Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/28/03

By Suzanne

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Philip phones around trying to see if Olivia is back in town.  He, Beth and Lizzie are in Connecticut looking at boarding schools.  Lizzie likes where they are because it has a lot of great amenities like horses.  Beth isn't sure she wants Lizzie to go to an all-girls school.  Beth happens to mention that the trip was Alan's idea, so Phillip sees red.  Philip tells Beth that he is upset about Olivia.  He is unsure whether he should share his problems with Beth but she says he can.  He tells her how much he cares for Olivia and how Alan has been manipulating her.  Beth suggests that he call Olivia again.

Olivia arrives at the Beacon and finds Alan waiting for her.  He is very solicitous and welcoming, throwing her off-guard.  She tries to say she's too tired to talk, but he begs her for 5 minutes of her time and suggests they go to her room.  She agrees, looking unsure.  Once upstairs, he goes to work on Olivia, reminding her that he loves her and he's always stood by her.  She says she was expecting Philip to be there, not him.  She sent Philip a letter explaining how she feels.  He says that's strange because Philip was home all day and didn't say anything; he tells her that Philip went to Connecticut with Beth, which stuns her.  He lets that sink in and then he says that it was a family outing to look at boarding schools with Lizzie.  This doesn't seem to comfort her.  Olivia phones Nolan to see if Philip got the letter and he seems to indicate that he did.  Alan comforts her and suggests she drink some wine.  While she's in the bathroom, Philip calls and is stunned to hear Alan's voice.  Alan keeps working on Olivia and playing to her weaknesses.  Finally they start kissing.

Also at the Beacon, Cassie gets some great news and is excited.  She wants to tell Danny but just as she is about to, Michelle walks in and talks to him.  She tells him that she is busy tomorrow so can he stay with their son.  He is clearly disappointed that she was not looking for something more.  He tells her that he was visiting Carmen, who is still in a coma.  He snaps at Michelle and then apologizes because he's having a bad day.  She says that Robbie and she will always be in his life.  She leaves a sentence trailing with "maybe someday..." but then stops herself.  She leaves and Cassie asks him how he's doing.  He tells her about being upset about Michelle and also he is having some financial problems with his businesses.  She suggests that he get financial help from her.  She tells him the good news, that her accountant called and suggested she expand the hotel.  She doesn't want to do that but she would like to invest in Millennium.  He is against the idea but she keeps on his case, so he promises to think about it.

Tony tries to help out Marah, who is weirded out by the stalker.  He talks about how he is going to nail this guy.  She suspects that Tony is the one doing the stalking and happens to mention that if the stalker came forth and explained why he did this, she would understand.  Naturally Tony has no idea what she's talking about.  She makes excuses to leave and says she's going home.  He wants to go with her but she won't let him.

Marah goes to Company and chats with Michelle.  She shares her fears about Tony being the stalker.  Tony goes there to get take-out and is surprised to see her there.  He eavesdrops on their conversation and is very hurt.  He leaves before Marah explains why she suspects him--the picture frame she found.  Michelle suggests that Marah ask Tony directly so that they can rule him out and find out who is really doing this (and might be dangerous).  Marah agrees, reluctantly.

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