Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/5/03

By Naila

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Holly is worried about the accusations made and Blake tries to reassure her. Ross arrives and they bring him up to speed on the situation. Holly is adamant that she did nothing to Reva but is certain that she is the only suspect. Ross points out that she was neither arrested nor was she taken in for questioning so clearly, not everyone thinks she is guilty. They still have to convince everyone that she has no part in harassing Reva.


Reva tells Josh about the possibility that Holly is involved but makes it clear that there is no hard evidence. Frank, Josh and Reva go over the series of events and try to piece it all together. Josh does not think it is impossible that Holly is the stalker but Reva refuses to believe that Holly is involved. Josh says that Holly took a lot of heat for Reva after Richard’s death and ratings have dropped and Holly has been through a lot lately. Reva agrees that Holly is stressed but does not think she is psycho. Ross calls and tells Josh he would like to have a meeting to sort through things.

All five meet and Holly is PO’d. Ross asks Reva if she thinks Holly would ever do anything to hurt her and Reva says no but Holly thinks she is lying. Josh points out that it was Holly who dropped off the bloodstained laundry but Holly maintains that there was no blood when she left. Josh and Reva clearly disagree about Holly’s guilt. Ross starts asking questions but Josh doesn’t like the way things are going; he does not believe that Reva should have to explain herself. He needs Holly to convince them that she is not guilty – Did she see anyone after she left the cleaners? Was she upset when she did? Was she disappointed that Reva didn’t come through on the Spaulding story? Josh understands that someone who is upset about something may not go off the deep end but it is a possibility, especially when that person has had problems that they seemed to have just wished away. Blake jumps to Holly’s defence and Josh asks her if she’s still taking the medication she was put on after the kidnappings. Holly receives a phone call from a reporter looking for a comment regarding the suspicions. “NO COMMENT!” Holly takes off and Ross apologizes to everyone. Josh thinks they need to focus on helping Holly.

Holly receives a phone call from her boss who wants to have a meeting with her. Ross tells her to be strong and that he will clear her name. After Holly leaves, Blake tells Ross she thinks Holly may be drinking again and if she is, then it is possible that she is the one going after Reva.

Alone with Josh, Reva tells him she is very upset that she may have lost a friend over nothing. Josh assures her that *if* Holly is innocent then it will all blow over. Reva does not want Holly to relive all the pain she went through all those years ago. Then there is the fact that is Holly is not guilty, then who is?! Reva is fed up of this whole thing and wants it all to end. Until is does, she sees everyone as a suspect.

SPAULDINGS and COOPERS and those in between (they were all over today!)

At The House…

Alan has his lawyer draw up papers to sign Philip’s proxy over to him. The lawyer points out that it is highly unlikely that Philip would sign all his rights to the company over to Alan but Alan is optimistic and tells his lawyer to focus on the trust fund documents for the child he KNOWS Olivia is carrying. Ben comes by and Alan tells him he needs Philip to sign several important documents and gives them to Ben.

Cedars – Zach’s Room…

Alex stops by for a visit and finds Buzz there. Both Philip and Harley are taking a break. Buss tells her that he knows she wasn’t on Harley’s side in Zach’s custody case. Alex says that’s all irrelevant now anyway because Philip and Harley have reached an agreement and does not want him to be upset with her. Buzz is furious that she was involved in trying to take Zach from Harley and does not believe that her actions were for the good of the family. She says he’s wrong but he can see that she’s changed since she returned to town. Harley may believe that Alex was motivated by love for her family but he thinks otherwise. Alex tells him she’s just trying to fix things now but even if she could prove that that was true, Buzz still wouldn’t believe her. He tells her to back off of Harley or she will have zero friends left in Springfield.

At Cedars – Somewhere close to the only ENTRANCE/EXIT…

Olivia runs into Philip who can see that something has happened. Olivia almost tells Philip about the baby but tells him about the divorce instead. Philip is surprised that things are moving so quickly and thinks that Olivia is having doubts. He wonders if something happened to change her mind or if she is just realizing how much she would be giving up if she divorces Alan – money, power, position, contacts, etc. Olivia sarcastically tells him that he knows her too well; she really is that shallow. Dr. Sedwick interrupts and tells Olivia she is ready for her. The sonogram reveals that Olivia is only a little over a month into the pregnancy; it is too soon to do an amniocentesis and therefore too soon to determine who the daddy is. She suggests that counselling might help Olivia decide whether or not to keep the baby but Olivia says she’ll figure things out on her own. Alex watches a very preoccupied and confused Olivia at the hospital. Olivia runs into a married couple and is introduced to Simon, their newborn baby [cutie!]. Alex approaches Olivia and asks her if she is here visiting Zach. Olivia says she is and Alex wonders why she never made it to his room. She saw Olivia come out of a meeting with Dr. Sedwick and wonders if Olivia is trying to get pregnant. Olivia denies it and Alex realizes concludes that she already is pregnant!


Ben waits for Philip and Marina convinces him to take a peek at the documents Alan gave him. They flip through a few acquisitions and are about to see the proxy order when Philip walks in. Ben takes the documents over, offers Philip his sympathy (over Zach) and tells him Alan needs his signature on a few papers. Philip signs all the documents and returns them to Ben. Buzz thanks Philip for calling off the custody hearing. He thinks Philip may be the most reasonable Spaulding around; Philip assures him that he will do something else to annoy Buzz; it’s what he does best.

Buzz and Frank meet and Frank asks some questions about his dad’s relationship and break-up with Holly. He wants to know if Holly has seemed different recently but Buzz thinks there is a part of Holly that was always a mystery to him. Franks tells a curious Buzz that he cannot go into detail about his reasons for asking about Holly. They then discuss Harley and how relieved they are that Philip changed his mind. They make a toast, “To Philip,” as a very confused Harley walks in.

Back at the House…

Ben returns the signed documents to a very unappreciative Alan. He goes straight for the proxy and reads “BITE ME, ALAN!” [Go Philip!!!!]

Back at Cedars – Zach’s Room…

Alan meets with Philip and tells him he never intended for Philip to sign his proxy over to Alan though he did want to discuss the issue with Philip. Philip knows he is lying and is just trying to do some damage control.