Guiding Light Update Friday 2/7/03

By Eva

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At Towers, Frank and Marina have a Valentine's lunch together. Frank tells Marina he wishes he could do more with her but he has to get back to work. Frank tells Marina he asked Beth out on a date. Marina says its kind of strange him asking Lizzie's Mom out on a date and then makes a joke about Beth having access to all the Spaulding money. Frank tells Marina Beth turned him down when he sees the sad look on Marina's face he tells her it was okay because he only asked her out because she was depressed because Lizzie had left and she had broken up with Bill. Marina advises Frank that the next time he asks a woman out he should take his wedding ring off first. Frank gives Frank a big Valentine's Day card. Marina gives Frank a hug and a kiss good-bye and leaves. Frank thinks for a few minutes and slowly takes his wedding ring off places it on a plate in front of him and gives it a twirl.

At the hospital, Bill arrives with balloons for the children in pediatrics. Bill and Michelle make a date to go to dinner and dancing later.

At the Beacon, Danny arrives with a dozen red roses for Cassie and another apology for using her to make Michelle jealous. Danny also promises Cassie he won't play games anymore. Cassie apologizes to Danny and tells him she was wrong about him. A very nervous Holly rushes in and tells Ed that she is very busy and has to cancel their date. Holly also says she thinks they should stay away from each other for a while.

At the Lewis house, The guard outside knocks on the door and gives Reva a package. Reva opens the package and we see a beautifully wrapped box of chocolates. Reva begins to open the box when Josh arrives and tells her to stop that she shouldn't open the package. Reva wonders why she shouldn't open a box of her favorite chocolates he sent her. Josh tells her he didn't send her the box of chocolates they search for a card but there is none. They find a packing slip from the store. Josh calls the store, all the saleslady can remember is that the chocolates were paid in cash and bought by a young man. Josh hangs up the phone and tells Reva what he has learned. Reva says at least they know the stalker isn't Holly. Josh says Holly could have someone working with her.

At the Beacon, Ed asks Holly to sit with him for a few minutes. Cassie tells Danny she overreacted because she has had a lot going on in her life and is lonely. After an awkward silence they both decide to forget about it. Cassie tells Danny Towers restaurant has some code violations. Cassie and Danny head to Towers to check it out. Holly tells Ed that her life is very complicated right now and she thinks its best he not be in the middle of it. Holly tells Ed she is under suspicion for being Reva's stalker. Holly also tells Ed about Reva's dry cleaning being smeared with blood and that she was the only one the policeman saw near the clothes. Ed takes Holly's hand and offers to help. Holly gets angry screams she doesn't want him to prop her up and walks out to the entrance of the Beacon and Ed follows her. Ed asks her if she wants a drink right now. Holly says that she remembers the sensation of alcohol burning her throat. Holly admits to Ed that she is afraid that what everyone suspects might be true. Holy tells Ed for getting off so easily for kidnapping the children years ago and ever since then she has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Holly and Ed walk back to their table and sit down. Holly says the board of directors of WSPR is meeting to see if she can still run the station effectively.

At Towers, Bill and Michelle arrive for their date. Michelle is impressed that Bill planned for their date and reserved the best table for them. Michelle tells Bill that she tried to book a table at the beacon and Cassie was going to squeeze them in but then she and Cassie got into an argument over Danny. Bill thanks Michelle for trying to plan something special for them. Michelle and Bill get up to go dance. Danny steps off the elevator and sees Michelle and Bill dancing. Ed tells Holly that when she kidnapped the children she had a reason for doing it she was hurting because Fletcher took Meg away from her. Ed says he can't think of any reason why she would want to stalk Reva. Holly tells Ed she wants Ed to see her at her best. Ed says she is at her best but not to shoot for perfection because no one can achieve that. Ed says he needs a little propping up today because he is depressed. Ed tells Holly he wants her to let him help her.

At the Lewis house, Frank puts the chocolates in a bag and says the toxicology report could take a few days. Shayne arrives and wonders what Frank is doing with Reva's chocolates. Josh asks how he knew they were Reva's chocolates. Shayne says he bought them for Reva yesterday. Josh says they thought the chocolates were from the stalker. Shayne asks if they think he s the stalker.

At Towers, Cassie tells Danny they need to do some major structural work to the Towers. Cassie tells Danny that Michelle just looked over at them and Danny is crazy if he thinks Michelle is over him. Michelle and Bill finish their dance and go sit down at their table. Cassie talks to Danny but notices he isn't listing to her because Danny is looking at Michelle. Cassie encourages Danny to go say hello to Michelle. Cassie goes to powder her nose. Danny goes over to Bill and Michelle's table to say Hello. Michelle thinks Danny wants to start something but Danny tells her to relax because he just needs to talk to his contractor. (Bill)

At the Lewis house, Josh wonders why Shayne didn't enclose a card with his gift. Shayne explains he gave them a card but they must have lost it. Frank still wants to test the chocolates in case someone tampered with them. Shayne jumps in and asks Frank if he thinks someone poisoned the chocolates. Reva sees the hurt look in her son's eyes as Shayne suggests they still test the candy. Reva says no and tells Shayne how much she appreciates his gift. To prove her point she unwraps the candy and eats some of it. Frank leaves Shayne demands to know what the stalker has been doing which he doesn't know about.

At the Beacon, Holly gets a call from someone on the board of directors of WSPR informing her the board would like her to step down from running the station effective immanently pending a review. A stunned Holly hangs up the phone and tells Ed the news.

At Towers, Cassie gets a call on her Private Cell phone line from the stalker who tells her "how could you forgive your sister I thought you were my friend you double crossed me you'll pay your whole family will pay." Cassie screams who is this but the person hangs up. Cassie calls Tammy to see if she and the boys are okay. Tammy says they are fine. Cassie tells her to lock all the doors and she will be right home. Cassie tells Michelle Bill and Danny about the frightening call. Danny asks where her kids are Cassie says they are at the hotel. Bill tells them Frank is handling the case and Danny and Cassie head to the police station.

At the Lewis house, Josh tells Shayne the stalker may be someone they know. Reva refuses to talk about it anymore. Reva gives Shayne two tickets to the no doubt concert for valentines Day so he can take someone special. Josh gives Reva a spa weekend for a present. Josh gets a call from Cassie telling him about the stalkers call and saying she and Danny are headed to the police station. Josh tells them to come to the house and they can call the police from there. Josh hangs up the phone and tells Reeve that the stalker is going after family now.

At the Beacon, Ed encourages Holly not to take this lying down. Ed says she should call Ross and see about suing the station. Holly says she agrees with the board of directors decision After some thought she decides not to be a victim anymore and makes a call.

At the Lewis house, Cassie tells everyone about the stalker's call. Cassie wonders how the stalker could have gotten her cell phone number which she just got to weeks ago and is a private number she only gave to family. Reva says she wrote down cassie's new number in a small address book she keeps in her purse. Shayne jumps in and says that the stalker could have used a pen scanner to scan the phone numbers in her address book. Danny agrees and says the pen scanner looks like a pen and is often used to scan small pieces of paper. When Reva shows Danny her address book he confirms that the pen scanner could have been used to scan the small book. Reva is worried that the stalker will hurt her family. Shayne says that the stalker will have to go through him and Josh to get to Reva. Cassie assures Reva she will be safe at the hotel which has lots of locks and security. Danny tells Reva that no one will hurt Cassie as long as he is around.

At Towers, Michelle tells Bill he should run away from her and her crazy life now. Bill says he wants to make all her pain and hurt disappear. Bill says he wants to take her upstairs and hold her all night long in spite of their agreement to go slowly. Bill tells Michelle he wants he badly and all she has to do is say the word. Michelle is speechless.

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