Guiding Light Update Friday 2/21/03

By Eva

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At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra asks Nolan where Alan and Philip are. Nolan says that Philip went to visit Lizzie at school and Alan is with Olivia. Alexandra says that she has the house to herself.

At the Lewis house, Cassie arrives for the family meeting and Tells Josh and Reva Billy will be arriving soon but he stopped off to pick up Bill.

At Bill's house, Billy asks his son how things are going with Michelle but Bill refuses to talk to his dad about the situation.

At the Bauer house, Michelle remembers almost making love to Bill and the big fight they had. Rick arrives and seeing the look on Michelle's face wonders what is wrong. Rick asks MMichelle if she and Bill have plans for later. Michelle refuses to talk about it and she cries and tells Rick she isn't sure if she and Bill are friends anymore. Rick holds Michelle while she cries.

At Company, Zach and Harley arrive to celebrate Zach's good check up with a sundae. Buzz asks Harley how the search for Gus's mother is going. Harley tells him that they think Gus's mother worked as a nanny for Philip when he was a child. Harley also tells Buzz that there is a possibility that Miguel Santos is Gus's father. Buzz wonders how it will effect Harley if Miguel Santos is Gus's father.

At the Bauer house, Rick wants Michelle to talk about her problems with him but Michelle tells him that this is not a problem she feels comfortable talking about with him. Rick says to give him as much or as few details as she feels comfortable telling him. Michelle tells Rick she and Bill had a big fight and it was her fault. Michelle thinks that Bill thinks Michelle is using him to get over Danny. Michelle admits to Rick that she isn't sure if what Bill thinks is true or not. Rick says that she and Bill had a lot of fights when they were younger and they always found a way to patch things up. Rick advises Michelle to give it some time and then try to work things out with Bill.

At the Lewis house, Marah arrives for the family meeting alone because Tony is at a business meeting. Marah tells everyone that she got a call from the stalker at the carriage house. Josh asks her if she could tell whether the voice belonged to a man or a woman. Marah says she couldn't tell because the person was whispering and the voice was distorted. Mariah tells everyone the person told her time is running out.

At Towers, Danny tells his manager to make sure that when the restaurant opens the chefs don't cook with peanut oil because many people are allergic to peanuts and he wants to avoid a possible lawsuit. Gus arrives while Danny is talking to the manager and he waits for Danny to finish his conversation. After the manager leaves Gus congratulates Danny on his new business. Danny quickly tells him its a legitimate business. Gus thanks Danny for letting him borrow Miguel's business records. Gus tell Danny that the records were hard to understand. Danny says that that is the way the records are supposed to be. Gus asks Danny if Carman knew about any of Miguel's girlfriends. Danny says that Carmen may have known about a few of them but his father had so many girlfriends it was hard to keep track of all of them. Gus congratulates Danny again on the new business and tells him he is making a wise decision not using peanut oil in the food for the restaurant because he (Gus) is one of the many people allergic to peanuts. Danny says Miguel was also allergic to peanuts.

At Company' Harley tells Buzz it wouldn't matter to her if Miguel Santos was Gus's father because she loves him no matter who his parents turn out to be. Buzz advises his daughter to find out as much information as she can so she can be ready for any unexpected surprises. Buzz offers to talk to Alexandra to see if he can get any information about Gus. Buzz thinks Alexandra may be more willing to open up to a friend. Buzz also tells Harley that a family like the Spauldings is bound to have lots of pictures of the family when they re children and since Gus's mother worked as a nanny she might be in old pictures. Harley thanks her father for having such a brilliant idea by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Then Harley runs out of Company.

At the Beacon, Ross and Blake wait for Holly to arrive so they can discuss her lawsuit against WSPR. When Holly arrives she asks Ross if he thinks she has a case. Ross tells her she has a strong case. Blake says that a lawsuit may make things worse because she will have to talk about her history of kidnapping children. Holly remans determined to go through with the lawsuit.

At the Lewis house, once Billy and Billy finally arrive Reva begins the family meeting. Reva tells the family that they think the stalker scanned all the family numbers from her personal address book. Josh tells everyone to change their phone numbers and just to be safe not to give them to Reva. Reva tells everyone just to call her when they want to speak to her. Reva takes everyone to the kitchen for coffee and cake while Josh and Billy stay behind to talk. Bill asks Cassie about her relationship with Danny. Cassie tells Bill that she and Danny are just friends and business partners. Cassie also tells Bill that she thinks Danny and Michelle aren't through with each other yet.

At the Bauer house, Rick tells Frank that he is thinking about staying out of Michelle's romantic life. Rick says that he was trying to give her romantic advice earlier to steer her in the direction he (Rick) wants her to go. (towards Bill) but he is afraid his advice might lead Michelle in the opposite direction. (towards Danny) Frank tells Rick he should point Michelle in his direction. Rick says don't even think about it.

At the Spaulding mansion, Harley tells Nolan she wants to pick up some of Zach's clothes and pictures from Philip's childhood. Harley leaves and Alexandra arrives because she thought she heard someone in the house. Nolan tells her that Harley arrived to pick up some of Zach's clothes and pictures of young Master Philip. Alexandra tells herself that Harley is a good detective but she (Alexandra) will have to take care of this herself.

At the Bauer house, Frank tells Rick he would make the best brother in law. Rick says may December Romances never work and uses Bill and Beth as an example. Frank tells Rick about asking Beth out and being turned down. Rick tells Frank to stay away from Michelle.

At the Lewis house, Cassie tells Bill she doesn't want him to get caught up in Danny and Michelle's relationship. Reva tells everyone that Shayne is at school. Billy offers to pull someone off security detail at a construction job and have him watch Shayne at school. Reva turns down Billy's offer. Reva tells everyone Holly is a stalker suspect but Reva doesn't think Holly is the stalker.

At the Beacon, Ross tells Holly that he needs a copy of all the mail WSPR has sent to her. Ross is interpreted by a call from the police station. Ross tells them he is sure his client can account for her whereabouts an hour ago and hangs up the phone. Ross asks Holly where she was an hour ago. Holly says what the stalker again. Ross nods his head. Holly tells Ross she was in the car on her way to meet them. Blake thinks Holly should stay at their house for a while. Hollly tells her she can baby-sit the kids when Holly sees the look on Blake's face she says you don't trust me with the kids you think I am capable of being the stalker. Holly gets up from the table and storms out.

At Towers, Bill tells Danny he has decided not to take the job. Danny says that both he and the bank want Lewis Construction for the job. Bill says he can still use Lewis Construction but Danny will have to find some other way to Push Michelle's buttons because he quits then Bill leaves. Cassie says that maybe it is for the best because the situation with he and Bill was awkward. Danny apologizes because his personal life has messed up their business. Cassie tells him there is no need to apologize. Danny tells Cassie he wants to be a good partner to her and he says he will fix the mess he caused. Danny leaves as Cassie Shouts where are you going.

At the Spaulding Mansion. Alexandra offers to make copies of Philip's pictures for Harley. Harley agrees and hands the pictures to Alexandra. Alexandra tells Harley to tell Gus to concentrate on his future not his past. Harley listens to her nods her head and thanks her for offering to copy the pictures and leaves.

At the Lewis house, Holly arrives to talk to Reva, Despite the protests of the policeman guarding the door Reva lets Holly in. Holly says Reva is a brave woman because she isn't afraid to be alone with her.

At the Bauer house, Michelle puts her coat on and gets ready to head out the door. When she opens the back kitchen door to leave she finds Bill standing there. Michelle apoligizes to Bill for what happened. Bill says there is nothing to apoligize for and he doesn't want her to cut out a piece of her heart. Michelle tells Bill that as his friend she would tell him that he is too good to take all this from his girlfriend. Michelle says as his girlfriend she wants a second chance. Bill tells her to work things out with Danny. Michelle tells Bill she wasn't playing with him. Bill tells Michele to take care of herself and leaves. Michelle closes the door and leans against it and lowly sinks to the floor. A few minutes later she hears a knocl on the ffront kitchen door Michelle picks herself up off the floor and answers the door to find Danny.

At the Lewis house, Holly tells reeve that even Blake has doubts as to whether she is the stalker. Holly aalsotells Reva she was fired from WSPR and she intends to Sue the station. Josh arrives from taking Marah home. Holly tells Josh and reeve that she isn't afraid to face them and tell them she didn't harass Marah. After Holly leaves Revas says she has to find a way to draw this creep out so she can make things stop.

At Company, Gus tells Harley Miguel Santos was allergic to peanuts just like he is. Harley tells Gus she went to the Spaulding mansion and managed to sneak out a blurry picture of his mother. Harley hands the picture to Gus and he looks at it. Gus says we have to figure out how she died with such an expensive Bracelet on her wrist and who gave her the bracelet. Gus says he prays the bracelet wasn't given to her by Miguel santos. As Gus says these words we see Alexandra holding the Bracelet.

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