Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/10/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Cassie wants Reva to help her with Olivia’s baby shower but Reva has no intention of helping to plan any kind of a good time for Olivia. She turns the conversation to Edmund. Reva still cannot believe that Cassie could actually forgive Edmund after what he did to her. Cassie tells Reva it is not something that she will forget but she does not want to hold on to all that anger. Besides, Edmund really does make her happy. Reva hopes it is true and that it will last. Cassie tells her she has suffered after she learnt she could not have any more children but she has cried those tears and will not dwell on it. Edmund walks in at this time and catches the tail end of the conversation. Reva excuses herself and Cassie and Edmund try to deal with this issue. Edmund admits that he cannot forget what he did to her and everyday he wonders if this is the day she will regain her senses and leave him. He knows that if he is still bothered by their past, she must be too. Cassie admits that it was difficult but that Edmund has changed and he has come to be very important to her and her family. She tells him he’s “a catch!” Edmund seems to accept Cassie’s words, this time.


Christopher shows up looking for Reva. She is not there but Josh invites him in so they can “get to know each other better”. Josh and Christopher talk and seemingly come to an understanding about Reva. Neither one wants to see her hurt but her pursuit of her “gift”. Josh tells Christopher that he does not want him pushing Reva to do anything she does not want to do. Christopher agrees and says he would never do anything like that. He then asks Josh not to stand in Reva’s way. Josh says he would never do that and Reva always has his support. Reva joins them and asks if they were talking about her. The men admit that they were and that they have sorted some things out. Reva is happy to hear this. She walks Christopher out and he tells her they got the Spaulding grant and can now move on to the next stages.

Reva returns to Josh and they are enjoying some alone time when Marah comes in and interrupts them. She knows Josh has an opening at work and would like to recommend someone - Sandy. Both Reva and Marah twist his arm until Josh ‘agrees’. Later, Marah meets with Sandy and tells him about the interview. Sandy is reluctant but eventually gives in and accepts her offer to help him.


Beth, Lillian and Philip keep a safe distance and let Alan tell Lizzie about her appointment with Christopher. Beth is quite surprised when Jeffery walks in, unannounced. He immediately asks Beth out for dinner and a movie. Lillian likes his direct attitude and confidence and encourages Beth to take him up on his offer otherwise she will. Beth will not give in and she tells Jeffery that the situation with Lizzie has gotten much worse and she needs to stay with her. Jeffery understands that she needs to do all she can for Lizzie but he reminds her that she needs to have a life of her own as well. Lillian, with a little help from Philip, convinces Beth to go out with Jeffery after Lizzie’s appointment. Beth agrees and Jeffery leaves, a happy man.

Lizzie is not too pleased to learn that she will see yet another psychiatrist but decides to have some fun with the situation. When Christopher arrives, after telling the Spaulding family not to interfere in his care of Lizzie, she tells him she has a confession to make, something she has not been able to tell anyone. Christopher is all ears… Lizzie’s confession: “I see dead people!”


Marina is on active nanny duty and Shayne drops by to keep her company. Their time together is interrupted when Josh calls Shayne to tell him that the GM of the Cubs wants to meet with him tonight and he should keep his schedule open. Shayne already has plans with Marina - their first date. Marina thinks he should forget the concert because they can go out anytime. But Shayne decides that the Cubs can wait. Tonight, he is going to spend it with her. When Shayne goes into the kitchen to get her a drink, Marina runs into Nico. When she realizes he is the guy who mugged Michelle, she takes an instant dislike to him. Shayne returns and introduces himself to Nico, who already knows who he is. Nico tells Shayne he could do a whole lot better than Marina.

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