Guiding Light Update Friday 1/17/03

By Eva


At the Bauer house, Danny drops Robbie off and thanks Ed for letting him spend the morning with his son.  Ed says it wasn't a problem because he would never stand in the way of Danny and his son.  Danny says that Ed wouldn't do that but he would stand in the way of Danny and Michelle by encouraging her to go on a ski weekend with Bill.

At Towers, Beth calls Bill and leave him a message to let him know Danny let them out of the lease on the loft.  She also tells him he left some stuff in her room and to let her know if he wants her to drop it by his house or if he will pick it up.  After she hangs up the phone Lizzie arrives to tell Beth she wants to go to boarding school.

Outside the Bauer cabin, Michelle tells Bill she is leaving because she wants to do the right thing. Bill says he thought she was leaving because of what happened with Danny.  Michelle says that has nothing to do with it she misses Robbie.  Bill says he wants to do the right thing as well and he should be the one to leave since he offered first.  Bill says he wanted to   spend the weekend with her Ben and Marina not Marina Ben and the whole Cooper clan.  They both decide to leave and have a date at Towers later that night.

Inside the Cabin, Frank is angry because Marina wants to sleep with Ben no matter what he says.  Frank shouts at her to get her butt in the car.  Marina shouts back that she isn't leaving. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Nolan tells Philip and Alan that a messenger just delivered two letters one with Alan's name and one with Philip's name.  They discover the letters are from Olivia.  They tear the letters open and after reading his letter Philip says she's gone. 

At the Bauer cabin, Frank tells Marina that he is her legal guardian until she is 18 and like it or not he makes the rules.  Marina wonders why Frank doesn't trust her.  Frank and Buzz start naming a long list of Mistakes Marina has made in the past.  Marina says if she was a guy he wouldn't mind if he had sex he would probably send him of with a wink and a nudge and say way to go son.  Frank says that isn't true.  Frank accuses Ben of pressuring Marina to have sex with him.  Ben swears he hasn't done that and Marina says the same thing.  Marina tells Frank she doesn't want the life he has planned for her.  She doesn't want to work at Company until she meets a nice Greek boy and gets married.  She says she wants more out of life starting with a career.  Bill and Michelle come back inside and tell everyone they have decided to leave.  Michelle says they should feel free to use the cabin for as long as they need it.  Frank says that settles it since Bill and Michelle are going home she is going home too.  Marina says the only way she is going home is in handcuffs.  Frank shouts ok and when you get back home you are going back to your mother. 

At the Bauer house, Danny tells Ed that if he had only been two minutes earlier the night Carmen almost took Robbie that he would have been the one to rescue Michelle and they would be together now.  Ed says that what is drawing Bill and Michelle together isn't that Bill rescued her its the fact that they have grown up together and share memories since childhood.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan wonders why Olivia would leave.  Philip says he has to make a phone call.  Alan tells Philip that he can call Olivia right there in the study.  Philip wonders why Alan would think he intended  to call Olivia.  Alan says oh I don't know the same reason that makes me think you slept with her while I was in the hospital.

At the Bauer Cabin, Marina tells Frank that he is sending her back to   her mother because she won't do what frank wants her to do.  Frank tells  Marina that he doesn't want her to see Ben and he certainly doesn't want Marina to sleep with Ben and he will do anything he has to do to make sure it doesn't happen.  Marina says she has one more thing to say and then she will leave with Frank.

At Towers, Lizzie says she needs to take a break from the things going on with her family.  Beth offers to buy a house where she and Lizzie and  James can live if things at the mansion are too much for her to handle. Lizzie also says she can't handle watching Beth with Bill every day Although   if Bill makes her happy she is fine with it she just doesn't want to be there to see it.  Beth Tells Lizzie she and Bill broke up.  Lizzie says she is sorry but she still wants to go to boarding school.  Lizzie says she is hurt, angry and resentful and she wants to focus on something positive for once. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip denies sleeping with Olivia but wonders if Alan would fake another heart attack or stage another apology like he did with Olivia and the Christmas presents if Philip had slept with Olivia. Philip tells Alan that Olivia didn't buy his stunt because she left. Alan thinks Philip slept with Olivia to pay him back or because he is in love with Olivia.  Alan tells him you are in love with my wife.  Philip says we were loyal to you.  Philip says its better they not talk right now.  Alan says what you did to me was despicable.  After Alan leaves Beth and Lizzie arrive to talk to Philip.  Lizzie tells Philip she want to go to boarding school. Beth tells Philip that Lizzie isn't happy at the mansion.  Philip says if that is the only problem then they could move out like he wanted to before. Philip says that Lizzie and Alan were the ones that wanted them to   stay and that is the reason he stayed in the mansion.  Lizzie says Alan didn't want them to stay but Lizzie knew about the fake heart attack and blackmailed him. Philip is stunned and Lizzie says if she wasn't living there she wouldn't feel the need to do such things.  Philip asks Lizzie to leave while he talks to Beth.  Beth says Lizzie knows what she needs better then they do   right now and if she thinks she needs to go to boarding school they should let  her go. 

At the Bauer cabin, Marina tells Frank that she does listen to him and then she forms her own opinion.  She tells Frank she does care for Ben and Ben says he cares for her.  Marina tells Buzz she did listen to his advice and appreciated it very much.  Frank want to know what advice and Marina fills him in on their conversation.  Frank is angry Buzz didn't tell him what was going on with his daughter.  Frank says that if she stays at the cabin she will be making the biggest mistake of her life.  Then with a trembling voice he begs her to think about what she is doing.  Frank leaves and Marina says she has never seen her dad so hurt before.  Buzz goes after him but before he leaves he makes Ben and marina promise to come home tonight and no funny business while they are alone.  After Buzz leaves Ben tells Marina they should slow things down.  Marina thinks Ben doesn't want to be with her after all she just went through for him.  Ben says that isn't what he meant.

At the Bauer house, Michelle arrives and says she came home early because she missed Robbie. Ed leaves Michelle and Danny alone to talk.  Danny says he just spent the morning with Robbie and was bringing him home.  Michelle asks if he had fun with Robbie > Danny says yes and describes their day  together. Danny asks if she had fun at the cabin.  Michelle says yes.  Danny wants to know why she came home early.  Michelle again says it was because she missed Robbie. Danny says he is sorry for the way he acted at the cabin. Michelle says its ok that they got passed it.  Danny tells Michelle he loves her and misses her.  While opening the mail Michelle opens an envelope with the final divorce papers from Ross's office. 

At the Bauer cabin, Ben gives Bill a check for the rent and tells him to wait to deposit it because he is waiting for his trust fund check to clear.  Bill says no problem and leaves.  Marina asks Ben what he will do when the check bounces.  Ben says he doesn't want to think about that.  Marina says he better start thinking about money because he doesn't have any anymore.  Ben says he doesn't want to think about knowing exactly what is in his bank account to the exact penny or clipping coupons or getting a job he wants to live like he still has money.  Marina says that he would rather stiff  his best friend then be like her. 

At the Bauer house, Danny says if they sign those papers their marriage is over. Danny wants to tear up the papers and work things out. Michelle says its too late for that.  Danny reads the papers and notices there is nothing about Robbie's custody.  Michelle says they will work something out. Danny says I guess this is good-bye and leaves.  After he leaves Michelle signs the papers. 

At company, Marina arrives, Marina cries and then hugs Frank, Frank wonders what is wrong marina says nothing. 

At Infierno, Danny signs the divorce papers then crumples them up. 

At the Bauer house, Ed wonders where Michelle is going looking so beautiful. Michelle says she has a date with Bill at Towers.  Ed says its a strange coincidence that the final divorce papers arrived today.  Michelle says it was fate. 

At Towers, Bill arrives at Beth's room to pick up his stuff.  Bill wonders why Beth is crying.  Beth says Lizzie wants to go to boarding school Bill tells Beth not to let her leave.  Beth says when someone wants to leave that badly you have to let them go.  Bill holds Beth while she cries. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Alan he will be gone part of the week looking at boarding schools with Lizzie.  Philip also tells Alan as far as Olivia is concerned if he wants to make this a fight he would be happy to oblige may the best man win.

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