Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Josh is preoccupied when Reva tells him it’s just an interview. Josh is confused until Reva reminds him he is interviewing Marah’s friend Sandy Foster for a job at Lewis Construction. Josh was thinking about a meeting he set up with Shayne to meet with a Cubs executive. Reva makes a comment about Josh setting up another meeting for Shayne without consulting him first. Josh reminds Reva this meeting is very important for Shayne’s career as a pro baseball player. The phone rings and Reva answers. It’s Shayne and he wants to talk about whether he should meet the executive or go to Jam Fest with Marina. Reva thinks he wants to talk to Josh but Shayne tells her he wants her opinion on what to do. Reva asks where he is and agrees to meet him at Company.

Outside, Marah is convincing Sandy to relax – his interview will be fine. She tells him he will love her folks and they will love him. Sandy doesn’t seem convinced and is surprised to find Reva may be there as well.

Phillip arrives at The Beacon and sees Olivia working at the front desk. He asks her if there isn’t someone else who could be doing the work. Olivia tells him she intends to work as long as possible – she’s pregnant – not sick. He says okay and tells her he has been reading books about how to raise daughters. Olivia listens for a while and then tells Phillip he isn’t concerned about their unborn daughter – he is really concerned about the daughter he already has. Phillip admitted he was wrong about Lizzie. He breaks down and says he is helpless as her father because he can’t protect her.

Alexandra finds Alan drinking alone in Olivia’s Martini Bar. He is worrying about Lizzie. Alexandra finds out Alan hired Dr Christopher Langham to treat Lizzie. Alexandra wants to know what the rest of the family thinks about the new psychiatrist. When Alan says they are all for it as long as Lizzie gets well, Alexandra says ‘Alan you are a damn fool!’ Alan says he is not a fool – ‘Christopher Langham is integrity personified.’ Alexandra says that’s what the problem is – they need someone they can control! Alan tells her not to drink any more – she’s quite ‘fuzzy-headed’ enough already.

In the study, Lizzie is taunting Dr Langham with jokes about his work with psychics. Lizzie tries to leave the study and is told by the Dr whether they talk today or not – it will happen. Lizzie accuses the Dr of trying to provoke her. She tells him he is probably just another one of her grandfather’s worker bees. After probing her, Dr Langham gets Lizzie to confess she burned down her school. He taunts her by saying if she wanted to, she could burn down the house of Spaulding with everyone in it. He throws matches at her. Lizzie strikes the matches and tells him not to tempt her because she will do it! He says ‘go ahead!’ Lizzie goes to the curtains and makes as if to set them on fire. Dr Langham approaches her, she backs off and yells ‘I’m a lost cause! You don’t know how sick and twisted I am! I hate them all. I shouldn’t be alive!’ All the while she is holding matches to his face and saying she hates her whole family.

In the Lewis den, Sandy tells Josh that Lewis Construction needs him. Josh says he understands Sandy is a business major. Sandy says yes, but he has other interests as well – including windsurfing. Josh is worried Sandy may not take the job seriously. Sandy tells Josh if he teaches him construction – he will teach Josh how to windsurf. Josh hires him under the condition that when the radio show is aired Sandy and The Mole agree not to trash the Lewis family or business.

Reva meets Shayne and Marina at Company to discuss whether Shayne should go to the concert or meet with the executive. The phone rings and Buzz answers. It’s Alexandra who wants Chili delivered to her suite at The Beacon. Buzz delivers the Chili himself and finds Alexandra alone considering the failures of the mighty Spaulding family. She confesses Lizzie’s mental problems. As she begins to blame her self, Buzz tells her to ‘shut-up’ and gets under the covers with her. Tammy walks in and thinks she has just interrupted something, stammers out an apology and hurries from the room.

Shayne tells Reva and Marina he wants to meet the executive and go to the concert. Reva thinks all he really wants to do is go to the concert. She admits he wants to be normal again and out of the spotlight. Reva tells Shayne she thinks his mind is made up. He’s going to the concert with Marina. Reva prepares to leave but is stopped by a vision when she looks at Shayne and Marina.

After her session with Dr Langham, Lizzie hears him tell her family she may need hospitalization.

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