Guiding Light Update Monday 2/17/03

By Naila

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Gus looks on as Harley reads Zach a story. He tells her it makes him think of his birthmother and how she never had the opportunity to do those things with him. Harley is about to fill him in when the doorbell rings; it’s Philip. Gus tells Philip he was about to put Zach down for the night but if he wants to, he can do it. Philip says it’s all right and Gus heads upstairs with Zach. Philip tells Harley he just wanted to see how Zach was settling in and that he is sorry for coming by, unannounced. Harley knows that he is used to seeing Zach every night and also knows how difficult it is to stop. She thinks they can both be bigger people for Zach’s sake and invites him in. Philip sees the book she was reading to Zach and finds the title familiar; he’s never seen the book though. He tells her he had an Italian nanny when he was little, who used to tell him all about the old country. One morning he woke up and she was gone; he assumes Alex got rid of her. Philip is curious when Harley presses him for details but Harley tells him it is just because she is curious and also because it’s been a while since they’ve talked so nicely to each other. Philip tells her that Reggie T. was his favourite nanny and also his first crush. Alex was involved and not Alan because she was around more and was like a second mother to him… “How things change.” Harley comments that “Reggie” is an odd name for a woman and Philip says he called her that because he couldn’t pronounce her real name. Gus returns and Philip leaves. Gus wants to know why Harley was trying to get information out of Philip about his nanny. She tells him she may know who his mother was. Harley tells Gus the truth about Roy’s transfer and about Alex’s involvement and about the “Gina” clue. She apologizes for keeping this from him and says she was worried because Philip had just given her custody of Zach and also because she didn’t want him to get his hopes up in case it was a dead end. But now, if Philip’s “Reggie” is really “Regina” then she could be the “Gina” Roy was trying to tell her about. They may be able to crack this case now. The go over the books he got from Danny and Harley finds something – small weekly payments made to the Santos’s from “R.T.”, who lived in the same building in Chicago; payments which stopped the week their Jane Doe was found. Harley wonders why she would move out of the Spaulding mansion to live in the slums and Gus suggests that she was kicked out because Alex didn’t want a “knocked-up nanny taking care of Master Philip”. They try to put the pieces together but Alexandra’s involvement is still the biggest question mark. One thing that Harley is sure of is that Alex is afraid of something *big* and that is why she is trying to cover all this up.


Alan tries to reach Olivia but she is not answering her phone. HE leaves her a message, telling her to contact him as soon as she can. Alex overhears and tells Alan not to press the issue; he tells her to butt out. She tells him that just because Olivia swooned does not mean that she is pregnant but Alan is certain that she is and, if Olivia continues to deny it, he will take great pleasure in letting the world know that she is carrying his baby… especially Philip. He tells his sister that he has proof that Olivia is carrying a Spaulding and she speculates that it could be another Spaulding could be the father. Alan tells her that Philip admitted that he would never go so far as to sleep with his own father’s wife [Did I miss that?]. This baby will be a new beginning for them all. This child will be a true Spaulding, like Philip and Alan-Michael could never be. Alex knows that he is more interested in rubbing Philip’s nose in the fact that he, Alan, won. Alex tells him not to push Olivia. If she is pregnant, she will need her own space to deal with the situation. Alan does not take her advice and she gives up. He leaves the room and runs into Philip, who confronts him about the Proxy. Alan tells Philip he did not set anything up and that it was all just a misunderstanding. Philip warns Alan that he will be watching him. Olivia leaves a message for Alan but Alex deletes it [all for the good of the family!]. She then calls Lizzie and tells her that Philip is missing her a lot. She then suggests that Lizzie invite her dad for a visit but to make it seem like it was her idea. Alan comes in as she is hanging up and asks who called. She tells him it was Lizzie and Alan is disappointed that it was not Olivia.


Olivia finds Beth drinking. Beth tells Olivia that today is not just Valentine’s Day; it is also her birthday and the anniversary of two of her weddings. In spite of all that, she is alone yet again. She asks Olivia if Philip gave her anything (after talking about the two children he gave her) and Olivia says she doesn’t know yet. Olivia calls a cab to take Beth home but Beth says she has no one to go home to and will, therefore, spend the night doing whatever she pleases… including heading over to the bar at Towers. She tells Olivia to join her but Olivia passes. Beth says it must be nice to have two men fighting over her; she tried to do right by everyone and ended up alone, drowning her sorrows. Olivia tells her that she too [Olivia] will pay a price. Beth admires her and wishes she could act on her impulses, consequences be damned. The cab comes and Beth leaves Olivia at the table. R.J. runs into her and she snaps, telling Cassie to control her brats! Cassie demands to know how Olivia could yell at her children. She tells Olivia that children take time, patience and understanding. Olivia breaks down saying she “can’t so this”… she’s “not ready”… she is “gonna make a terrible mother”. Cassie is shocked to find out that Olivia is expecting and wonders if she really wants to be a mother. She considers giving Olivia the “Joy of Motherhood” speech but isn’t so sure that Olivia even cares. She is sure that a baby won’t cramp Olivia’s style because she would have dozens of nannies and she wouldn’t even have to raise her own child. Olivia will do it on her own but Cassie thinks that that is foolish; she didn’t get pregnant on her own and the baby will need its father. Later, Olivia receives a message that Mr. Spaulding has arrived but is surprised to see Philip.


Michelle gives Bill the “okay” to book a room for the night. Bill is thrilled but Michelle is hesitant. They head for the elevator and, while making, share a kiss. Beth steps out of the elevator and proposes a toast, to the man who dumped her and the woman he dumped her for. She tells Michelle that she should look forward to getting into the elevator because Bill can do amazing things in an elevator. Bill tells Beth it’s time she turn in for the night. She tells Michelle that she does not hold a grudge; she knows how charming Bill can be when he’s trying to get a girl to fall for him; unfortunately for her, she fell so far that she fell flat on her face! She wants Michelle to know that she didn’t want to fall for Bill; it’s just that he would say the sweetest things and he convinced her that he would love her forever. Michelle asks her to stop but Beth continues. Bill will love her, Michelle, until she forgets what she had before and then, just like that, he will be gone. Beth leaves and Michelle is ready to head upstairs but Bill isn’t. He won’t go because he knows she will have regrets in the morning. She thinks he should let her worry about that but he can’t; he’s the one who had been pushing her. He knows the only reason she decided to do this was because she saw Danny earlier and wanted to make a point… just like she did last summer with Ben on the beach. He does not want to take advantage of her like he did with Beth. But Michelle is not fragile and she is not Beth. So, if he wants to bail, do it because that is what he wants, not because he feels he needs to protect her. He tells her that he does want her and thinks they belong together. She is worth the wait and he does not want to hurt her just because they are caught up in the magic of V-day. He offers to drive her home but she’ll take a cab; he can stay there and ease his conscience about Beth.