thanks to Alan, and she says she'll never have children again thanks to him. She ends the letter by telling him she'll come back for him some day. Ben then makes his appearance asking if it's a bad time for Alan. Apparently, Alan made arrangements for Ben to come there just in case anything like this happened. Alan tells Ben he has to get out of there, but they have to make another stop before heading back to Springfield.

At the Mansion:

Olivia and Alex continue to argue. Alex accuses Olivia of being a gold-digger. Then Olivia blames Alex for tearing apart the family and that if she had only told Olivia about Alan faking his heart attack then none of this would have happened.

At the Hospital:

Mel and her mother run into Dr. Grant. Mel mentions that she heard about the deputy chief position opening in the ER and she thinks Rick would be great for it. Dr. Grant says they aren't considering Rick because he's not back to 100% yet, but they are considering another Bauer. Mel assumes it's Ed, but Dr. Grant says they really want her to take the position because it would be great for her career. After Dr. Grant is gone, Rick shows up and asks how they are doing. Rick tells them he wanted to talk to Dr. Grant because he thinks that Mel should apply for the ER position. Mel says she'd never take a job like that.

At the gravesite:

Gus and Harley are still trying to figure out what Alexandra is hiding from them. Gus discovers that only the top layer of dirt is loose on his mother's grave and concludes that it wasn't dug up last week, and therefore there couldn't have been a test run to see if he was her son.

At the hospital:

Rick tells Mel that he's fine, so she shouldn't pass on this opportunity because of him. She says that she likes her life and doesn't want to change anything. After Rick leaves, Felicia tells Mel to stop acting like a child and take the job. She thinks that Mel is not considering the job because she thinks that it'll make Rick feel bad if his wife is doing better than him.

At Company:

Olivia runs into Lizzie and takes about two seconds to ask her about Phillip. Beth joins in the conversation and happens to mention that she went with Phillip to get Lizzie at school. She tells Olivia that it was a nice family outing for them.

Alexandra comes in to talk to Buzz. He tells her to tell Harley what she wants to know. Alex says she can't and that it's not that simple. Buzz asks her if this huge secret is really making the world a better place and who is benefiting from not knowing it. Alex seems to be puzzled and not sure what she's really hiding the secret for now.

Olivia tells Beth that it was probably good for Lizzie to have both parents come to get her. Beth agrees and says that Lizzie deserves it after the year she's been through. The conversation moves to how great a father Phillip is and that his motivation is to not end up like Alan. Olivia thanks Beth for the talk and heads out.

In Chicago:

Gus and Harley go to see Gennaro (the one that supposedly did the DNA testing last week). Gus & Harley pry a little, and Gennaro tells them that he saw the "favor" through personally, so there couldn't have been a mix up. Gennaro also tells them there was no name on the grave, just a marker. After Gus and Harley leave, Gus tells her that Gennaro is lying through his teeth, and they have to find out why.

At the doc's office:

Olivia's doc tells her that Dr Nichols is the paternity expert and they should set up a meeting. Olivia says it's not necessary anymore because she was confused, but now she's for sure in her mind who the father is.


Gus tells Harley that he doesn't want Regina's body exhumed now, and that she should work on the bracelet lead while he works on something else. Harley calls Frank and Buzz to ask them to come help her. She wants to do the DNA testing without Gus knowing that the body was disturbed. Frank tells her not to worry about a thing--he'll take care of this one.

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