Guiding Light Update Monday 2/24/03

By Naila

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Michelle reluctantly lets Danny come in. He asks her if she and Bill are having problems and she tells him things were moving too fast so they decided to take it slow and see where it goes. Danny thinks that a person would do that if she was not in love; perhaps she is in love with someone else? Michelle tells him she just does not have time for a relationship right now but Danny thinks it is more than that; he thinks their conversation from the day before affected her more than she is willing to admit. She cannot discuss Bill with him and Danny is glad because he does not want to hear about her and Bill. She tells him Bill is *everything* a woman could want; everything except, he is not Danny. Danny wonders if it was hard to admit she still has feelings for him and Michelle says it was because all she wants to feel is relief that it is all over. When Danny says he knows that relief is the last thing she feels, Michelle says a part of her will always belong to him, but they have moved on, or at least she has tried. She has tried so hard to forget their bad times as well as their good times so she could adjust. He knows she cannot forget what they have and that is why it didn’t work with Bill and that is why he cannot even look at another woman. “Even Cassie?” she asks. “No! There is one woman on this earth for me and that is you.” Michelle tells him he has to stop and he says he will if she can tell him that she does not love him. Michelle turns her back on him and Danny approaches her and she gives in to a [long overdue] kiss. After a while, she pulls away. Danny tells her that he will always regret betraying her trust and causing her grief and misery and making her think he was dead. He understands why she turned away from him but promises that he will never hurt her again. Michelle admits that what she is afraid of is that she will hurt him. Danny tells her that the only way she can hurt him is by denying her feelings for him. Michelle cannot deny that but she thinks she may be protecting herself from herself. She judged him harshly as though she would never deceive anyone she cared about and then turned around and hurt Bill. She may love him but she is not in love with him. He ended his relationship with Beth because she let him believe that something could happen for them. Danny thinks that Bill will get over it but Michelle knows that does not make it right. She hurt Bill because she was not strong enough to walk away from him. Danny thinks she is the strongest woman he knows and that she has suffered way too much. Now, they can make their dream of being a normal family come true. He’s out of the family business and Carmen is no longer a factor. Michelle cannot make any decisions until she knows what she wants. Danny agrees to give her some time and space. He will still come by to see Robbie and will be there for her if she needs him. He tells her not to be afraid of their love and not to waste anymore time.


Tony is discussing construction with a workman when Marah rushes in, clearly upset. She tells him the stalker got her phone number and called and that whoever it was recognized her voice right away. Tony does not want Marah going back there; he thinks she would be a lot safer if she moved in with him. Marah thinks it would be better if he moved in with her but Tony does not think he can protect her there. Marah says she can’t leave everything because she still has school [is homework not allowed in Tony’s house?]. Tony just wants her to be safe, not put her life on hold and he thinks the Santos estate would be the safest place. Marah cannot live in that house so Tony suggests renting an apartment together. This idea, Marah likes.

Bill and Ed run into each other. Ed is meeting Holly for lunch and Bill is looking for Ben. Bill tells Ed that he and Michelle just broke up and Ed is very sorry and also surprised that it didn’t work. When Bill says he is surprised too, Ed realizes that it was Michelle who called things off. Bill says they were moving too fast for her but that he thinks he would have been good for her. Holly arrives and Bill excuses himself. Ed tells Holly about the break-up and that he is worried that Michelle cannot get over Danny; it is like she is addicted to his dark and dangerous life [so much for Ed being open-minded; can he not see how far Danny has come?!] Ed tries to reassure Holly that once everything blows over she will be able to return to work but Holly wonders if it is time for a change. Ed does not think she needs to change anything; he thinks she is incredibly brave. She should let those who love her be there for her but Holly thinks the past has finally caught up with her and it is time to pay.

Bill leaves a message for Ben and Marina overhears. She tells him that Ben is away on assignment but that she is available if he needs someone to talk to. Marina is shocked when he tells her that Michelle broke up with him. She begins to wonder if it is really true that couples that have a hard time in the beginning, who have to fight to be together, stand a better chance of survival. She suggests that she help him get back in the dating game, right after she helps Frank.


Reva is anxious to smoke the stalker out of hiding but Josh is worried that the situation may become even more dangerous. Reva won’t back down; she wants to do it live on television so all of Springfield can know what this person is up to. She is hopeful that someone may recognise his voice if he calls and/or be able to give them a clue about his identity; it has to be better than waiting for him to get to them. Josh is too worried that the family will be at greater risk. But Reva has had enough. Everyone’s lives are in chaos thanks to this stalker. They need to end this now. Josh finally agrees but insists that the whole family know what is going one and be ready because they won’t know what to expect once they make their move. Marah and Tony arrive and tell them they want to move in together undercover, until the stalker is caught. Marah says it won’t be that different from her current living situation (living with three guys) but Reva begs to differ. They understand that Tony wants to protect Marah but they want Marah to live at home. Josh says they can live together… if they stay in this house! Both Reva and Tony are shocked and think there is a catch. Reva will not allow Marah to sleep in the same bed with Tony under this roof but Josh thinks that this is the safest place; it is already under surveillance and she would be surrounded by family too. Tony, of course, will stay in the pool house. Tony agrees and goes home to pack. Reva tells Marah that Tony deserves credit for making a decision that would make everyone happy. She then tells Marah to be very quiet when she sneaks out to visit Tony at night and to make sure that warm slippers are not her only protection.

Josh and Reva are thrilled that their little girl is back home.


Harley and Gus continue to discuss his mother’s case. Harley has made arrangements for Forensics to blow up the picture of Gina to the can get a better look at the bracelet. Gus sort of hopes that the bracelet is just a cheap knockoff because, if it is the real thing, then it is very likely that she would have gotten it from Miguel Santos. Harley doubts that he would have let her die in a slum if he was that close to her. Gus wonders if she was not the sweet Italian girl they think she was; maybe she was just a common thief. After all, nice girls don’t end up in slum houses. They leave for Chicago because Gus needs to see where she was buried.


The headstone reads, “REGINA TESSORI – A PROMISE KEPT”. The grave keeper tells Gus and Harley that “she doesn’t get many visitors” then leaves them. Harley is about to leave too but Gus tells her that he needs her with him; he ‘introduces’ her to Regina. Then he introduces himself, “I’m Gus. I’m your son.”

Harley and Gus ask the grave keeper about the upkeep of Regina’s grave and learn that money is wired every month to take care of the site. Unfortunately, he does not know who the money comes from. Gus and Harley wonder what “promise” was “kept” and decide that Roy is the man with all the answers. They NEED to find him.

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