Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/6/03

By Eva

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At Infierno, Marah drops by to see Tony who is doing some plumbing. Marah tells him her dad will be happy he got a plumbers license. Marah ask Tony if its true Danny is selling Milenium and Infierno. Tony says Danny is just leasing the building for now provided the building can pass inspection. Tony says that is why he is trying to fix the drink machine. Marah tells Tony she never knew he was a handy man. Tony and Marah kiss. Danny walks in and wonders if Tony has fixed the machine yet. Marah says it is her fault for distracting Tony. Danny tells them to continue doing what they were doing because it is nice to see such happy people. Marah and Tony kiss again. Tony breaks the kiss and tells Danny that he hasn't seen him in this good a mood since before he and Michelle got divorced. Tony asks danny what has put him in such a good mood. danny smiles and says that things with he and Michelle are loooking up.

At the Beacon, Michelle asks for Cassie's help to book a table for Valentine's day. Cassie says that isn't really her joband tells Michelle to ask the manager. Michelle tells her she already asked the manager and she said they were all booked. Michelle says since cassie is the owner of the hotel maybe she could help her get a table. Cassie says sure and puts Michelle and Bill's name down in the reservation book. Michelle asks Cassie what she will be doing for Valentines day. Cassie tells her she will be working and wonders why Michelle cares what she is doing for valentines day. Michelle says that Cassie is so busy with the Beacon and now the Towers club project with Danny. Cassie again asks Michelle why she cares if she(Cassie) spends valentines day working with Danny.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley arrives and tells Gus zach may be comming home today. Harley notices Gus is distracted and repeats the good news to him. Gus ansers her after a few minutes and says he is happy Zach is comming home. harley asks Gus if he has been up all night going over the papers Danny gave him. Gus says he has found nothing all the papers are just standard mob stuff. Gus goes over the facts that he knows his mother lived in a flop house owned by Miguel Santos and Danny told him his father had realationships with many women these facts lead Gus to think Miguel Santos could be his father.

At the hospital, Alexandra tries to get Olivia to admit she is pregnant but Olivia denies she is pregnant. Alan and Philip arrive and Philip asks Alexandra what she is doing at the hospital. Alexandra tells him she is visiting Zach. Alan asks Olivia what she is doing at the hospital. Olivia doesn't answer him. Olivia gets dizzy and starts to fall Philip rushes to her side and catches her before she falls. After Philip helps Olivia sit down he sks her if she is all right. Olivia tells him she forgot to eat today and her blood sugar is low. Mel who is nearby goes to get Olivia some juice. When Mel comes back she gives Olivia some jiuce and helps hr to an exam room. As Philip watches Olivia leave he tells Alan and Alexandra that Olivia was at the hospital earlier seeing her doctor and now she is dizzy and almost fainted. Philip wonders if Olivia is sick. Alexandra tells him not to worry about Olivia she will be fine, more then fine. When Philip hears the tone in Alexandra's voice he tells her it sounded like she was making fun of Olivia being sick. Alexandra tells him she just meant Olivia is getting the best care. Philip leaves to check on Zach. Alan wants to go be with Olivia but Alexandra tells him not to go because Mel is taking good care of her. Alexandra can't understand how Alan can still love Oliva after all she has done to him. Alexandra thinks Alan knows something and she is surprised when he tells her he knows what is wrong with Olivia she is pregnant. Alan tells Alexandra he planned to get Olivia pregnant.

At Gus and harley's Aparment, Harley tells Gus not to jump to conclusions about who his father might be. Gus says he stayed up all night looking over ledgers and papers which only had initials on them. Gus tells Harley his search for information would be easier if he knew the name of his mother. Harley asks Gus not to do anything that may cause Philip to change his mind about her bringing Zach home today. Gus promises Harley that he won't do anything to antagonize Philip today or any other day because he and Philip have come to an understanding. Harley gives Gus a kiss and goes upstairs to get Zach's room ready just in case Mel says he can come home. Gus takes out a yellow envelpe which contains pictures of Philip and Olivia making love he looks at them for a minute and says "this is it Philip as of today we are even" Gus puts the pictures back in the envelope and with the envelope in his hand leaves the aparment.

At Infierno, Tony wants to know if Danny and Michelle have patched things up. Danny tells Tony that he doesn't know what is going on in Michelle's head. After some coaxing from Tony, Danny tells Tony and Marah he has reason to think Michelle is jealous of his realationship with Cassie. Marah asks Danny if he and Cassie have a personal realationship. Danny tells her he and Cassie are just business partners. Danny tells Tony he is going to a meeting with cassie and to make sure and call a plumber to fix the drink machine. Tony asks Danny if he wants him to tell Michelle he is with Cassie if should happen to call. Danny smiles and says whatever works.

At the Beacon, Michelle cautions cassienot to latch on to someone (meaning Danny) just because she is lonely or grieving. Michelle says that person may turn out to be the wrong person. Michelle says that Cassie and Danny are both hurting right now and she doesn't want to see them make a mistake. Michelle tells Cassie that even though she and danny are divorced she still cares what happens to him. Cassie tells Michelle she and danny are just good friends and business partners. Michelle says "Danny may belive that but I don't" .

At the hospital, Philip plays with Zach and tells him he is going home with Harley but his daddy will always be there anytime he nedds him. Gus opens the door and motions for Philip to come outside. Philip tells Zach to play for a minute and Daddy will be right back. Gus tells Philip he is grateful that Harley gets to bring Zach home and hands Philip the envelope with the pictures. Philip opens the envelope and Gus explains that he was only going to use the pictures to get Zach back for Harley. Gus asks Philip for a fresh start. Philip wonders if Gus put the pictures on the internet or showed to Harley or anyone. Gus says no that the pictures and the computer disk are all in the envelope. Philip doesn't think Gus is telling the truth. Gus tells Philip not to worry that (Philip's) night with Olivia was just a roll in the hay and no one will ever know what happened. Seeing the look on Philip's face Gus asks Philip if his night with Olivia was more then just a roll in the hay. Mel examines Olivia when Mel asks her if there are any medical conditions she should know about Olivia lies and says no. Alexandra wonders how Alan got Olivia pregnant if she was taking birth control pills. Alan smiles and says those pills aren't 100% effective. After some more coaxing from Alexandra, Alan tells her he replaced Olivia's birth control pills with Placebos. Alexandra calls Alan a swine and threatens to tell Olivia the truth. Alan tells Alexandra if she tells Olivia about the pills Olivia will go back to Philip. Alan tells Alexandra to think of him as the lesser of of two evils.

At the Beacon, Cassie gets angry with Michelle because Michelle thinks she doesn't know her own mind. Cassie agian tells Michelle she and Danny are just friends. Michelle thinks Cassie is confusing Danny's feelings of gratitude for feelings of love. Danny interrupts them and tells Cassie they got the financing for the towers club. Danny hugs Cassie and is so excited he picks her up and swings her around while a jealous and confused Michelle watches them. Danny puts Cassie down and wonders why she isn't more ecited at the news. Danny turns and sees Michelle and says he didn't know she was there. Michelle congratulates Danny on his good news. Danny tells Cassie the bank wants them to use Lewis construction for the job. Danny asks Michelle if she will feel awkward about Danny working with Bill. Michelle says no Bill will do a good job for them and they are lucky to have him. Michelle congratulates Danny and Cassie again and leaves. Cassie gets angry at Danny and says she won't be used as a pawn in some game with his ex- wife. Cassie tells Danny their partnership is over.

At the hospital, Mel tells Harley Zach is ready to go home. Mel also asks if Harley has told Gus about Gina. Harley says no because she wants to get Zach home firstand settled. harley also says she wants to keep Gus away from Philip and the Spauldings so Philip won't have a reason to take Zach away from her again. Gus figures out that Philip is in love with Olivia and encourages him to go for it. Philip gets angry that Gus is giving him romantic advice and tells him to leave before he does something he will regret. harley arrives and wonders what is going on.

At Infierno, Tony finishes fixing the drink machine and Marah gives him a congratulatory kiss. Marah asks Tony if he thinks there is a chance Danny and Michelle will get back together. tony says he doesn't know but when Danny wants something he usaully gets it. The drink Machine breaks again sending water everywhere which falls like rain. marah asks Tony if he has ever made love in the rain. Tony says there is a first time for everything and they kiss.

At the Beacon,Cassie says she won't be used. Danny apoligizes for using her but doesn't see the harm in letting Michelle thinkthey are having a romantic realationship. Danny says that cassie was one of his biggest supporters in getting Michelle back andif it takes a harmless game to get Michelle back what is the harm. Danny can't understand why cassie is so upset. Cassie tells Danny its bad enough he is in her dreams but leave the rest of her life alone. Cassie storms out, leaving a very confused Danny.

At the hospital, Alan wants to take Olivia back to the mansion. Olivia says she isn't going back to the mansion she is going back home to the Beacon. Olivia gets dizzy and Alan puts his hands on her waist to steady her and when she sits back down he puts his hands around her stomach. Olivia asks him why he is touching her like that. Alan tells Olivia that he knows the reason she almost fainted is because she is pregnant. Philip tells Gus and Harley if there is ever any reason for him to think he made the wrong decision about letting Zach be with them he will change his mind. Harley and Gus go in zach's room to tell him he is going home. Philip says he will be there in a minute. Philip looks at the pictures one more time and then carefully places them in the garbage can under the rest of the garbage and goes in to Zach's room. Alexandra takes the pictures out of the garbage can.

At Gus and Harley's aparment, zach arrives homeand Gus welcomes him home by telling Zach how much his stuffed animals missed him. Gus does diffrent voices for two of zach's stuffed animals. Harley again worries that Gus's realationship with Philip will efect Zach's happinesss at home with her. Gus tells her that he and Philip have an understanding, Gus says that as long as he has her,Zach and jude he is the luckiest man in the world. Gus hugs harley and zach. Philip tells Mel that his life looks pretty lonley without his kids. Olivia denies she is pregnant but Alan refuses to belive her. Olivia angerily walks out of the room saying she is going back to a home that isn't Alan's home.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra opens the envelope and looks at the pictures. Alexandra asks herself Olivia whose child are you carrying Alan's child or Philip's Child.