Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/19/03

By Naila

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Bill has a meeting with Billy to discuss the new project with Danny. Daddy can see there is a problem and wonders if Bill took on this job because he felt he had to prove something. Bill says that that is not true. When Billy asks about him and Michelle, Bill says things were good until last night. Before he can further explain, Beth [now sober] walks in. Billy tries to get his mind back on work but Bill excuses himself and joins Beth. There, he tells her that he cannot argue with anything she said because it was all true, though he does wish she didn’t do it in front of Michelle. He never took the time to acknowledge how he mistreated her. He apologises and she accepts [sort of]. He tells her he wants to stop himself from doing something like that again. Beth is sorry and blames her tirade on anger and intoxication. Bill tells her his night was ruined but it was his doing, as he does not want to make those same mistakes with Michelle. He does not want to keep hurting people he cares for. He did a lot of thinking the previous night and feels that, just like him and Michelle, she and Philip have the past and fate on their side. She assures him that there will never be anything more between him and Philip but he advises her to ‘never say never’.


Alex is surprised to find Philip at home. He tells her something came up and his trip was delayed, but he does wonder why she is so anxious to get him out of town. Alex says she is just worried that Lizzie will be disappointed if he cancels. Philip is doubtful and tells her he is not interested in her, Alan or Olivia; the newlyweds will try to work things out and that is fine with him. He has no intention of cancelling on Lizzie and advises Alex not to stir-up too much trouble while he is gone. Alex assures him that one day he will understand she has a reason to be concerned; he wonders if he will even care.


Dr. Sedwick tracks Olivia down to report that she has a lab analyse Olivia’s pills because she thought there was something odd about their appearance. She was shocked to learn that they were nothing but sugar and encourages Olivia to take some action. Olivia assures her that she is definitely going to consider *all* her options. She still has a lot to sort out including what to do with this newfound information. Dr. Sedwick wishes her luck and leaves. Olivia calls Alan and tells him they need to talk and that they should be alone – at Mystic Island; Alan will head over there and send the jet back for Olivia. Olivia makes plans to have a seaplane pick her up after the plane drops her off. She then dreams up two possible outcomes for this rather complicated situation. First, Philip confesses all to Alan and admits that he is the father of Olivia’s baby. He does not care that Alan has stripped them both of all that is theirs; they have each other and all that matters is their new family. Second, Alan and Olivia have no more secrets; she knows about the pills, he knows about her night with Philip. As Alan spoils his wife and new baby, Philip drops by with a gift for the new sibling. He tells Olivia that, after seeing that little baby, he is certain that they did the right thing by putting their feelings aside. Afterwards, one thing is crystal clear to Olivia – the baby must come first. Later, Alex shows up and demands to know what Olivia has planned (she knows Alan reserved the jet for her).


Danny comes by to pick up Robbie and finds Rick there instead of Michelle. Rick tells Danny that the babysitter has Robbie and is waiting for him at the park. Rick tells him Michelle is out but Danny can tell that he is lying. He becomes angry that Michelle is avoiding him and says if this is the way she wants it, he can make it so that he was never there. Michelle comes down and finds a note from Rick telling her everything went well. She turns around though and is surprised to see Danny sitting in the kitchen. He did leave but decided to come back and talk to her. He tells her they can’t keep playing games with each other and that they need to stop… now. He knows that she is jealous when she sees him with Cassie (he apologizes for taking advantage of that) just as he is when he sees her and Bill together. He believes Michelle is using Bill to make him jealous and to keep a barrier between them. Michelle is appalled that 1) he thinks so much of himself and 2) that he thinks so little of her. Bill has always been an important part of her life. Danny cannot believe that even she thinks their connection can be compared to her connection with Bill. Michelle says she and Bill are more connected that he knows. When he asks her if they’ve slept together she avoids answering, which proves to Danny that he is right. She is having a hard time because, as much as she may want to, she cannot stop loving him, just as he cannot help but love her. He knows she had Rick meet him earlier because when she sees him, she wants to be with him but there is a part of her that does not think that is what is best for her. Michelle finally breaks and admits that she is still in love with him, will probably always love him, and that everything he is saying is true. Danny grabs her and kisses her (on the neck) then asks her why she is fighting him. It’s because loving him *scares her to death*. Danny admits that he is scared too because he knows that if she gives him another chance, it will be his last one. Despite all that, he wants to go for it and thinks she should too because they are “meant for each other”. In the last four years he has seen her grow into an even stronger, more incredible woman in spite of the trauma (which she could have done without). He knows she does not want to be hurt again and that is why she is with Bill, because he is safe. “Bill’s a nice guy, but he’s not me”. As scared as he is to have another chance, he is even more afraid to live his life without her. It is all or nothing with him, just like he knows it is with her. He “wants it all again” and thinks they “deserve it”. They are a lot better together than they are apart. Michelle drops her shield [kinda] and tells him she does not want to fight with him anymore. As he moves in to kiss her, the door opens and in walks Bill [hasn’t this guy ever heard of knocking!]. Bill hopes he is interrupting. Danny tells him they are talking and asks him to come back later. Bill thinks leaving would be a mistake but Danny tells him staying would be an even bigger mistake.


Philip meets Rick and informs him of his trip to Alston. Rick is curious about the dramatic change in Philip from a few weeks ago when he was so excited to tell Olivia that he loved her. Philip tells him he finally came to his senses and realized he should not have crossed that line. Rick knows Philip well enough to know that he hasn’t stopped caring. Philip’s feelings and Olivia’s feelings do not matter; what matters is that Alan is his father and he cannot take away what is most important to him. Rick asks him if he thinks Alan deserves to have a son like Philip. He warns Philip that it is obvious to Alan that Philip still cares for Olivia and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Rick suggests that Philip either leave town or fight for Olivia because he knows Philip cannot deny his feelings forever. Beth arrives and Philip tells her about his trip. Beth asks to join him and Philip leaves to make flight plans. Rick wonders if Beth interest in this trip has to do with Lizzie or if maybe it has something to do with Philip. Philip returns and, before leaving for the airport, tells Rick that something major would have to happen to change things for him and Olivia.