Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/29/03

By Naila

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Marah returns and Tony confronts her about her suspicions. She apologizes to him and shows him the picture frame she found. Tony calls the police immediately. Frank arrives and questions them. He believes that someone is trying to pin these crimes on Tony. After he leaves, Marah apologizes again. It takes some doing but he finally accepts and forgives her. They make love.


Reva is stonewalled when she calls Jonathan's boarding school. She berates herself for not knowing who her son is and for not letting him know her. Josh points out that they have nothing to offer Jonathan except more pain and confusion. Reva is hurt and accuses Josh of not wanting Jonathan because he is the product of her relationship with another man. Josh denies this and says that her love for her children is one of the things he loves most about her. He would treat her son as his own but he still thinks that this is not the right time to reveal the truth. She should call Marissa instead and see what the problem is and if she can do anything to help fix it. Reva eventually calls San Jamar and is shocked to discover that Jonathan already knows that he was adopted (Marissa accuses Reva of telling him!). Frank drops by to tell them about the frame Marah discovered. He says they've put together a profile of the stalker and that Reva and her family should be thinking of someone who, is not only fixated on Richard's death but also on Reva's family. After Frank leaves, Reva worries that Jonathan could be the culprit.


Alan is beaming after spending the night with Olivia. He suggests that she return home but she isn't ready yet. She was hurt last night and does not think it was right for them to spend the night together. Alan is determined to win back her trust but Olivia cannot forget about Philip. Alan cruelly points out that Philip's absence is his own choice. He tells her that Philip will only hurt her because that is what he does to the women in his life; no one is good enough to live up to his standards. Alan 'understands' that she needed time to think and sort through her feelings but Philip just left her high and dry. Alan can accept her and put her first. always. Olivia answers the door and is shocked to find Philip standing there. He apologizes for not making it last night; he missed her. Philip walks in and sees Alan there. Humiliated, the junior Spaulding leaves and Olivia goes after him, demanding an explanation. Philip does not think that he is the one who needs to explain. She asks why he ignored her letter but Philip thinks she is talking about the letter he received the day she left. When he says he doesn't know what she is talking about, she tells him about the second letter. She knows he received it because it was signed for and Alan said he was at the house all afternoon. Philip realizes that Alan played them. "He beat me," Philip says and Olivia wonders if he has been playing her. He wasn't but he wonders what she was 'playing' last night. Olivia explains that she was hurt but Philip won't accept that she couldn't wait a few hours if she wanted him so badly. He 'thanks' Alan for everything! Alan plays dumb. "This isn't a game. Olivia isn't come trophy. she deserves respect." Olivia asks them both to stop. Philip does because he "can't do this" and Alan knew that he couldn't. He tells Olivia to ask Alan about the conversation they had they day before, where he told Alan that he would fight for Olivia till the end if she wanted him. He then takes a cheap shot at Olivia, who doesn't want "to be here either". "It's what you chose," Philip says, "You should have had more faith in me!" Alan dares to touch Olivia after Philip leaves but she pulls away. Olivia knows that Philip is right and accuses Alan of trying to keep her from him. Alan says he "was saving her from a man who could never appreciate or love her the way she needs to be loved". He will not apologize for loving her and wanting her. She doesn't want him to; she blames herself for everything that happened. She asks him to leave and he complies.


Philip finds the letter behind Alan's desk. After reading it, he burns it.