Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/30/03

By Eva

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 At the Lewis house, Reva is stunned to think that she could suspect Jonathan of being the stalker. Reva immediately feels guilty as soon as the words leave her mouth and she tells Josh to forget she even had the idea. Josh is not so quick to dismiss the possibility saying they have to consider everyone. Reva tells Josh there is no way Jonathan could have gotten her phone number if he is at a boarding school in Switzerland. Josh suggests that Marissa may not be telling them the whole truth and maybe Marissa isn't even speaking to Jonathan. Josh also says that maybe Marissa just thinks that Jonathan is in boarding school Josh says maybe Jonathan came to Springfield because he is mad at Reva for giving him up. Josh says Jonathan could have looked in the window and seen a happy family he had never been a part of and resented Reva for it. Josh also thinks Jonathan could be mad at Reva for taking away a father Jonathan never got a chance to know.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra talks to a reporter on the phone and gets angry when he asks why she came back to Springfield. Alexandra angrily shouts at the reporters to stay out of her business and then hangs up the phone. Edmund offers to help Alexandra get Harley's ring but in exchange Alexandra will have to trust him with her secret. Alexandra makes Edmund swear he won't tell another living soul.

At Company, Harley calls a jeweler to find out if they do same day appraisals. When the Jeweler tells her they do them she makes an appointment to meet with him at two o'clock. After she hangs up the phone Gus arrives. Harley asks him where he went so early in the morning and why he didn't wake her up to tell her good-bye. Gus says he is sorry he didn't wake her up but he went to Chicago to visit his cop friend Sonny. to try and get some information. Harley tells him that she thinks she understands why Alexandra couldn't take her eyes off her ring.

At the Lewis house, Cassie arrives in the middle of josh and Reva's conversation and wonders why Josh and Reva suspect Jonathan of being the stalker. Josh and Reva tell Cassie about the e-mail the stalker sent to Marah. They also tell her about the picture frame Tony and Marah found at the light house. They also tell Cassie that Jonathan was sent to boarding school because he wasn't getting along with his father. Cassie refuses to even consider Jonathan could be the stalker because he is Richard's son could express his anger in such a cowardly way.

At the light house, Marah wakes up and shares a romantic breakfast of fresh fruit with Tony. Tony and Marah joke about staying in the lighthouse forever. Marah thanks Tony for just being himself and never giving up on them. Tony tells Marah giving up on them would be like giving up on breathing.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra tells Edmund that some months ago she received a letter from Roy baker saying he had some information on the Spaulding family. Alexandra says she has been paying Roy baker to keep quiet. Alexandra says she hasn't seen the information yet and she came to Springfield to see if she could find out what the information might be. Alexandra asks Edmund to get Harley's ring because she thinks it may be a piece to the puzzle.

At Company, Gus tells Harley that his friend Sonny talked to the funeral director that handled the funeral for the Jane Doe, and the funeral director told him that the funeral costs wee paid by Joe August. Sonny also told Gus that they never found a copy of the police report or autopsy for Jane Doe. Gus thinks that if there was a copy of the police report someone destroyed it.

At the Lewis house, Cassie continues to wonder why Richard's son would become a stalker. Reva says that the last time she and Richard saw Jonathan he was a sweet little boy whose biggest worry was if the fish were biting. Josh points out that people can change and Jonathan is also related to Edmund. Reva tells Josh and Cassie that she has to leave to interview Alexandra for a story. Both Josh and Cassie give each other a look that says should she really be doing this with a stalker after her. Reva tells them she knows what they are thinking and she won't put her life on hold because of a stalker. Before Reva leaves she decides to call and check on Marah. Marah is kissing Tony when the phone rings and she says I am not home. Tony persuades her to answer the phone because it could be her Mom. When Marah answers the phone Reva asks her what she is doing. Marah lies and says she is studying. Reva worries that Marah is falling behind in her studies and offers to talk to her teachers. Marah says everything is fine and asks why Reva called. Reva says that she just wanted to check and see how she was doing before she went to interview Alexandra. Marah repeats the words interview Alexandra with a worried tone in her voice and tells Reva that she and Tony could go with her. Reva refuses the offer and asks Marah if she and Tony could search the light house again to see if the stalker left any clues. Marah says she will be happy to check again. Marah says good-bye to her mother and hangs up the phone. Reva hangs up the phone and gets her coat says good-bye to Josh and Cassie and leaves.

At the Light house, Tony wonders why Mariah lied and told her mother she was studying. Marah says she wanted to keep their special place private. Marah kisses Tony again and says they need to get dressed. Marah asks Tony where he put her clothes. Tony jokes and tells her clothes are gone. Tony says he thought they were never going to leave the room. Marah says they aren't going to leave the room bu they have a job to do. Marah gives Tony a quick kiss.

At the Lewis house, As soon as Reva leaves the house the phone rings when Cassie answers the stalker says you thought I would forget didn't you. Cassie pretends to be Reva and says why are you doing this to me?

At Company, As Gus and Harley go over the new information and put it together with the information they have already gathered. Gus tells Harley that his birth announcement says that it announces the arrival not birth of a baby boy and the announcement was eight days after the death of the Jane Doe. Harley says that people who have adopted children sometimes put announcements in the paper when their children arrive. Gus thinks maybe his father had an affair with the Jane Doe and got her pregnant. Gus thinks his mother wanted a baby so desperately that she was willing to forgive his father and raise another woman's child as her own. Gus also thinks that if he was adopted the adoption may have been an illegal adoption.

At the Lewis house, Cassie tells the stalker (pretending to be Reva) that Richard was suffering and he was on a respirator unable to breathe and he asked her to end his life because he didn't want his wife to go through the pain of watching him take his last breath. Cassie says he knew that his wife couldn't let him go. Josh nods his head to tell Cassie they got the trace on the call and she can hang up. Josh tells Cassie that he is sorry she had to go through that ordeal. The police call and tell Josh they were able to trace the call and they are on their way to arrest the guy.

At The light house, Marah and Tony search again but find nothing. Marah wonders if they should ask the police to dust for fingerprints again. Tony makes a joke and says as long as they don't dust her for fingerprints although Josh might like it if the police dusted her for fingerprints. Marah says Josh has nothing to say about what goes on in their special place. They make love again.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Edmund tells Alexandra he wishes he knew the reason why he is taking Harley's ring but he agrees to do it for Alexandra. Reva arrives and Edmund leaves. Reva thinks Alexandra is hiding something and tells her that she seems scared. Reva asks Alexandra if the Spauldings are guilty of a serios crime or if the family is in danger of losing their fortune. Alexandra keeps her back turned to Reva and we see her face grow more worried and scared with each question. Alexandra says she has no idea why Reva could possibly think such things. Reva tells Alexandra she will come back again and leaves.

At Company, Harley explains to Gus that being adopted isn't so bad and that he grew up in a good family with a mother and father that loved him very much. Harley says that the mother that raised him and stayed up with him when he was sick is his mother. Gus tells her it hurts him because he didn't know he was adopted. Gus thinks his father lied to protect himself. Gus thanks Harley for her love and her support he tells her he doesn't know how he would get through this without her. Gus tells Harley he loves her. Harley gets up to leave to go to her appointment. She gives Gus a kiss and tells him she loves him. Gus tells her to call him John Doe because that is his name. Harley smiles because she thinks its a joke and gives him a quick peck on the cheek before she leaves. Gus sits back down in the booth and tells himself that until he can fill in the blanks John doe is his name.

At the jewelry store. Harley asks the Jeweler questions about the setting and the mounting of the ring. Harley is interrupted by a call from the station telling her she has to come down and find a missing police report. Harley leaves the ring to be appraised and says she will be back soon. Edmund who has been following Harley goes into the store after she leaves.

At Company, Gus calls his friend Sonny to talk about the Jane Doe. Sonny says they have already exhumed the body and are ready to do an autopsy. Gus asks Sonny to do a DNA comparison of the Jane Doe and a living person. Gus tells Sonny he will send him a DNA sample in the morning. Gus also calls the hospital to see if Roy Baker is allowed to have visitors.

At the Lewis House, Josh tells Reva that they got another call from the stalker and that Cassie pretended to be her and they traced the call. Reva thanks Cassie for her help. Josh gets a call from the police saying they arrested a man named Dale Hanson. and that when they arrested him he was doodling on articles from the trial. Cassie says that everything seems to easy. Reva is overjoyed that the whole mess is over. Cassie tells reva she is sorry she had to listen to that man's voice all this time. They celebrate with champagne. Reva calls Marah to tell her the news. Reva asks Marah to tell Tony she appreciates all his help. Marah tells Tony the news and gives him her mother's message. Tony and Marah make love again. Reva wants to know what the stalker said to her. Cassie says she wasn't on the phone that long. Josh tells Reva Cassie did most of the talking. Reva says she has decided to tell Jonathan the truth. Cassie says she wants to be there when she tells him. Reva wants to discus what she will say to Jonathan over dinner and invites Cassie to stay for dinner. Cassie says she has to get back to the hotel because one of the computers is down. Cassie leaves. After Cassie leaves Reva and Josh kiss and someone watches them from outside.

At the jewelry store, The jeweler tells Edmund that a ring he is looking at costs 10 billion dollars. Edmund calls Alexandra from outside the store and tells her he didn't get Harley's ring yet but he saw it and he needs her help to get it.

At the hospital, Gus goes to visit uncle Roy. Gus tells him you know everything that happened right? Good because I'm not leaving until I get what I am after.

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