Guiding Light Update Friday 1/24/03

By Eva

At the Bauer house, Michelle quietly closes the door behind her and she tells Bill not to say a word because she just got Robbie to sleep. Michelle asks Bill what the plan is for tonight's date.  Bill Jokes that he is a slightly modified version of Date guy.  Michelle asks him who she is supposed to be and Bill tells her that she can be whomever she wants to be. Michelle says she will just be Michelle and Bill says that is fine with him.  Bill says he had planned to take her to Company and then to a movie.  Michelle says that Company is a little to public.  Bill says they have to go out in Public sometime and besides its after the lunch rush it won't be too crowded. Michelle agrees to go to Company and they leave. 

At Company, Rick arrives to meet Mel.  They kiss and Rick sits down. Ed and Holly arrive for their date.  Ed asks Holly if she is sure she wants to eat there because she may see Buzz.  Holly also tells Ed Buzz won't be there because its his night of and the reason she knows this is because when they used to date they used to always go out on Friday's Buzz spots Holly and Ed while he is serving other customers.  Buzz walks over to them and asks if they would like a table.  After an awkward moment Ed says they will join Rick and Mel. 

At Harley's Apartment, Gus talks to the Chicago medical examiner on the phone and the medical examiner agrees to dig up the body of the Jane Doe and perform an autopsy.  After Gus hangs up the phone he tells Harley the news. Harley thinks it great.  Gus says that the medical examiner told him he would do anything for Joe August's boy.  Gus says that all the people in the Chico Police Department loved Hs father so much.  Gus says he has to figure all this out.  Gus and Harley go over the facts in the case again and try to figure out what Alexandra's connection is to Gus's parents. 

Outside the Beacon, Roy calls Edmund the muscle of Alexandra's operation.  Edmund says he is Alexandra's negotiator and all deals have to go through him.  After some more coaxing from Edmund Roy gets into Edmund's car and they head to Roy's apartment. 

At the Lewis house, Reva calls Frank and tells him about the break in.  Frank says he will send a team to dust for fingerprints.  Frank also tells Reva that they will all have to go to the station and get their fingerprints taken in the morning so they can distinguish the family fingerprints from the stalker fingerprints.  After she hangs up she tells everyone what frank told her.  Some watches the Lewis family from outside their house.  Tony arrives and says that Marah told him about the break in and he promises Josh he will take care of this thing for him. Tony hugs Marah and asks if she is OK.  Marah says she is fine and she wasn't in the house.  Tony asks if anyone was in the house Reva says no. Marah tells Tony that whoever it is must have broken in quickly while they were out of the house.  Josh asks Tony if he could speak to him outside for a minute. Josh and Tony walk outside.  Josh asks Tony if he knows some people who can protect his family.  Tony says he has already been in touch with some people but he wanted to talk to Josh about it first because these people aren't normal security guys and he wanted to make sure Josh wanted that kind of protection. Josh asks Tony if these people can be trusted Tony says yes.  Josh tells Tony to have his people there today because he wants 24 hour surveillance of his family.  Tony tells Josh he will take care of thins and he will personally make sure Marah is safe.  When Tony goes to call is friends Shayne steps outside to talk to Josh.  Shayne tells Josh that everything seems to be working out great for Tony. 

Inside the Lewis house, Reva is frustrated and upset that her kids are not concentrating on their school work or sports or hobbies because they are involved in another drama centering on her.  Reva wants Shayne and Marah to go stay at their uncle Rusty's house.  Marah says that she and Shayne won't leave her right now.  Marah says that the staler seems to seek her out since the stalker sent her the e-mail, so maybe she should try to draw the stalker out.  Reva says she will not use Marah as bait to catch this person. 

At Company, Holly and Ed join Rick and Mel at their table.  Bill and Michelle arrive for their date and aren't pleased to see everyone.  Rick calls them over to the already crowded table. 

At Harley's apartment.  Harley thinks that the only reason Alexandra is connected to this investigation is because she wants to help Harley get custody of Zach.  Harley suggests to Gus that Alexandra was only trying to find out about Gus's past to prevent anything harmful in his past from coming out in court. Gus thinks Alexandra's involvement is much deeper.  Gus suggests that they put pressure on Alexandra.  Harley says that won't work because Alexandra will just push back.  Harley says that Alexandra is only involved because she cares about Zach and her.  Harley says that Alexandra is going against her nephew and paying for an attorney so she can get Zach back.  Gus says that Harley is right.  Harley offers to track Alexandra's bank statements. Gus says he won't go after Alexandra because Harley needs her to pay for the lawyer that will get her custody of Zach.  Gus tells Harley the investigation is over.  Harley says that his father and finding out what happened with him is the most important thing in the world to him.  Gus tells Harley that if that is what she thinks then he is messing up.  Gus tells Harley that she and her children are the most important thing in the world to him. Harley tells Gus she loves him and she doesn't want to live with the knowledge that he gave up the investigation for her.  Harley says she will pay for her own Lawyer and they will bring Zach home together.  Harley says they will also handle the investigation together.  Gus tells Harley he loves her and gives her a small kiss on the lips and they hold each other. 

At Roy's apartment. Roy tells Edmund that the piddling checks from Alexandra won't cut it anymore.  Edmund asks to see how much money he has received so far when Roy shows him the amount Edmund says you call this amount piddling. 

Edmund says he wants to see everything Roy is holding over Alexandra's head before he will make any deals.  Roy shows Edmund a small key and calls it the key to the Spaulding kingdom. 

At Company, Billy teases Bill and Michelle a l little.  Rick joins in and says that the Lewis family and the Bauer family have been planning their wedding since they were babies.  Michelle tells everyone that she and Bill love them very much but they both want all of them to back off and butt out. 

Outside the Lewis house, Josh asks Shayne what he meant by his remark. Shayne says he can't believe that Josh has already forgiven and forgotten what Tony did to Marah and he is all of a sudden become a hero.  Josh says he has not forgotten or forgiven anything but Marah is dating Tony now and they have to accept it.  Josh says that he also thinks Tony is trying to change. Shayne spots an envelope by the fire place and points out it wasn't there before Tony arrived. Josh and Shayne go and get the envelope. 

Inside the Lewis house, Reva says since the stalker is after her she should be the bait not Marah.  Tony is surprised that his girlfriend and her mother are fighting about who should be the bait for a stalker.  Tony says this isn't normal. Shayne and Josh go inside and tell everyone that they found the picture that the stalker took out of the house in an envelope on the fireplace outside. When everyone looks at the picture they notice a slight change Reva's face has been cut out of the picture. 

At company, Rick asks Michelle when she will start planning the wedding. Michelle says for him to quit annoying her or she will annoy him about when he and Mel will have a baby.  Michelle says its too soon after her divorce and she is just having fun with Bill.  Rick asks her if Bill Knows she is just having fun with him.  Bill talks to his father about how great it feels to be with Michelle.  Billy has a big grin on his face and says he is pleased as punch that Bill is dating Michelle.  Bill tells Billy he thinks Michelle is the one.  Billy says he has known that all along.  Bill says that that he has been all over the world only to find the person he was looking for right at home. 

At Roy's apartment. Edmund figures out that the key is to Roy's safe deposit box.  Roy says that Edmund won't take what he already has from him. Roy says that all the information is in the safe deposit box and he doesn't have any information hidden anywhere else.  Roy says he wants money deposited in his Caribbean bank accounts and he will give Alexandra the information and disappear.  Edmund says if Roy gives him the information and his bank account numbers he will give the account numbers to Alexandra so she can deposit the money in the accounts.  Roy says the account numbers are in his head and he won't give Edmund the account numbers or the information unless he sees some money now.  Edmund tells Roy it seems they have reached an impasse. 

At Harley's apartment, Harley receives a call from a friend at the immigration office.  The friend tells Harley that Roy came back to the united states a few days ago.  Harley and Gus assume Roy is going back to his apartment so they head over there. 

At Company, Rick gets up to leave because he has to go to the hospital, Mel stops him because she says she needs to talk to him.  Rick says they will talk Later but he needs to go to the hospital now.  Mel tells Michelle that Dr. grant has offered her the job of chief attending and she isn't sure how Rick will feel if she takes his old job.  Michelle says it is perfect pay back for Rick that she will be his boss.  Michelle says that Rick will be happy for her and she should take the job.  Billy goes to the Bar to pay for his food.  Ed and Holly go outside because it was a little crowded inside. Bill and Michelle go out the back door Holly wonders when Ed will tell her about his time in Africa.  Ed says he is happy in the here and now Ed and Holly share a small kiss. 

At the Lewis house, Josh wants Mariah and Shayne to go to their uncle Rusty's house but Marah and Shayne refuse to go.  Reva decides that they should all try to be as normal as possible and not let the stalker scare them. Shayne goes upstairs to do homework on the computer.  Marah and Tony go outside to talk. Reva cries and tells josh that she doesn't want to put her kiss through more drama.  Outside. Marah tells Tony that Shane agreed to try and find out who sent the e-mail to her.  Tony says he didn't know you could do that on a computer.  Marah tells him that Shayne is very good with computers and knows how to do those things.  Tony says that he hates the idea of Mariah being bait for the stalker and if that makes him sound overprotective then so be it.  Marah says that he is not over protective he just cares about her. Marah and Tony hold each other and Mariah says that she feels safe with him. Tony and Marah agree to hold of on the plan until they see if Shayne can find out who sent the e-mail.  Tony goes to check and see if the person who left the envelope left any foot prints.  Tony tells Marah to wait by the door so he knows she is safe. 

Outside Company, Bill brings Michelle hot Chocolate and she says they should go skating on the lake.  Michelle and Bill kiss. 

When Harley and Gus open the door to Roy's apartment they find a body. Gus says no as Harley goes over to the body. 

At the Lewis house, Josh promises Reva that no one will take her away from them again.  They both promise they will live a normal life Reva asks Josh where Marah is and he tells her she is outside with Tony.  Josh admits to Reva that he trust Tony and he believes Tony will do anything to protect Marah. Outside the Lewis house, Marah is staring off in the direction Tony went waiting for him to return.  Someone comes up behind Marah. . 

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