Guiding Light Update Monday 1/20/03

By Debbie

Cassie and Blake are in Olivia's at the Beacon and Blake is talking about the wedding and asking Cassie if she feels that Clarissa is too young to be flower girl. Danny enters the nightclub. Cassie approaches him and asks if he wants a drink. Danny declines. Blake watches Cassie and wonders what her friend's feelings are for Danny. Cassie tells Blake that she and Danny are just good friends and that he is very much in love with Michelle. There is nothing going on between herself and Danny, she assures her friend. Blake is not convinced that all is well between Danny and Michelle and tells Cassie that Danny has divorce papers with him!

At the Bauer house, Michelle is waiting for Bill to arrive for their "date." The doorbell rings, and Marah has arrived to pick up a jacket she left at the house. She comments on Michelle's outfit. Michelle asks her if she likes it and when Marah says yes, she asks her what it says to her. Marah tells her that it says "I'm hot." This shocks Michelle but Marah doesn't see any problem since she assumes that Michelle is going out with her husband, Danny. Marah tells her that she's actually going to Towers with Bill and Marah looks surprised that she should dress up for an evening out with Bill when they usually go out dressed casual and/or order carry out!

Bill is still with Beth and trying to comfort her. He asks Beth if she's feeling better and she says that he should not worry about her. It's been a bad day, bad week, a bad year, in fact! Bill assures that he wants to be her friend, if she's willing. Beth tells Bill that she's really not ready for the friend thing just now. Bill suggests that he just be friends for the day as he wants to help her. He had no idea that she was feeling so bad. Beth tells him that she feels sure that he has better things to do than babysit his ex-girlfriend.

At the Spaulding mansion, Ross and Phillip are discussing the accusations against Phillip that he is involved in insider trading. Ross asks Phillip if he suspects that he father is behind it and Phillip confirms.. He says that his father is angry with him and wants to punish him...but does not finish the sentence. Ross prods him to tell him whatever it is, as he needs to know anything and everything that could affect the custody case. Phillip tries to make light of it by saying that it would not affect the custody case but that he and Olivia have got themselves into a situation and that it is likely that she will be leaving Alan. Ross points out that being involved with his father's wife is not a good idea and warns Phillip that if this news gets out, he could lose his son. Phillip insists that the only way if could affect the custody case is if Harley finds out and that he can guarantee that she will not.

Over at Company, Gus is sitting at the counter with Doherty. He asks Doherty if he has any information for him about Phillip Spaulding. He's been waiting a long time and needs something. Doherty tells him that he does have one piece of interesting information but before he can tell Gus what it is, Harley enters from the kitchen. She sees Gus, who has buried his head in the menu and tells Doherty not to even look at him. She approaches the counter and tells Gus that he won't need to order anything as she has some wonderful food for them. Gus is pleased and asks her if she is moonlighting at Company. Harley tells him that she does help out there now and then and it helps her to keep her mind off the custody case. Gus tells her to relax because Zach will be home with them soon and will sleep between the new dinosaur sheets that they have bought for him. Harley then asks Gus whether she thinks the lawyer that Alexandra has hired for her will work out. She doesn't want to get her hopes up too high. Gus tells her that when they go into that court room they will be going in with more than just high hopes. Harley looks reassured but then asks Gus what will happen if the stories about his Dad come out. Gus tells her to let him worry about his father. She needs to concentrate on Zach and they need to focus all their efforts on the custody case. He tells her that Phillip can throw all the dirt and mud he wants, he and Zach will make mud pies out of it! Harley is touched by Gus's concern and tells him how good he is to her. Gus puts his arms around Harley, they touch foreheads and noses. Gus tells Harley to take a breath and then kisses her. As they are snuggling, Eden walks in and says "Hey Nicky." Harley looks up at Eden, says she has to go, kisses Gus and leaves.

Eden starts to whine to Gus that her shoulder has been hurting and that she went to see the doctor in case there was still a piece of the bullet in her shoulder. An x-ray has shown that there is not but the doctors tells her that the pain may be permanent. Gus is taking no notice of Eden and is busy adding cream and sugar to his coffee. Eden tells him that she has been thinking about testifying at the custody case and that she really wants to do it because she loves him so much. But she can't go to prison!. She asks Gus whether it is fair for her to go to prison and would their father have wanted it and all because of his girlfriend! Gus continues to ignore her, picks up his coffee and newspaper and moves to a booth. Eden is taken aback and leaves. Doherty joins Gus in the booth and ask whether Eden is Gus's sister. Gus responds that no, she isn't. Not any more! He then asks Doherty what he's got for him on Phillip.

Bill answers a call on his cell phone from Michelle. She is calling to see when he will be arriving. Beth tells him to go but Bill assures her that it can wait a while. He wants to know why Lizzie wants to go away to school and Beth tells him that Lizzie is tired or her, tired of her family and wants to get away. She says that Lizzie has on so many occasions been the adult around when she has made bad decisions. Bill tells Beth that perhaps it would be a good thing for Lizzie to go away so that she can be a kid again. Beth agrees with him. Bill tells Beth that he is so sorry as he realizes that a major reason for Lizzie wanting to go away to school is himself. Beth assures him that it's not he that is the problem. It is herself. Lizzie needs to get away from her. She's made a lot of mistakes over the years and her daughter is suffering the consequences. She thinks its time for her to find out who she is too. Bill tells her that he knows who she is. She's passionate, strong, beautiful and sexy. Beth urges Bill to stop, that he needs to leave. She tells him she hated it when he was late for her and he should not keep Michelle waiting any more. Bill leaves.

Michelle has decided to change her outfit to something a little less dressy. Marah assures her that both outfits are wonderful but she wonders what is going on and how come things have changed between Michelle and Bill. Michelle is upset that Bill is late but accepts that this is nothing new with Bill. However, she thought this evening would be different. Marah tells Michelle that she has seen Danny and that she knows that he still loves her very much and wants to come home. Michelle tells Marah that she still loves Danny with all her heart but that she cannot cope with the people who surround him, excluding Tony. She tells Marah that she can no longer live the life they had. However much Danny reassures her, Carmen still managed to come after her again and tried to take Robbie. She cannot live with the constant thrills, chills and threats on Robbie's life. That is why she signed the divorce papers earlier in the day. With Bill it's simple, easy and light and just what she needs at the moment, she tells Marah..

At Olivia's, Cassie is amazed that Blake knows that Danny is holding divorce papers and how does she know? Blake laughs and reminds her friend that she is a whizz at snooping and, besides, she's signed many a divorce paper in her time! Blake suggests that they throw popcorn at Danny to cheer him up and Cassie is outraged and stops her. Blake tells Cassie that she watched her reaction when she mentioned the divorce papers and she suspects that she has feelings for Danny. Cassie vehemently denies that she has any feelings for Danny but that they are just friends. They have helped each other, been there for each other but there is absolutely nothing between them. Blake is still not convinced and says that even if she does have feelings for Danny, what harm could it do? Cassie tells her that she is Richard's wife and always will be. Blake responds that Cassie knows very well that the heart can love more than one person. Cassie looks nervous and Blake teases her about whether she should stick around, but says she can't since she's meeting Ross for dinner. Blake leaves.

Danny approaches Cassie and reminds her of her offer to help him in getting Michelle back. Cassie remembers her offer and Danny tells her that he would like to take her up on it.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Phillip is assuring Ross that neither he nor Olivia wanted things to happen but that her marriage to Alan was based on lies. He tells Ross that Alan's heart attack being a fake, thus forcing Olivia into marrying him. Ross asks Phillip what Olivia is saying about this situation. Phillip tells him that Olivia has left town to think. Ross tells Phillip that at least one person is using their head. Phillip feels that he's about to get a lecture from his uncle and invites it. Ross tells Phillip that, yes, he could give him a lecture about how dangerous Alan is when he's been crossed but that he feels that the lecture would fall on deaf ears. Instead he says that he has to warn Phillip that if it gets out that he is competing with his father for the same woman in the house where Zach lives, he will lose the case. The fight will be over and his will lose. Phillip is in a bad position. He's fighting his own father for the love of the same women, and adulterous woman who has left town to get away from him, he's fighting a custody battle, his daughter has asked to go away to school to get away, and now he's been accused of insider trading. Phillip tells him that none of this has any bearing. He is a good father, whereas Harley is "shacked up" with a convicted killer. Ross warns him to drop the case, to offer joint custody of Zach but Phillip, who is getting angry, refuses and says that he will never allow that "maggot" to raise his son.

Harley is back at the house and talking on the phone to someone in Paris, presumably David Grant. She's wondering why she hasn't received the copies of Alexandra Spaulding's payroll documents.. She asks when they were mailed and says that she will wait one more day and then put on a trace. When asked what she wants, she replies that she's not sure but she feels that there is some connection between Gus and Alexandra.

Outside her front door, Eden arrives at the same time as the package is about to be delivered. She pretends to be Harley, signs for the envelope and then opens it. The contents are some of Alexandra's cancelled checks and the payee's name is "Roy Baker." Eden stuffs the envelope into her purse. The door opens as Harley thinks she has heard something. She asks Eden what she wants and Eden tells her that Nicky won't speak to her any she wonders whether Harley could talk to him on her behalf. Harley twice asks her if she is going to testify for them and when Eden says "no, but...." Harley slams the door on her.

Doherty is telling Gus that he has been following Phillip for weeks and that the latter leads a pretty boring life. He goes to the office, he comes back from the office. Except on one particular day when he took a little detour to the new hotel by the waterfront. He tells Gus that he hung around to see who he is with and when the lucky lady appears it's interesting because she has the same last name, Spaulding. Gus assumes that it's Beth and tells Doherty that there's nothing so strange about that. She's his ex-wife. Doherty tells him that is was "Olivia" Spaulding! Gus is intrigued and ponders thoughtfully. He then refers to Olivia as "Daddy's wife!"

Beth calls Felicia Boudreaux and leaves a message asking if she can meet with her. She wants to talk to her about Bill and herself.

Cassie and Danny are sitting in the Beacon and Cassie tells Danny that it's not over until the papers are signed. Danny asks Cassie if she will speak to Michelle and put in a good word for him. He suggests that Cassie tells her how much he, Danny, loves her, how everything he did was for her and Robbie. Cassie hesitates, saying that she would love to help but divorce is a very personal thing. Danny asks her why she looked upset earlier when talking to Blake. She tells him that Blake is trying to persuade her to date again. They exchange notes a to how they both hate it when people try to get them to move on, get a hobby, take up a musical instrument, to get over a bad love experience. Danny tells Cassie that he's going to stay firmly in the past, carry his unsigned divorce papers around his neck, camp out outside the house so that he can see Michelle and Robbie. Then, in a more serious tone, he tells Cassie that he really needs to think about Michelle, realize what she needs and give it to her. He reluctantly goes to sign the papers. Cassie asks him if he's really sure. He signs the divorce papers.

Bill arrives to pick up Michelle. He is overcome by how she looks and tells her she looks "great." Michelle tells him that he looks great too! He gives her flowers and tells her that he called The Towers to push their reservation back but that they should leave. He goes to help Michelle on with her coat. Michelle grabs her coat and then asks: "Who are you?" Bill tells her that he is the "romantic date guy." Michelle teases him that she doesn't like the romantic date guy and she wants him to leave. They then tease each other about the time they went to Towers to eat when they were younger and Michelle threw her food over the balcony! He tells her that he'll call ahead and tell them that she won't do it this time. With that, Michelle decides that they should stay in instead and have pizza! Bill is delighted and suggests that they also watch a movie. He picks "Revenge of the Nerds" and Michelle leaves to change into something more comfortable. Bill jokingly asks if he can watch! Michelle pretends she shocked, gives Bill and little kiss and he grabs her and gives her another kiss.

Eden is banging on Harley's front door and screaming to be let in. Harley relents and when she enters Eden complains that Nicky won't speak to her and treats her like she doesn't exist. Harley tells her that she doesn't because every time Gus needs her she not there. Eden reminds Harley that she killed a man to protect Gus and she thinks that's a pretty big sacrifice. Harley tells her that she's heard the story before and unless Eden has come to say that she will testify, the conversation is over. She then orders Eden out of the house, telling her to leave town and leave them alone. Eden departs telling her that she will be sorry because one day Nicky will need her. Harley does not look worried!

Phillip comes into Company and is immediately joined by Gus at the counter. Phillip is not at all happy to see Gus and asks what he wants. Gus responds that he wants world peace, he wants the Cubs to win a World Series and he wants Phillip to give Harley back her child. He tells Phillip that he will do it if he knows what's good for him. Phillip goads him by asking him if he will shoot him if he doesn't? Gus tells Phillip that that's very tempting but Phillip does not have to worry about him. He should worry more about "dear old Dad." Phillip looks puzzled!

Cassie and Danny make a toast to "moving on" which they clarify as being just another word for being alone. Danny tells Cassie that she is not alone. The two friends tease each other and look around the room to see who would be suitable candidates for them to date. They laugh.

Back at the Bauer house, Michelle is dimming the lights so that she and Bill can start to watch the movie. The pizza has been delivered and they sit back with a slice. Bill looks sideways at Michelle with a loving look on his face.

Harley is with Zach at the Spaulding mansion reading a bedtime story. She is rereading the story about the little ant who stood up to the mean bug. She cajoles Zach into closing his eyes and during her reading she tells him that it will soon be all over. She tells the little boy that he will soon be coming home with Mommy. She glances over to a photo of Phillip and looks at it with steely determination.

Phillip is leaving Company, closely followed by Gus. Gus goads him about not being hungry as he notices that Phillip did not order anything. Phillip turns to Gus and asks him again what he wants. Phillip is losing his cool and Gus tells him that he was going to go easy on him so that he wouldn't upset him. But, since he sees that Phillip is already upset he's just going to go for it. He tells Phillip that the next time he wants to be with his father's wife and do the "nasty" between the sheets, he'd better make sure who sees him. He tells Phillip that he knows all about him and Olivia. He tells Phillip that he'd better listen up because if he doesn't he's going to go so far down that he'll be looking UP at hell!

Phillip looks dumbfounded and speechless!


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