Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/9/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

Michelle called Danny to see how things are going at home while she is away. While on the phone, Danny hears loud banging noises in the house and tells Michelle it's Nico, while rolling his eyes. At Company, Shayne arrives and surprises Marina with tickets to a concert that’s been sold out for months. Marina is excited to find it’s just one of the perks Shayne gets for being a pro baseball player.

Alan and Gus are having lunch when Gus asks if something is wrong. Alan is distracted and Gus guesses correctly that it’s Lizzie that’s bothering him. ‘She would be just fine if certain members of the family would stop treating her as if she were some mental case.’ Gus says everything will be fine if Alan stays on top of the family. A woman approaches their table and very loudly says ‘Alan Spaulding?’ Alan says ‘Yes?’ and gets a glass of water thrown in his face. Alan jumps up from the table and tells Gus he has just been assaulted and wants to press charges. The woman asks Gus if he is some kind of cop or something. Gus says ‘Actually, yes I am.’ She says it figures because men like Alan Spaulding always have the law on their side. Alan tells the woman he has no idea who she is. The woman tells Alan her daughter was taken advantage of by one of his executives and she has disappeared. She threatens to go to the media if she doesn’t get some answers about her daughter. She storms out. Alan tells Gus he knows the girl – Lori Jensen – and she was trying to get to the top by sleeping her way there. Alan asks Gus to help him so the papers don’t find out anything that could damage Spaulding Enterprises.

Mel and Ed are at the hospital talking about her small celebration for passing the bar exam. Ed promises when Michelle returns they will have a real Boudreaux-Bauer celebration. Mel stops him and tells him not to push it. Ed finds out Mel is happy to have passed the bar but what she really wants is a baby – the one thing she can’t have. Ed tries to convince Mel there are many options if a baby is what they want.

Harley is still trying to convince Eden to patch things up with her brother and tells her she shouldn’t bother because Eden is just too bitter. Eden replies she would rather be bitter than delusional. Harley is taken aback but blows it off so Eden doesn’t see how the words affected her. Eden taunts Harley further by saying maybe it isn’t Gus’s fault – maybe it’s just his Spaulding blood. Harley looks like she has just been slapped but tries to save herself by reminding Eden she is an expert on Spaulding men – having been married to two of them. ‘Oh yeah, and that worked out real well for you, didn’t it?’ Harley tells Eden she was concerned when she first found out Gus was a Spaulding but she knows Gus is a good man. Eden assures Harley if Gus turned on his own sister he will turn on her too.

Danny is giving Nico a hard time for making so much noise and says if he’s going to work there, he better show some respect. Nico tells Danny respect is a two-way street and reminds him it was Michelle’s idea to have him there – not his. Danny finds out his nanny locked Robbie in his room and let him cry himself to sleep. Danny told her he didn’t like that and don’t do it again. The nanny assures Danny that Robbie is fine by listening in to the baby monitor. No sounds. He’s sleeping. She tells Danny it’s a good opportunity to set down some ground rules. Robbie’s behavior needs some work if she is going to stay on. Danny looks at her in shock and tells her she is fired. As the nanny leaves in a huff, Marina shows up with food from Company. Danny sees how good Marina is with Robbie and offers her a job making twice what Buzz is paying her. Marina accepts.

Alexandra is at Olivia’s Martini Bar testing new cologne samples on the waiter. She is frustrated because the new campaign isn’t going very well and says ‘this campaign has to be very exciting. I have to make one really big splash.’ A voice across the bar says ‘well why don’t you just go jump in the lake.’ It’s Eden. She orders whatever Alexandra is NOT having. Alexandra looks at Eden curiously and says what a waste it is. Eden wants to know what is such a waste. Alexandra says ‘you. You’ve got flawless skin, perfect bone structure…you would have a fine future as a Spaulding model if we didn’t have this pesky little morals clause.’ Eden tells Alexandra it’s funny to have her moral judged by someone who has enough dirty laundry to open her own Laundromat. Eden eyes the samples of cologne and tells Alexandra her plan is all wrong. Women don’t want sugar and spice – they want to be bad girls! Alexandra thinks Eden is on to something and asks her to keep talking. Eden describes the secret desire of all girls to be a little bad. Alexandra loves it and tells Eden to contact Spaulding legal department to sign a contract as the new spokesperson. Eden reminds Alexandra she isn’t going to be cheap.

Harley arrives at Company to find Alan and Gus in deep conversation. Alan greets Harley but leaves to see how Lizzie is doing. Gus tells Harley he has a case for her. Alan meets Chris Langham at The Beacon and asks him to be Lizzie’s personal physician. Chris says no, because he is not there to be at the beck and call of the Spaulding family. While Spaulding does fund his research, he will not compromise his work to say whatever it is Alan Spaulding wants to hear about his sick granddaughter. Alan is impressed and assures Chris he has professional interest only and will abide by the doctor’s diagnosis even if it means hospitalization for Lizzie. Chris agrees to one session only.

Harley is talking to Gus about the new case he has for her and finds out he is doing it to help Alan. Harley stops herself from jumping to conclusions and decides to take the case anyway. Harley gets up and kisses Gus. After she walks away, Gus picks up his cell phone, calls Alan and tells him not to worry about anything. Everything is under control. Harley, who stopped to listen, is shocked.

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