Guiding Light Update Monday 2/3/03

By Naila

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Ben stops by to tell Marina he is starting his new job with Alexandra Spaulding today. She is really proud of him and cannot wait to tell people her boyfriend is rich again. Ben hopes that he can do a good job. Marina complains about her very overprotective family to Blake who tells her just how much she wishes she had had that kind of support when she was Marina’s age. Marina asks Blake if she could reassure the Coopers that he ‘sort-of brother’ was trustworthy but Blake doesn’t think she knows Ben all that well. Blake knows that he has started working with Alexandra Spaulding and mentions that she hopes to return to Spaulding soon. She advises Marina to toughen up. She and Ben are cute together and true love always beats the odds. Marina is confident that she and Ben belong together.


Alan walks in on Alex, who is planning a party to celebrate Zach’s recovery. When Alan asks if Olivia is invited, Alex tells him that Olivia moved her things out today. Alan is confident that, with Philip out of the way, Olivia will soon realize that she belongs with him. Alex wonders what he has up his sleeves. Alan plays coy and says that Olivia just had a crush on Philip but Alex cannot believe that he still wants to stay with her. He claims to have gotten the impression [the last time they spoke] that Olivia was much clearer about things and would soon be ready to give their relationship another chance. Alex tells him that Olivia knows he intercepted Philip’s letter to her and that she is with him right now but Alan is not fazed; fate will reunite him and his bride. Alex knows that the only time he counts on ‘fate’ is when he is “guiding it with an iron fist”. Alan decides to go to Cedars ‘to visit Zach’. Ben arrives as Alan leaves and is pleased to learn that Alex has several, very important projects for him. Marina drops by to deliver lunch to Ben but he is quick to get rid of her. Marina, curious about his new job, takes a look at him ‘project’ and is surprised to see that he is making place cards for Alex’s dinner party. Ben is embarrassed that he thought he was getting a hotshot job – he’s just a gopher. Marina knows he is better than this and is sure that he will advance quickly. He is showing her just how much he appreciates her confidence when Alan enters. He asks Marina to leave so he can talk to Ben… alone. Marina leaves after making it clear to Alan that Ben did not invite her. Alan is sure that Ben wants more than what Alex has offered him and tells Ben he can come to him when he is ready for a challenge. Alex interrupts to tell Alan they have moved Zach and the pair leave for the hospital. Marina comes back to make sure that she didn’t get Ben into trouble and he tells her about Alan’s offer. Marina fantasizes that she and Ben are famous and they live at the mansion… alone; she also dreams that Ben says, “I love you.”


Olivia meets with Philip and convinces him to hear her out. She reminds him that what they did to Alan was not out of malice, unlike Alan who conspired against them to keep them apart. She now has proof that Alan kept her letter from Philip in an attempt to keep then apart and is sure that Philip will see things differently now. Philip is not surprised to find out that Alan was responsible for keeping the letter from him. He is surprised that it took Olivia this long to see the truth. He tells her about the letter Alan intercepted from Beth a few years back that cost him his marriage. Olivia tells him there is no reason for him to feel guilty now but Philip says that nothing has changed for them; if she is what Alan wants, she is what Alan will get. Olivia doesn’t care what Alan wants but Philip sees that there is a unique connection between the two and sites her night with Alan at the Beacon as an example; she ran straight to Alan because she was looking for an excuse to go back to him. All she can say is that she was hurt but Philip thinks she should go be with Alan. A nurse interrupts and tells him that they’re moving Zach now. He leaves Olivia after telling her there is nothing left for them to say to each other (for a man who claimed to be so in love the other night, he sure is cold!). Dr. Sedgwick meets with Olivia and tells her there is a problem with her birth control pills. She requested a new prescription but she has used up all her refills and will need an examination before she is given a new prescription. Dr. Sedgwick wants to examine her now but Olivia doesn’t need the new pills – she’s had it with men and sex forever! The doctor convinces her to get examined now. Alan sees Olivia and asks her if everything is all right. She tells him she just had a routine check-up and the doctor will call her if there is a problem. He tells her he is on his way to see Zach and would like him wife to join him. Olivia tells him to stop!… their marriage is over and he knows it. Alan loves her and wants her to give it time to see if they get through this crisis but she knows he is just trying to buy time to come up with a new plan. He says he won’t push and even offers to have his lawyers draw up a settlement. Olivia agrees to trust him one last time. After she leaves, Alan calls his P.I. and tells her to make an appointment to see an OBGYN – Dr. Sedgwick – right away.


Gus is frustrated by this new piece in this very confusing puzzle – the building his mother died in was owned by Miguel Santos. He wants answers NOW and Roy is going to give him some. Harley tries to stop him but he barges in to find the room vacant. Mel stops by to tell them Zach is being moved to this room because there are no beds in PAEDS. Gus asks Mel about Roy and she tells him he was transferred to a special facility but she does not know where. Mel leaves to get Zach and Philip arrives. Gus joins him in the room for a little ‘guy-talk’. Gus tries to tell Philip that he’s going to back off as far as his threat about Olivia is concerned. Philip does not hear him out because he assumes Gus is trying to pull something. Gus says to forget it! Mel and Harley come in with Zach and Gus leaves. He tells Harley he needs to follow up on Roy and she reminds him about Roy’s condition and says he may not be able to tell get new information from Roy. Gus says he’ll think of something. Mel sees what a hard time Harley is having, lying to Gus. Harley tells Mel that they are not even sure that “Gina” is Gus’ mom; maybe she’s a relative Roy wants to meet with. Whoever she is, Harley cannot risk raising Gus’ hopes or, more importantly, losing Zach again. Mel reminds her that Gus is a detective and will soon realize that Harley is hiding something. She knows this and that is why she plans to investigate the Gina-clue discretely. Alex drops by to see Zach and tells Philip and Harley how happy she is that Zach is all right and they have buried the hatchet.


Gus comes by and is surprised to learn that Danny is closing down the clubs and going into business with Cassie at Towers. They joke that Gus may have to quit the force now that there are no more Santos’ left for him to go after. Gus tells Danny that he could use his help (now that they’re friends… well…. not enemies) with something involving Papa-Santos. It involves a Jane Doe who was found dead some 30 years ago in one of Miguel’s buildings in Chicago and all he wants is her name. Danny cannot help because that all that happened before he was born. Gus wonders if he has old records or ledgers. Danny does but he is concerned that Gus may come after them if he learns something from those files that could implicate a [living] family member in a crime. Gus assures him that all he is concerned about is the name. Danny comments that the Jane Doe must be very important to the police and leaves Gus to go through the files.