Guiding Light Update Monday 9/8/03

By Sylvia
Proofread by Lisa

At The Beacon, Cassie is trying to make arrangements with the desk clerk to reserve Olivia’s Martini Bar for Olivia’s baby shower when she (Olivia) walks up behind her. Not understanding the reason for the reservation, Olivia lights into Cassie about reserving the space for personal parties and the costs involved. Cassie lets Olivia vent and tells her the reason for the reservation was to surprise her with a baby shower. Olivia is embarrassed at how she behaved but thanks Cassie and tells her no one has ever done anything like that for her.

Mel is contemplating an envelope when her mother arrives and asks what’s wrong. Mel replies ‘It’s Rick.’ Simultaneously, at Danny and Michelle’s house, Rick is also considering an envelope. When Ed asks him what’s wrong, he replies ‘It’s Mel.’ Rick tells his dad it’s the results from the bar exam. As Rick scrutinizes the envelope, Ed says ‘We can take it in the kitchen and steam it.’ Rick wonders aloud if that might work. Ed is mildly amused Rick took him seriously but warns him it would be a violation of trust. Rick tells his father he only wants Mel to be fully prepared for what the results are. Mel explains to her mother the contents of her envelope hold the results from their fertility evaluation. The drugs Rick is taking to stay alive may be the reason they can’t conceive.

At Eden’s apartment, Eden is trying to help Marah who is upset that Tony won’t accept her apology and take her back. As Eden tells Marah that Tony loves her, Marah says she is convinced that something happened to change his mind. Eden remembers her encounter with Tony on the roof but doesn’t mention their lovemaking to Marah as a possible reason for Tony’s change of heart. Marah tells Eden she was so screwed up when Ben died, she didn’t realize how bad she was hurting Tony. Eden advises Marah to go after Tony ‘big time.’ She tells Marah to prove her love to Tony in ways he would never expect.

At The Beacon, Olivia is surprised to find Cassie wants to go ahead with the shower even though she (Olivia) is very unpopular with the women in Springfield. Harley walks in as Olivia gives Cassie a hug before going up for her nap. Harley jokes about being in the twilight zone because of the hug. Cassie tells Harley about the baby shower and asks her to come. Harley looks at Cassie with unbelief and says, ‘I don’t think so.’ Cassie tries to appeal to Harley’s maternal side by reminding her Olivia is very pregnant and very alone. Harley listens without emotion. Cassie begs, saying she has already sent out the invitations. Harley is unwavering. Cassie is insisting ‘SOMEONE has to come to this shower!’ when one of waitresses walks up. Cassie tosses Harley a triumphant look as she asks the waitress if she got the invitation to Olivia’s shower. The waitress looks uncomfortable as she tells Cassie everyone got them, no one is coming, but they did chip in and get her a gift. Cassie – relieved - asks what it is. The waitress says ‘our tips. She has been taking a percentage of our tips.’ Oops. Cassie didn’t know this. She looks to Harley for help. Harley chooses that moment to inspect the ceiling. As Harley leaves, Cassie says ‘please come.’ Harley grimaces and shakes her head.

Rick tells his father he wants to give something to Mel and that something is a baby. For the first time, he can’t connect with his wife. Ed agrees Mel is a goddess but will she understand that if this doesn’t work, they can always adopt. Mel is telling her mother she wants to be able to do this one thing for Rick. Rick calls Mel to tell her the letter from the bar has arrived. In that instant, Ed sees that Robbie has destroyed the letter. Rick tells Mel to meet him at Danny and Michelle’s house. Rick scrambles to put the pieces of the letter together. Mel arrives at Danny and Michelle’s house. Rick kisses his wife and says he needed to know what it was like to kiss a lawyer. Mel passed the bar exam. Mel’s parents are there to help her celebrate.

As Eden and Marah continue their conversation about winning Tony back, Harley arrives at Eden’s apartment. Marah says she has something to do and leaves. Harley tells Eden she is there to find out why she is making her brother’s life a living hell. Eden says, ‘because he stopped being my brother when he met you!’ Harley reminds Eden of everything Gus has done for her. Most important of which – taking a murder rap to save her! Eden isn’t moved by the special memories of murder and mayhem growing up with her brother. Eden tells Harley she better watch it, because when she does something Gus doesn’t like, he’ll drop her (Harley) too. Harley defends the man she loves but doubt shows on her face as wonders if it’s possible Eden could be right.

At The Beacon, Cassie is on the phone trying to reach Edmund when Olivia walks up. Cassie confronts Olivia about the tips. Olivia says she has opened an account for members of the wait-staff. Cassie thinks it’s a great idea, but it would be an even better idea if Olivia had let the staff decide if they wanted it. Cassie tells Olivia she is weird and she has to come clean with the staff about her plan. Olivia questions Cassie about Edmund. Cassie tells Olivia that Edmund is having a hard time dealing with things that are in the past. Olivia advises Cassie to let Edmund deal with it in his own time not realizing Edmund purposely caused Cassie to lose her baby. Cassie tries to phone Edmund again and leaves a message saying she wants to make things right by discussing what happened.

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