Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/21/03

By Debbie

Phillip and Gus are still outside Company. Gus tells Phillip that his witness can confirm that he and Olivia were at the Beacon. Phillip tells Gus that his private life is none of Gus's business and accuses Gus of bribing someone to give phony information. Phillips adds that this is just another of his attempts to get involved in Zach's life and that, in fact, he knows nothing. Gus disagrees!

At the Spaulding Mansion Eden arrives to see Alexandra. The latter tells Eden that she cannot understand why she needs to visit and advises her to be quick. Eden tells her she needs to speak to her about Harley. She tells Alexandra that Harley has not been a very good friend to Alexandra. . Eden demands to know why Alexandra is paying money to her father's ex-partner.

Harley and Reva are outside the front door of The Beacon. Harley hands Reva an envelope and tells her that it contains the court permission to have her cell phone tapped. She jokes with Reva that Josh should keep his calls to Reva clean! Harley casually asks Reva how her expose of the Spaulding's is going and whether she has any scoops on Alexandra. Reva tells her not. They talk a little about the harassment calls and Reva tells Harley how much she appreciates her help. As they are talking the door opens and Cassie appears. She hears the words "crank phone calls" and asks what's going on. Reva tries brush it off but Cassie wants to know the details. She's upset that her sister has not told her about it. Suddenly she's worries that perhaps Reva believes she has something to do with it.

At the Lewis residence, Marah and Tony burst in on Josh and tell him that they have found the digital rerouter. It was patched on to the telephone box outside.

Reva and Harley assure Cassie that they not suspect her at all, but Cassie is still upset that they said nothing to her. Harley asks Reva whether she's been to see Annie Dutton yet. Reva has and explains how Alan has her living in some fantasy world where she gets to pretend that she's still married to Josh. Reva says she doesn't believe that Annie is making the calls as the phones are not connected in her room. Harley suggests that Reva asks Annie for her opinion as to who might be making the calls and Reva recalls that Annie did offer to help. She decides to go and visit Annie again but her friends urge her not to go alone. She promises to call Josh and ask him to join her.

Eden asks Alexandra how come "Uncle Roy" is on the payroll. Alexandra tells Eden that she's just paying him a consulting fee, nothing for Eden to worry about. Eden wants to know what sort of work Roy is doing. Alexandra tells her that Roy is helping with getting information that might help in custody matter in case Phillip tries to dig up any more dirt on Gus. Alex tells Eden that Roy Baker loved Gus like a son. She then asks what Eden has to tell her, if anything. Eden tells Alexandra that Harley has been investigating Alexandra's life in Paris and she hands Alex a folder containing the report. Alexandra is taken aback and accuses Eden of really hating Harley. Eden says that she does not but that she feels it is unfair that Harley can just go around making trouble without getting criticized. Alexandra points out that when Harley makes a mistake she does it for the good, whereas Eden seems to take great delight in making mistakes. Alexandra tells Eden that she really doesn't want her "here." Eden pouts and says she'll see herself out. Alexandra says that she means that she doesn't want her "here in Springfield!" She asks Eden how much it will take to relocate her and writes her a check. Eden takes the check. Alexandra tells her to go somewhere warm and instructs Nolan to escort her home, make sure she packs and take her to the airport. Eden leaves. Alexandra sits at the desk and looks at the folder. She says out loud "Harley, Harley, why are you such a smart girl?"

Gus tells Phillip that he really must be so arrogant as to think he can use his character as an issue when he's sleeping with his own stepmother! Phillip warns Gus that he's in way over his head and he should get out while he can. Gus goads Phillip as to what he'll do if Gus does not back down. Will he try to break him and Harley up? He's tried it once and it failed! Will he threaten his sister again? Doesn't care! He's cut Eden loose! Gus tells Phillip that it's his turn to watch Phillip squirm and it's going to be fun. Phillip responds that Gus is the worst thing that ever happened to Harley and that if he really loved her he would have left her a long time ago. Gus reminds Phillip of how he left Harley: brokenhearted, betrayed, bitter about men. He tells Phillip that wants to be better than he. He wants to love, cherish and protect Harley in ways that Phillip can only imagine. Gus tells Phillip that the same goes for his son to which Phillip responds "over my dead body." Gus reminds Phillip what could happen when Alan finds out about he and Olivia. Phillip tries to let Gus know that he is not scared but Gus tells him that he thinks that he is and should be! Very soon the news about he and Olivia will be common knowledge all over the place.

Harley is on the phone speaking to her babysitter who has called in sick. The doorbell rings. It's Alexandra and she hopes that she's not intruding. Harley thanks her again for the lawyer and when Alexandra reminds her that his bills are to go to her, Harley says she feels she cannot allow that. She feels that Alexandra is doing way too much to help her but she appreciates her being such a good friend. Alexandra reminds her that she makes a very bitter enemy. She tells Harley that she knows about the Paris investigation and that it has to stop!

Phillip tells Gus that he had been advised by Ross to drop the custody battle and give joint custody. He says that he usually does what Ross advises but this time not! Gus's threats have reminded him how despicable a human being Gus is and he'll see Gus in hell first. Gus replies "tell it to the judge."

John tells Tony and Marah he's walked around the house a couple of times and that there is no one out there. Marah is scared that someone might be lurking and will try to harm her mother. Both Tony and Josh reassure her that whoever is making the crank calls is a coward and will not show their face around the house. Marah wonders where Reva is and Josh tells her that she had a meeting at the Beacon with Harley. At Marah's request Josh goes to look for Reva and leaves Marah with Tony. Tony reassures Marah that nothing is going to happen to her or her family. He won't let it, he promises.

Reva is visiting Annie. She looks happy to see Reva and is dusting. She stops to show Reva a photo of Marah. She tells Reva that Marah gave her the photo but she doesn't want to make Reva feel bad. It's not fair to gloat over how well she has stepped into Reva's life. Reva goes along with it all and does not contradict Annie. Reva explains that she came back to see Annie to get her help. Annie looks doubtful!

Annie continues to dust as Reva mentions the calls again. She thinks that Annie knows something. Annie remembers that she did say she would help. Reva asks for her help unless she feels that she, Reva, hasn't been punished enough. Annie suddenly remembers that Rev. is receiving calls saying that Rev. is a murderer. She gets upset and tells Rev. that she IS a murderer as she caused the death of her unborn child. Rev. realizes that Annie does remember her past. Annie calms down. She says that she feels sorry for the caller as she sounds so angry, scared, and powerless. She offers Rev. tea. She mentions her work as a nurse and recalls how she worked in the psych ward and loved it. She was so interested in abnormal behavior! She asks Rev. if she has a list of what the caller says. She wonders whether the caller says something to the effect that Rev. took something of her's. She reminds Rev. that she tried to take Josh away from her and she gets upset again. Rev. is taken aback and asks Annie if she has anything she wants to tell her? Annie responds that yes: whoever is calling her, has her number! Rev. looks nervous.

John is at the Beacon looking for Rev. Cassie tells John that Rev. has gone to see Annie again. She is not happy when Josh tells her that Rev. did not call him. Josh tells Cassie about the digital device and does not think it's Annie. Josh asks Cassie if during the trial anyone ever approached her with talk of trying to get even with Rev. Cassie can't think of anyone except Edmund. The door opens and in walks Edmund!

Alexandra and Harley discuss trust. Harley tells Alexandra that it's not a question of trusting Alexandra but she's puzzled as to why Alexandra dodged her questions earlier about her interest in Gus's dad. Alexandra brushes it aside saying that Gus had had one too many apple Martinis. Harley tells her that she can't help wondering why Alexandra has gone so far out of her way to help her with the custody. Alexandra tells her that she is over thinking and that she let it go. Alexandra tells Harley that if there's a war at Spaulding everyone stands to lose something. If Harley doesn't back down she will be sorry that she didn't listen to her. At that moment Gus arrives home, thinks that Harley and Alex are arguing and wants reassurance that Alexandra is not threatening Harley. Alexandra says that of course not but that Harley is bringing it all on herself!

Marah is anxious to hear form her father. Tony convinces her to relax and focus her attention elsewhere. He tells Marah that there is nothing more she can do but that she should do her homework. She decides to go on the web to research her art-history project. She decides to check her e-mail first and Tony teases her about any secret admirers she may have! Marah finds out that she has mail and says that to put Tony's mind at rest she'll let him read it!

Edmund again professes his innocence to Cassie and Josh with regard to the crank calls. Cassie reminds Edmond that he harassed Rev. during the trial. Edmond says he doesn't recall that part. He only remembers the pain and grief of losing Richard. He asks Cassie if she's every done anything she regrets. Cassie says, yes, but that she's always open and honest about it and has apologized to Rev. Edmund says he has also apologized to Rev. for his involvement. Cassie asks Edmund if he has any idea who is making the harassing calls and whether Alexandra Spaulding would bail him out of jail if he was involved? Edmund says that he isn't the one and leaves. Cassie and Josh express frustration. Outside the front door of the Beacon Edmund looks pleased and walks away.

Phillip is playing with Zach in the study with blocks. The blocks fall and Zach giggles. Phillip gives Zach a hug and tells him that he is doing all he can to make everything right, one way or another. Phillip call Nolan and asks him to get the address of Olivia's sister. He asks Zach if he would like to go away with him and play on a warm beach. Zach nods and Phillip swings him high above his head as Alexandra walks in. She accuses Phillip of "cutting and running" and Phillips says he prefers to think of it as "cutting my losses." Alexandra reminds him that he has other children. What about them? Phillip says that Beth and James can visit when they wish and Lizzie is going away to boarding school. So, Alexandra, says, you will be going to start afresh with Olivia? Phillip says it has nothing to do with Olivia. It's about not losing Zach. Alexandra corrects him by telling him that it's all about not losing period!

Harley tells Gus that she's sure there is some connection between his Dad and Alexandra. Gus doesn't think so as his dad and Alexandra did not move in the same circles. He tells Harley that he appreciates her efforts but tells her that it's time to work on the Spaulding's, just as he has been with Phillip. Harley is scared that he has punched Phillip out! Gus assures her that, no, but he does know something about what Phillip has been doing and it's not pretty! He tells her about Olivia. Harley is shocked and disbelieving but Gus assures her that it's true. Harley then worries about paying dirty in the court case and tells Gus that she's not sure that she can do it his way!

Alexandra is building a tower with Zach's blocks and talking to Phillip. She scolds him about taking Zach away from his family but Phillip insists that he'll do what he has to do if it's the best thing for Zach. He wants Zach away from Gus. Alexandra points out that he did not create Zach all on his own. While he can probably provide a better life for Zach, if he and Harley worked together Zach could have the best of both worlds. Alexander intuits that there's something else behind the urgency and Phillip tells her that Gus is threatening him. Alexandra suggests he give in. Phillip says he'll never hand Zach over to be raised by Gus. He adds that he's likely to lose a great deal of what is important to him and he's trying to salvage what he can. Phillip leaves. Alexandra ponders for a few second and then knocks down the blocks.

Gus tries to persuade Harley to let him and Phillip fight it out. He tells her that it's a "guy" thing. He compares himself and Phillip to a couple of male walruses or bucks fighting over her. Harley, while amused by Gus's creativity, insists that he not do her dirty work for her. Gus expresses a fear that if she loses Zach that he will lose her. Harley tells him that she's perfectly happy to use the information about Phillip and Olivia but she'll do the dirty work herself. She'll deal with Phillip!

John finds out that Reva went to visit Annie and looks concerned. Rev. is still with Annie and is asking Annie what she thinks the stalker wants. Annie tells Rev. that she thinks that the stalker is feeling frustrated and angry. The person feels that Rev. has hurt her and that they now want to see Rev. hurt the same way. The person hates Rev. so much. She explains that when you hate the feelings of hate grow and grow and just take over. She thinks that the person wants to see Rev. hurt and will not stop until that happens. The person wants to hurt Rev. and won't rest until they have!

,p> Marah and Tony are sitting in front of Marah's computer. The e-mail message is taking a while to load. It finally appears and turns out to be a condolence card. It reads "All my sympathies on the death of your mother! From A Friend."


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