Guiding Light Update Monday 1/27/03

By Naila

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Harley and Gus find an unconscious Roy in his apartment. Gus is frustrated because now he may not be able to learn truth about his parents. Harley searches him before the ambulance arrives and finds a key to a safety deposit box. The EMTs arrive and tell Gus and Harley that Roy’s condition is serious and he is not able to talk. Gus doesn’t think that they key will be any help but Harley remains optimistic. Just then, Edmund saunters in calling out for “Mr. Baker”. Harley and Gus question Edmund about his involvement with Roy. Edmund only wanted to hire him as a Private Investigator; a friend of a friend recommended him. Harley appears to be satisfied with his answer and lets him leave, making Gus furious! Harley knows that Edmund is lying but wants to send a message to Alex, who has been pretty chummy with Edmund recently. They head over to Company in hopes of running into Alex.


Alan tries desperately to track down his wife. Alex hopes that Olivia stays away for good! Alan wishes that Alex were the one who left and never came back. He hopes that her time away has helped Olivia to understand his mistakes. Alex tries to get him to focus on his relationship with his son. Alan demands to know what Alex is really afraid of. Alex tries to convince Alan that she is only afraid that he will rip their family apart! Alone, Alan rereads the letter Olivia sent to Philip. He then receives word that she has returned to town. Alan reseals the envelope and conveniently drops it behind his desk. Edmund meets with Alex to relay his encounter at Baker’s apartment. But before he does, Edmund demands that Alex give him a seat on Spaulding’s board. Alex refuses to oblige. Edmund reveals that two of Springfield’s finest found Roy’s key to a safety deposit box.


Marina and Frank discuss her upcoming eighteenth birthday and high school graduation. She tells Frank she isn’t sure she wants to go to college right away; she wants to experience life. Alex runs in to Gus and Harley at Company and asks them about the custody case. Alex notices Harley’s ring [from Gus] and comments how unusal it is. She once again asks Harley not to have her investigated. Harley says they won’t have to anymore because they got a major break! A key from Roy could be the answer to unlocking the truth. When Alex refuses to bite, Gus comes right out and asks her what she knows. Alex thinks they should focus on Zach and the future, not on something that will only cause them pain. Harley wonders about Alex’s interest in Gus’s mom’s ring; it is similar to the bracelet Jane Doe was wearing. Outside, Alex tells Edmund to get Harley’s ring.


Marah screams when someone approaches her from behind. Tony rushes over and pulls Olivia away. Olivia demands an explanation for their behaviour. Josh and Reva arrive and all wonder if Josh’s ex is behind the calls and notes. Mrs. Spaulding makes it clear that she has better things to do with her time. She then reveals the reason she came by. She has just returned from visiting her sister, Marissa, in San Jamar and Jonathan is not doing well at all. Apparently his father shipped him off to boarding school in Switzerland (home of the SORAS condition!). Reva apologises to Olivia and explains the family’s situation to her. She is worried about all her children, including Jonathan. Olivia gives Reva a number to contact Jonathan then leaves. Tony apologises to Ma and Pa Lewis for jumping on Olivia (not literally) but they thank him for watching out for their daughter (he really wants to get in good with them doesn’t he?!) He then takes Marah for a drive. Reva considers going to Switzerland to make sure Jonathan is all right. Josh dissuades her, reminding her that she is just a ‘family friend’ as far as Jonathan knows. Reva questions her decision to leave Jonathan with Marissa and wonders if it is time to reveal the truth to him. Josh points out that they do not know anything about Jonathan and therefore cannot make such a decision. Reva decides to make a ‘casual’ phone call, first thing in the morning.


Tony arranges a romantic evening for Marah (they should rename this place to “Lover’s ‘something’”. How many people have slept on that bed!!!) Alone for a moment, Marah finds a frame similar to the one stolen from her house (supposedly by the stalker).


Olivia is surprised by the Mr. Spaulding who waiting for her.