Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/16/03

By Eva

At Harley's Apartment, Harley vacuums and cleans while she waits for Mr. Gardener (the lawyer Alexandra recommended to arrive). Mr. Gardener arrives while the vacuum is running so Harley nervously unplugs the vacuum cleaner runs her hands through her hair and lets him in. Harley tells him that Alexandra told her that he had good news. Mr. Gardener says he has good news and bad news. Gus asks him to tell him them the good news first. Mr. Gardner says he finally has a date for the hearing. The bad news is that Philip's charges that Gus is a bad influence on Zach won't be easy to refute. Mr. Gardener wants Harley and Gus to persuade him Philip is wrong.

At the Beacon, Cassia checks on Danny because she was told he has been there since dawn looking at the plans for he and Michelle's house. Danny tells Cassie that he doesn't know how he will get through the day knowing Michelle is alone in a cabin with a man who would be happy to take his place.

At the Bauer cabin, Michelle tells Bill good morning and walks over to him and slowly begins to unbutton her flannel shirt. After the shirt is unbuttoned Bill pulls it half way down and they begin to kiss. Michelle says good morning again and we see her dressed in a white terry cloth robe and fuzzy slippers. We discover that Bill was having a fantasy. Bill tells Michelle that he has to leave because he wants to be a gentlemen and stick to their agreement rather then do what he really wants to do which is take off her robe and make love to her right now.

At Harley's place, Harley tells her lawyer that Gus is a good man and a good police officers also calls Gus a hero. Mr. Gardener reads the official report from the court arbitrator. Gus and Harley explain that Eden lied and that Philip paid her money to lie. Mr. Gardener asks if they have proof of this allegation. Harley says no because Eden tore up the check. Mr. Gardener says that in the absence of proof the court will look at the arbitrator's report first. Gus tells Mr. Gardener that Philip obtained the information from his juvenile record illegally. Harley again says they have no proof. Mr. Gardener tells them that even if they had proof the court would treat it as a separate issue. Mr. Gardener says that Eden has to admit she lied and that her testimony was coursed. Harley says they are back where they started because Eden won't testify. Gus leaves to go have a talk with his sister. After Gus leaves Mr. Gardener asks Harley if there are any improprieties in Philip's Character. Harley tells him she swore to herself she wouldn't get her son back by trashing his father. Mr. Gardner tells Harley she will need every weapon possible to win her case.

At the Bauer cabin, Michelle tells Bill it is her fault he feels this way because she wore such a come hither robe and slippers. Bill tells her it isn't her fault. Bill says that he couldn't sleep last night thinking she was only 15 feet away from him. Bill says he wanted to fly across the room and make love to her. Michelle asks if he is trying to say that he is ready to dive into a relationship? Bill says that he is more then ready but he knows she needs space to think about what she wants. so he is leaving. Bill heads toward the door.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Danny that if he wants Michelle back he needs to make that his top priority. Cassie says he has been thinking all night and maybe Michelle deserves to be with someone like Bill. Cassie tells Danny he (Danny) has everything it takes to give Michelle a good life. Cassie tells Danny when she looks at him she sees a caring man with a good heart who became a Hero to her when he stopped her from striping for him and protected her when she couldn't pay her debt.

At Company, (I think) Gus meets with Eden to tell the truth at Harley's hearing. Gus says she can leave out all the lies about their father and just say she lied abbot what happened on the roof. Eden is angry Gus doesn't believe her about their father being a ditty cop. Eden starts to leave but Gus grabs her by the arm and says he is very serious and isn't playing either she tells the truth at the hearing or he isn't her brother anymore.

At the Bauer cabin, Michelle talks Bill into staying and they flirt a little and joke around. Frank, Buzz, Ben and Marina arrive.

At the Beacon, Danny tells Cassie that he is surprised she brought up the night she almost stripped for him because she was in such a bad place then. Cassie says he was kind, gentle and respectful to her that night. Danny tells her he doesn't judge her because he understands she was only trying to protect her family. Cassie tells Danny she doesn't judge him because she knows he was doing the same thing. Danny thanks Cassie for the cup of coffee and tells her the next one is on him. Danny leaves to go meet with the architect. After Danny leaves Cassia makes a phone call.

At Company, Eden wants to know what she should say when the lawyer asks her why she pushed Federico Santos off the roof. Gus says that he doesn't care he just cares about Harley getting her son back. Eden says she wishes he could start caring about what will happen to her when the truth comes out. Eden says she can't testify at the hearing. Gus gets up to leave and tells Eden to take care. Eden tells her they will make up. Gus says they always used to make up.

At the Bauer cabin, Buzz and Frank explain to Michelle that Ben's car battery died and their car wouldn't start either so they had to spend all night in Ben's car. Michelle asks Marina if she is all right. Marina says she is fine because she astrally projected herself out of her body and won't come back into her body until her family leaves. Frank and Buzz want to know where all the other kids and chaperons are. Michelle says what kids and chaperons. Ben and Bill take frank and Buzz outside to Bills car so they can go jump-start the car battery. After they leave, Michelle tells Marina she can come back in her body. Marina says no they would just come back. Marina shouts my family is ruining my life.

At Infierno, Danny stares at the house plans and says all this was for you Michelle. Cassie arrives with Robbie and says Danny can spend the morning with him. Danny is thrilled and talks to his son. Before Danny leaves to play with Robbie in his office he thanks Cassie and asks him why she did this for him. Cassie says she did it to remind him that his life could still be full and Robbie is the reason why? Cassie smiles as she watches Danny head into his office with Robbie.

At the cabin, Marina explains to Michelle that she was expecting this weekend to be special. Michelle asks if she was planning to sleep with Ben. Marina says yes and if her family wasn't here they would probably be in bed. Michelle tells Marina she doesn't need to sleep with a guy in order for him to take her seriously. Marina admits that she doesn't want to lose Ben and she is afraid she will if she doesn't sleep with him. Michelle says that if Ben only wanted sex he could get that with any girl at the university anytime but he is there with her. Michelle says a relationship is about a connection with another person. Marina says she doesn't believe in waiting for the perfect moment. Michelle says she doesn't want Marina to make a mistake. Marina wonders how Michelle knows she isn't making a mistake with Bill. Marina wonders how she knows he is ok about waiting for her. Marina also wonders if Michelle really knows that Bill is happy about waiting. Michelle says Marina has a good point. Michelle gets dressed and gets her suitcases. Michelle tells Marina she is avoiding a mistake. Just then, Bill, Ben Buzz and Frank arrive. Michelle tells Bill that he was right and its not a good idea that they both be in such close quarters so she is leaving. Frank is angry that Marina and Ben lied to him again. Frank tells Marina she is coming home with he and Buzz right now. Marina gets angry and wants to stay. Frank says she has no room to argue and she is going home. Marina says if Frank is worried about her having sex with Ben once they are alone at the cabin she could just as easily have sex with Ben in Springfield.

In Danny's office, Danny plays with Robbie on the floor. When Robbie's truck hits a bump Danny tells Robbie when you hit a bump in the road you have to keen on going. Cassie watches them play.

At Harley's apartment, Gus tells Harley he didn't get anywhere with Eden. Harley tells him Mr. Gardener said that she has to dig up dirt on Philip in order to win her case. Gus assures her she is doing the right thing and she will get through this. Harley goes upstairs to wake jude from his long nap. After she leaves, Gus calls Doherty and tells him they need to meet and he needs the information he has on Philip fast.

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