Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/23/03

Written By Eva

At the Spaulding Mansion, Nolan sorts through the mail.  Alan arrives and asks if there is any mail for him.  Nolan tells him there isn't any mail for him but there is an overnight express envelope for Master Philip. Alan picks up the envelope and turns it over he notices that there isn't any return address.  Alan wonders who could be sending Philip the envelope. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra arrives and picks up her mail.  Roy Baker arrives and demands more money or he will tell Philip everything.  Philip walks in the door Alexandra agrees to meet with Roy later.  After Roy leaves Philip demands to know why Alexandra has hired a lawyer for Harley and why she is helping Gus and Harley and not her own family. 

At Harley's apartment.  Gus thinks his mother was shacking up with some guy while his father was in Viet Nam.  Harley tells him that from what she read in the letters his parents were really in love.  Gus says he thinks his father was in love but now he is beginning to doubt whether or not his mother ever loved his father. Harley suggests that maybe he was adopted.  Gus says that is not a possibility because Gus remember seeing his mother pregnant with Eden so she could have children.  Harley blames herself for causing Gus pain. Harley says that if he wasn't searching for a way to help her get custody of Zach he wouldn't have had to dig into his past.  Harley tells Gus that all he has to do is say the word and this can all be over. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lilian, Beth and Lizzie arrive to pack for her trip to look at boarding schools.  Beth tells Alan that she has decided that since Philip has a lot on his mind she and Lizzie are going by themselves.  Alan asks Beth to try and persuade Philip to go on the trip with them.  Beth, Lizzie and Lilian all wonder what Alan's ulterior motive is for wanting Philip to go with them on the trip.  Lilian and Lizzie go to Lizzie's room to pack.  After they leave, Beth tells Alan she thinks he wants Philip to go on the trip because he thinks it will lead to Philip and Beth getting back together. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra says that Zach is family so she is helping her family.  Alexandra asks Philip if he thinks Harley is a good mother.  Philip says that was never the issue.  Alexandra asks if he trusts Harley to make good decisions about her life. Philip says not when she is living with a murderer.  Alexandra tells Philip she thinks Gus is a good man.  Philip tells Alexandra that Gus is threatening him.  Alexandra wants to know with what information Gus is threatening him.  Philip says that doesn't matter but he is sure Gus will follow through with his threat.  Philip again tells Alexandra that he feels hurt and betrayed that she didn't tell him about Alan's fake heart attack.  Alexandra tells him if he insists on having both Olivia and Zach in his life he may just lose both of them.  Philip tells Alexandra that he will have Olivia and his son and then he storms out.  Edmund arrives and Alexandra tells him her family is about to self distract and she needs his help to stop it. 

At Harley's Apartment, Gus tells Harley that it isn't her fault that all these things about his past are coming out.  Harley tells Gus that she cares more about him then all of this other stuff.  Gus tells Harley he won't let Philip get in the way of his love for her and Zach.  Gus says they will handle this case like any other case they will gather information and see where it takes them.  Gus tells Harley he knows exactly where to start looking for information.  Gus and Harley head out the door. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan tells Beth that she knows her Spauldings but this time she is wrong.  Alan says that he has been too busy with his own affairs to have any time at all to play cupid.  Alan says that he thinks it would be wonderful for Lizzie to have both her parents by her side when she takes her first step out of childhood. 

At Company, Philip and Rick talk.  Rick wants to know why Philip wanted to meet with him.  Philip says that he and Harley are going to court and he has a favor to ask Rick.  Philip wants Rick to be a character witness for him. Rick says that he already agreed to be a character witness for Harley. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Edmund she wants him to lead someone into isolation until she tells him otherwise.  Edmund asks Alexandra if she wants him to kidnap someone. 

In Clayton at Roy's apartment. Gus nervously picks the lock on the door. After a few minutes of trying without success he asks Harley to do it because he is nervous.  Harley is successful and they enter the apartment.  Harley wonders if anyone has been in the apartment because the last time they were there the door to the safe was closed and locked.  Gus thinks that Roy may be back in town and says he will call his friend at immigration to see if Roy is back in the country.  Before he has a chance to do that Harley finds a newspaper clipping in the safe that says an unidentified female with black hair and green eyes was found dead.  Gus notices that the date on the clipping is five days before he was born. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan admits to Beth that he needs Philip out of town for a few days in order to save his marriage.  Alan tells Beth that Philip and Olivia are attracted to each other and it would make it easier for him to work thins out with Olivia if Philip was out of town when Olivia returns home.  Beth wants to know how Alan is sure Olivia will return home while Philip is away.  Alan tells her he knows his wife very well. Alan tells Beth that all he wants is to save his marriage because he loves Olivia. Beth asks him if he hasn't learned anything by now.  Beth tells him his plan is doomed to fail because you can't manipulate or scheme a woman into coming back to you.  Alan says he has no intention of scheming or manipulating Olivia.  Alan tells Beth that Lizzie would not be happy if Philip and Olivia ended up together.  Beth tells Alan he doesn't play fair. 

At Company, Philip is hurt and angry at Rick because he thinks that Rick is taking Harley's side against him.  Rick says that he isn't taking anybody's side he is just thinking of what is best for Zach.  Rick tries to persuade Philip to seek joint custody but Philip says its to late for that because he won't have his son living in the same house with a murderer.  Philip says that he will win the case and he will come out on top.  Rick says so this isn't about what is best for Zach its about who comes out on top. Philip says I know what you are thinking this isn't about me trying to control thins.  Philip walks out and Rick follows him. Rick says that he is comfortable with Gus being in Jude's life and Rick wants to know why Philip is so uncomfortable with Gus being in Zach's life. Philip angrily shouts maybe its because he is blackmailing me.  Philip tells Rick that Gus found out about Philip and Olivia and is threatening him with the information.  When a slight smile crosses Rick's face.  Philip is angry because Rick thinks the situation is funny.  Rick says he just thinks its funny that he is upset about Gus's lack of morals and he (Philip) is sleeping with his father's wife.  Philip becomes even more angry at Rick for defending Gus.  Rick says that Philip is acting just like his father.  Philip is even more angry at this and he vows to have both Olivia and Zach in his life.  As Philip is leaving Rick shouts that all he will say in court is that Harley is a good mother. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Edmund that she wants him to kidnap Roy Baker and keep him under wraps until further notice.  Alexandra gives Edmund a description of Roy and tells him she is supposed to meet with him outside the hotel later.  Before she leaves Alexandra warns Edmund she is dangerous when crossed.

At Roy's Apartment, Harley notices the article has a stamp on the back that says property of the Chicago Police Department.  Gus calls a friend on the Chicago Police Department to ask for the police report of the Jane Doe.  Gus and Harley slowly go over the information they have gathered.  Gus says they will go over this page by page until they get to the end of the story. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth asks Philip to go with her and Lizzie to look at boarding schools.  Philip says he had forgotten that the trip was today. Philip tells Beth about the argument he had with Rick.  Beth says Rick is right.  Philip wonders why he takes all these things from Rick and Beth. Beth says its because he knows they both love him and they are the only ones who have enough guts to tell him when he is wrong.  Philip says you do strange things for love.  Philip decides to go on the trip with Beth and Lizzie.  Alan tells Nolan that he will give the envelope to Philip. Alan tells Nolan to forget he ever saw the envelope and remember who pays his salary.  Alan tears open the envelope and reads the letter from Olivia.  Olivia says that she has had time to think while she was gone and she deserves a man who will awaken her passion, a man who makes her feel like she deserves every touch and every kiss and that man is Philip.  Olivia says that she knows her decision will turn his world upside down but if he will meet her at the Beacon tomorrow they will find a way to be together.

At Roy's Apartment, Gus gets a fax from his friend in Chicago with a picture of the Jane doe. Harley notices she is wearing a fancy bracelet.  Gus wonders why the autopsy is missing.  When he calls his friend his friend tells him that an autopsy wasn't performed.  Gus asks his friend who signed the police report and is told the police report was signed by Joe Augustino. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan sits stunned outside the study when Lizzie arrives and wonders why he is sitting outside.  She says they should go inside so Alan follows her inside the study.  Philip tells Lizzie he is going with her on the trip.  Alan is overjoyed at the news.  Alan tells Lizzie she is the future of Spaulding and he is proud of her.  Alan thanks Beth for her help.  While Beth and Lizzie are saying Good-bye to Alan, Philip slips outside and asks Nolan if there was any mail for him.  Nolan tells him there was no mail for him.  Philip stands with a puzzled look on his face until  Lizzie arrives and tells him its time to go.  Philip heads out the door with Lizzie and Beth.  Alan reads the last part of Olive's letter to Philip.

Outside the Beacon, Roy tells Edmund to tell Alexandra he is running out of patience with her.  Edmund tells Roy that Alexandra wants to meet him somewhere more private.  Roy says he has an apartment in Clayton and he will give Edmund the address and Alexandra can meet him there.  Edmund says that Alexandra insisted Edmund go with Roy and after some more coaxing Edmund and Roy leave together.

At Roy's apartment, Gus and Harley go over the facts of the case.  Gus says someone deliberately didn't do an autopsy.  Gus and Harley suspect a cover up.  Gus says he can bet his badge that the man behind the cover up was Joe Augustino.

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