Guiding Light Update Friday 1/31/03

By Eva

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 At the jewelry store, Harley arrives to pick up her ring. The Jeweler tells her the ring has little monetary value. The jeweler asks Harley if it has sentimental value. Harley explains the ring belonged to her boyfriend's mother. The Jeweler tells Harley he found three numbers engraved inside the ring he says he wrote them down in case they meant something to her. Harley looks at the slip of paper and says to herself that maybe these numbers could be to a safe deposit box. Harley thanks the jeweler and leaves.

At the hospital, Gus tells Roy that he thinks his is faking his stroke just like Gus used to fake being asleep when he was a little boy. Gus goes over the evidence he and Harley have discovered and tells Roy to jump in when he hits close to home. Roy remains motionless. Gus tells Roy that he knows what the Jane Doe meant to his father. Gus leans in and whispers in Roy's ear and says you better talk maggot or a stroke will be the least of your problems.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra leaves a desperate message for Edmund telling him that she needs to know if the numbers inside Harley's ring correspond with the numbers on the safe deposit box. Philip arrives as Alexandra hangs up the phone. Philip tells Alexandra about finding Alan and Olivia at the Beacon. Alexandra says that is no surprise since they are married. Philip says he thought that Olivia was in love with him. Alexandra wants to know if Philip is still in love with Olivia after all she has done. Philip says that Olivia doesn't do these things on purpose she just doesn't think anyone can love her for herself. Alan arrives and wants to know the answer to Alexandra's question. Philip asks Alan where his adoring bride is.

Philip tells Alan that he was jealous of Olivia's feelings for him and that is why he stole the letter because he couldn't compete for Olivia on a level playing field. Alan tells Philip that Olivia isn't sure of how she feels for him (Philip) Philip calls Olivia a fickle duplicitous tramp who will hop into bed with anyone. Philip also says that Olivia is exactly what Alan deserves. Philip says that he is moving out of the mansion with his children. Philip says he will leave Alan and Olivia with Alexandra. Alexandra jumps in and begs Philip not to move out because Olivia will be gone because she is moving into the Beacon.

At the Park, Olivia thinks about what happened with Alan at the hotel as she watches people skate. Beth arrives and sits down on the bench next to her. Beth says that Philip told her everything that happened between he and Olivia and how he feels about her. Olivia wonders why she isn't at the boarding school with Lizzie. Beth says that she and Lizzie came back on the plane with Philip. Olivia asks if Lizzie liked the school. Beth says Lizzie will be leaving for school this weekend. Beth wants to know if Lizzie and James will be calling her stepmom instead of step Grandma. Olivia says she doesn't need to worry because her children are safe from her clutches. Beth wants to know what happened. Olivia says that she made a mistake and now Philip is furious with her. Beth offers Olivia a pretzel.

At the hospital, Gus tells Roy that he thinks his father was a good cop who made a mistake and had an affair with a woman who gave birth to him. Gus thinks his father found out Roy was a dirty cop and tried to persuade him to go straight but Roy couldn't give up the good life. When Roy refused to go straight Joe August told Roy he was going to go to the internal affairs department. Roy went to the Santos family and they tried to squeeze Gus's father with the information about the affair. When Gus's father refused to give in Federico Santos had no choice but to kill Joe August while Roy watched and did nothing but leave him to die like a dog in the street. Gus tells Roy that it would be so easy to shoot him right now but he wants him to suffer like his father and family suffered. Gus leans in close and whispers in his ear that right now he has no proof but when he finds the proof Roy will not have another moments peace When Gus leaves the room Roy opens his eyes.

At the Park, Beth and Olivia remember good times when they used to be friends. Then they both remember the bad times and begin to argue then they both agree they were wrong although Olivia says she was more wrong and if she were Beth she wouldn't forgive her. Beth tells Olivia not to worry she hasn't forgiven her. Beth asks Olivia why she went through the pretense of marrying Alan if she wanted Philip all along. Olivia says her marriage to Alan wasn't a pretense she really loves him and he adores her. Olivia says if she hadn't met Philip she and Alan could have been happy. Beth tells Olivia that she broke up with Bill because he discovered he was in love with Michelle. Olivia asks Beth why she hasn't tried to get Bill back. Beth tells Olivia that you can't make someone love you. Olivia says she knows that but you can at least you can show them what they are missing. Beth admits that she has been tempted to do that but she has too much dignity. Olivia says that if she ever changes her mind she can help her come up with ideas to make Bill come to his senses. Beth and Olivia both laugh when hey realize they will never sit together and share ideas about Bill. Beth wishes Olivia good luck with her situation and leaves.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan says Olivia isn't moving out of the mansion she is just licking her wounds right now. Alan says Olivia has made up her mind who she wants to be with and its him. Zach runs in to Philip's arms and Philip asks him if he is ready to go skating. Alexandra wants Philip to promise he won't see Olivia again. Harley arrives and says what a nice family and of course there is Alexandra who made it all possible. Harley says hi to Zach who she thought was going to be at a play date. Philip tells her it was canceled so he was going to take Zach skating at the park. Philip invites Harley to go with them. Harley says she has to talk to Alexandra first and she will meet them at the park later. Philip Zach and Alan leave.

At the hospital, Gus remembers he and Harley talking about him being adopted illegally. Gus asks a nurse where you go to take a DNA sample to compare to a dead body for a case he is working on. The nurse says that it sounds like something they would do on cop shows on television. She asks whose DNA. he is comparing for his case. Gus says mine.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan catches Edmund in the hallway on his way to see Alexandra. Alan wants to know if he has any useful information on Alexandra. Edmund says no. Alan want to discuss some ideas with Edmund on how to gain Alexandra 's trust. Harley tells Alexandra that she just got back from Chicago where she looked inside a certain safe deposit box which was empty. Harley asks how Alexandra got to the information in the safe deposit box before Harley got there.

Outside Company, Gus calls his cop friend Sonny to ask if he could compare the DNA sample to the Jane Doe body today. Gus hangs up the phone and goes inside Company and has heard anything from Harley. Gus tells Buzz that he and Harley are working on a case and he hopes Harley had better luck then he has had today. Buzz tells Gus that he doesn't look so good. Gus says that he is probably coming down with something. Gus says he is there to pick up some hot chocolate and bring it to Philip at the park. Gus tells Buzz he is trying to be a nice guy and he will do anything for Harley. Gus grabs the bag from Buzz and leaves.

At the Park, Zach runs up to Olivia and she asks him if his nanny brought him to the park. Philip says he came with me. Philip tells ACH to go play with his friend while he talks to Aunt Olivia. Philip tells Olivia that he is moving out of the house with his children as soon as possible so she can feel free to move back in with Alan. Olivia tells Philip not to move out because of her because she isn't going back there again. Philip says that Alan th inks she is moving back in the mansion. Olivia says Alan doesn't know her decision yet. Olivia tells Philip that she still cares loves and wants him. Olivia says she turned to Alan for comfort because she thought Philip had rejected her. Olivia says she wishes he had read the letter. Philip says he read the letter when he got home. Philip says that Olivia has the wrong idea about love she thinks it is just a series of coincidences if things don't work out with the father go for the son. Olivia screams that is not true. Philip angrily asks how she can be so calculating. The heated argument is interrupted by the mother of Zach's little friend who brings each back to Philip because he missed his daddy. Philip grabs his son and takes him skating and leaves a stunned Olivia behind.

At the Spaulding mansion, An angry Harley tells Alexandra that she must have gone to the jeweler after she left her ring to be appraised and copied down the numbers inside it and got the information out of the safe deposit box before Harley could get it. Harley thinks that Alexandra just dug up information on Gus for a spiteful reason. Harley says she will never trust her again because she realized that she doesn't care about her or Zach all she cares about is the Spaulding name and fortune. Harley tells Alexandra if you want to play hard ball lady strap on your armor lady because you haven't seen anything yet. Harley storms out. On her way out Harley knocks over a family picture breaking the glass from the frame. Edmund tells a nervous Alexandra that he got to the information before Harley could get it. Edmund hands Alexandra a small yellow envelope. Alexandra asks Edmund to leave before she opens the envelope. Edmund tells Alexandra he wishes she trusted him enough to let him see what is inside. Alexandra says she knows he already looked inside the envelope/Edmund admits he looked inside the envelope but doesn't understand why it is so important to her. Alexandra says its priceless and thanks Edmund for his help. Edmund leaves. Alexandra takes out a small picture frame from the envelope and says Oh my God its true.

At the Park, Philip asks Zach if he is ready to go home Zach says he wants to wait for mommy so Philip argots to wait for Harley. Philip gets a Phone call from the office and puts Zach down while he talks on the phone. Zach sees Harley coming and starts running full speed across the street towards his mommy. Harley sees a car coming and begs it to stop; Harley screams no, Philip looks up in stunned disbelief, and then we hear a crash.

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